Seitokai Yakuindomo – 10

Maids and Culture Fests~

Ten episodes in and they’ve finally introduced the maid character named Sayaka Dejima! She’s voiced by Mutsumi Tamura who’s also the lead guy of Asobi ni Ikuyo, Kio. At first meeting she seems like the regular, polite maid who may or may not have special skills and powers to protect their employers but we quickly figure out that this isn’t the case with Sayaka. She lists off her hobbies and ends nicely with a reminder that we’re watching Seitokai…

My hobbies are sniffing Ojou-sama’s used clothing.

Tsuda finds himself tired from the Sports Festival from the last episode but the SYD girls are still relentless in pretty much all ways they could be. Suzu wants him to move faster, Shino is complaining about certain period issues and Aria has an extremely unexpected “vase” for her roses.

Hata-ruko comes in with the Ousai Student Council newspaper which has an article about Shino’s rating being 98% I suppose it makes sense, I mean she’s attractive, smart, good at sports, takes good care of underclassmen annnd no one really knows how perverted she really is outside of the Student Council circle. Unfortunately the student body have reasons of their own for wanting to keep Shino in charge ^^:

Tsuda’s tough luck continues when he cuts his finger on a dish and scares Shino with the “bloody” story and Naruko-sensei takes the opportunity to bring up yet another inappropriate situation… which Shino happily welcomes.

We get a cute moment between Mutsumi and Tsuda but it doesn’t last past her blush and his imagined shinyness. There’s only a few episodes left Mutsumi, make your move while I can still watch and feel happy for you! Meanwhile, Naruko-sensei gives Shino and Aria some life after high school graduation advice which starts off quite sane but derails pretty fast as she ends it with perversion.

The next part shows us the Shichijou mansion when the student council visit’s Aria at home. The house is huge as expected and the maid is Aria’s, also as expected. Sayaka explains after leading Shino, Suzu and Tsuda through the mansion and getting them lost that she’s actually a new addition to the mansion staff, previously having done development work. Aria returns to lead the group while Sayaka confirms why she fits perfectly as Aria’s maid.

The visit didn’t last as long as expected and before you blink, the team is back at school where Tsuda has a tough time being called up by most of his teachers in addition to his student council work. They set it up as an “up” for the whole day joke where Shino offers him some tissue paper. I don’t think it bodes well when I start correctly guessing that these jokes are coming O.o;;

Suzu gets some airtime but unfortunately it’s just to follow up on the usual recurring jokes on how she’s a really smart person with a loli body. I still feel bad for her as she even dreams of being able to surpass Aria in the chest department!

More surprising, we get a little Kaede action as she freaks out trying to deliver some papers to the student council and comes face to face with Tsuda. Ranko’s corner overlaps with hers as she’s quick to explain.

Shino has gotten herself excited for the Culture Festival as she does about almost any school event. Mutsumi is looking forward to it as well as there’s another Judo match taking place against other team during the festival the difference is that this time it’s a mixed martial arts match against a Karate team. I don’t quite know how that one’s going to turn out but I’ll be pleased if there’s more Shino action!

Aria’s maid pays a visit during the festival to lend her a maid costume. Unfortunately she didn’t have an extra and planned on giving Aria the clothes off her back and wandering around naked herself.

Tsuda and Suzu do the rounds of the class events just to make sure there’s nothing immoral going on, which I wouldn’t really expect unless each class had their own Shino-Aria’s. Suzu’s fear of scary things comes out as she has to inspect the haunted house with Tsuda, but as we saw during her run last episode, she still tries her hardest to do her job properly.

Shino and Aria meet up at the drama club as Aria is performing a part in the play which has a good chance of being the most inappropriate play ever shown in a culture fest episode. After the play, Aria returns the maid outfit to Sayaka who is incredibly pleased to have them smell like Aria…

Ojou-sama’s used outfit arouses me~

Ranko arrives to ask Shino if she wants to take part in the Miss Ousai Academy contest but Shino is quick to refuse. Tsuda states that the participants will have to wear a swimsuit and Ranko replies that she expected Shino to refuse… she didn’t expect Shino to be an exhibitionist.

