Amagami SS 11–12

It’s different now, when every step feels like a mile…

With the 12th episode passed, we can safely assume that Sae and that annoying narrator are long gone. And I hear you cries; “But Hato, where was the 11th review?” ‘Aha!’, I state boldly. I shall write them together, both 11th and 12th, for I was rather busy last week. So what did happen to Junichi and Sae in that splendid 11th episode?

Not a whole lot. We begin the episode near the end of Sae’s training, aloft the school roof, shouting into the perverted wind. Thanks to all his hard work, the training paid of and Sae lands herself a job at a local cafe. Despite her training being over, she asks that Junichi continues to teach her ‘many things’. Whatever THAT means.

Junichi and all his friends visit Sae working in the cafe, which turns out to be a sort of maid cafe. Hmmmm. Junichi gets his perv on and keep glancing at Sae (as he does) but for some reason is still confused about how he feels. Hmmmm. Luckily, they get some time alone. Sae acquired some theme park tickets (I bet she robbed someone), so Junichi and her have a fun filled day together.

No words…

Aaaaaand by fun filled I mean they go to see some super squad, and Sae gets tentacle raped (If you don’t believe me, watch the episode). After their fun filled day of cephalpods and merry-go-rounds, they are chillin’ out maxin’, relaxin’ all cool, just drinkin’ and eatin’ outside of the, uh, cafe, when Sae brings up the subject of the best couples contest that takes place around christmas time. Oblivious to the underlying connotations, Junichi agrees, then bravely holds her hand at the bus stop.

Periods. Guys just don’t understand them.

Luckily I wont leave you on an epic and heart-pounding cliff-hanger for a week, for we can dive right into the next episode. Junichi finally realizes that he likes Sae. He talks to himself in his closet (wtf) and gets a little depressed. Sae invites Junichi to try out a new cafe in town, though she does have ulterior motives. She aims to finish some ‘Super Banana Parfait’ together, so her and Junichi will be in ‘rabu rabu’ forever. Riiiiiight.

I cannot believe he is wearing a purple turtleneck. Goddamn it, even I have better style than that.

Funnily enough, we don’t find out whether they finish the ‘Banana Party’ whatever, so instead we jump to the night of the Couples Contest. Competing against the likes of Haruka and Umehara, it turns out that Sae and Junichi are posing as some married couple, suit and dress and all. Despite their best efforts, they place second to Haruka and Hibiki, beating Umehara. Fot they contribution they receive tickets to a movie in a secluded private booth. Saucy.

From turtleneck to white suit? He’s having mood swings, but with fashion!

Heading to the movie on Christmas day, they first scope out their private room (why do they have private rooms….?) awkwardly sit on the couch for a bit then prepare themselves for the film. Junichi heads off to the bathroom and has a conversation with some foreign hobo (seriously) and Sae goes to get drinks. Returning to the room, Sae looks like something out of Deathnote and Junichi freaks out a bit. After what seems like the worst movie ever, they somehow find themselves in an awkward position with Junichi on top of Sae. They all confess awkwardly, kiss a little, and then Junichi dies via Moe (seriously).

End Thoughts

The bread roll returns, and Junichi is not happy to see it.

Snake would not be proud.

Junichi’s lust could not be contained any longer.


REC3 turned out to be the worst film ever.

This arcs ending got it right. Actually, this arc kind of got it right. There was no awkward kiss scene, there was so internal character struggle and there was less awkwardness all around. The only problem with this arc was, in fact, Sae. She was so quiet and shy and timid and frail, and it just got annoying. I know her character type WAS meant to be like that, but, ugh. Maybe I just don’t like that kind of character? Is that alright?

I don’t think I’m going to enjoy Junichi anymore than I am, mainly because he will not develop. The stories aren’t continuous, and that’s one thing I for some reason didn’t take into account. But couldn’t they have found a way around that? Rather from going story to story, they find away around and link them all up? Think Clannad, but more awkward? That sounds about right.

Luckily, we wont have to deal with Sae anymore. She’s gone! Ancient history! One thing I will applaud the arc on is have the continuous ‘training’ through out it, making Junichi be around her for a reason. I didn’t get any saucy Miya and Junichi fights, consisting of “You stupid brother, you’re sleeping with my friend!” etc, etc, but maybe it’s better off without it. Though, it would’ve added more character development.

There is a preview. What’s in the preview? I’ll tell you WHO’S in the preview! Nanasaki Ai! I would not want to piss her off…


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4 Responses to “Amagami SS 11–12”

  1. Dan-go says:

    Did ny1 think that the director/hobo with a shotgun sounded like TK from angel beats!?

    • Hato-kun says:

      He’s probably the only Japanese person that speaks English.

      That’s obviously not true, but he did sound a little like him.

  2. Jubbz says:

    I gotta say, that’s one crazy ending for Sae’s arc. And Sae was Insanly hot in that outfit.

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