I didn’t figure you for much of an exhibitionist…

In the end there’s also the cutest Shino-Tsuda moment where Shino asks him if he’d be ok with being her partner for the folk dance. They didn’t show the actual dance which stressed me out for the most part until I figured showing it would have really messed with the whole feel of the show lol. They don’t want any actual romance in their SYD ;p

Let’s get married?


End Thoughts:

It’s a typical Seitokai episode but since it’s close to ending I’m a little less inclined to say bad stuff about it lol. SYD at school is better than no Seitokai for me! It wasn’t actually that bad of an episode with pretty much all the characters, including the supporting ones getting some solo time.

I always thought that the recurring supporting characters would make or break this series as I’ve said before, the leads probably weren’t enough to offer enough humour on their own without other characters to play off. Ranko and Naruko-sensei fulfilled this role from the beginning of the series and the newly added Kaede has a couple of really funny scenes as well.

I thought I was sure this episode was going to be the Culture Festival episode but about half-way through when there was still no mention of it I was convinced they pushed it back to episode 11. I was actually really surprised when nearing the end of the episode they actually held it lol. I guess I’m used to other shows dedicating entire episodes to both the sports and culture festivals respectively but I think they’re right to do that. I get excited about those episodes!

The best parts have to of course be the culture festival. Too bad they didn’t show how Mutsumi’s Judo match went but the moment between Shino and Tsuda at the end was sweet enough to please me lol. The whole maid situation was kind of boring, Sayaka didn’t have any absolutely ‘lol’ moments like Ranko and Kaede did when they were first introduced. I guess she’s on the level of Naruko-sensei but less funny.

Ahhh I was kind of hoping the last few episodes wouldn’t be that good so I wouldn’t be so sad to see Seitokai go. ^^; I’ve gotta say it’s really grown on me over the past few weeks! It’s worse since K-ON’s ending too so where will I get my Mio?! Azunyan and Ritsu have a few shows, they’re in Ore no Imouto together, but seriously… where will I get my Mio?!

I guess I’ll just have to figure that out next season… In the end though, I actually really enjoyed this episode. The time they actually spent on the culture fest were spot on with the humour and there’s really no way to complain about entertainment value.


We’re getting a Christmas episode next episode! Right now I think it’s fair to say that an SYD ‘Christmas Episode’ will be a regular SYD episode except they have a few minutes of Christmas stuff thrown in at the end lol. Either way, I am looking forward to it.


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8 Responses to “Seitokai Yakuindomo – 10”

  1. oplover says:

    Nice one tsuda-kun! Now you got two girl!! :aww:

    • Ryuuko says:

      Lol I didn’t mind him having two girls either! I’m usually annoyed at guys like that but Tsuda is cool enough to have them both ;p

  2. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Ahaha Definitely fan of the Mutsumi x Tsuda moment (I could hear K-ON’s “Pure Pure Heart’ playing in my mind :P)

    I loved the end as well Shino x Tsuda xD

    The maid outfit strangely resembles Maria’s maid outfit in Hayate no Gotoku O.o
    I double checked lmao

    Ughhh K-On ending is killing me. Last chapter should be out this month… :'[ I need my Yui, Mio, Azu-nyan, Ritsu, Mugi fix

    • Ryuuko says:

      Isn’t it weird how no one has a preferred pairing with Tsuda? I think it might be because Mutsumi (and Kotomi for that matter) both look like they can “grow up” to be Shino. Shino-heirs! o.o

      I got really depressed when the first K-ON ended and I didn’t know they would make S2 lol. So I told myself I wouldn’t freak out about it this time around >.<;; Don't know if I'll succeed. In any-case I might just anime-stalk the seiyuu :runs:

  3. gwern says:

    Is it just me or is that maid outfit rather like _Mahoromatic_?

    • Ryuuko says:

      Holy crap I haven’t seen Mahoromatic in ages.. I didn’t even make the connection lol. But yeah I guess you’re right!

  4. Wildfire says:

    shinoxtsuda 4evaaaaaar

    love syd. its a good break from the usual serious animes. and definitely makes up for k-ons lack of content -_-

    • Ryuuko says:

      I definitely know what you mean about K-ON’s lack of content but idk… they comfort me just by being there! But soon they won’t be there ;_; … hold on didn’t I say I wasn’t gonna be sad anymore D:

      Well at least there’s a few comedies, quite a few actually coming out for Fall that look like they’re going to be entertaining! Here’s hoping anyway lol.

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