Seitokai Yakuindomo – 08

Judo Battles and Sports Fest Plans~

Back to School…

… But not quite back to Normal. The Shino gears are turning!

The SYD kids are back at school and Shino is straight into her pervy jokes! This was definitely the only 40 seconds of anime I’ve ever seen where the 90% were bleeped and not swear-word bleeped either… The student council are sitting around having a meeting about the upcoming sports festival – the first co-ed one for Ousai.

The meeting is to discuss what new activities they can stage since they now have both guys and girls at school. However, all Shino and Aria can think about is how they can use the guys. Think about that for a moment… how they can use the guys. O.O

After Tsuda and Suzu give their senpai a polite ‘no because all your ideas are perverted and our school would be shut down’ Tsuda gets a shot at offering some suggestions. Of course all his ideas are too normal and Shino wonders if he even knows what he’s talking about. If we’re following her line of conversation… he probably doesn’t 😛

Shino: You put the stick in, not the balls.

After I stopped humming along to the OP we’re back in the student council room for some more pervyness~ This time, it’s Aria at the white board having a go to see how many kanji she can get a double meaning out of lol. Naruko sensei walks in for a moment just to join in her fun.

‘How can I make this more perverted than it already is?,’ thought Naruko.

Suzu then brings up the issue of some classes not having guys while some do which may pose problems in the ‘strength’ events like the tug-of-war (I couldn’t remember what the name of the event was so first I typed ‘rope pulling’ and smacked myself in the face). So Shino suggests a handicap: as a rule, all the guys have to exhaust themselves doing that activity guys do in private as much as they can until they day before the event.

Shino knows best!

At the Tsuda home, younger sister Kotomi shows once again why she’d probably be Shino’s heir in very many ways with a nice little mispronunciation of the English word cleaning. I don’t think Tsuda should be surprised to see her as the Ousai student council president one day. Her antics continue to the next morning when Suzu arrives to pick Tsuda up for their uniform check and Kotomi asks if he’s into things he shouldn’t be into.

The student council has another dilemma on their hands when deciding whether or not to enforce the no running in the halls rule. Shino instructs the gang to warn students against it but Aria brings up the fact that if they do, they lose the chance to ‘crash into the person coming around the corner.’ Which in Aria land will someone lead to low birth rates and less children for the next generation.

A fateful meeting…

Shino follows up with a nice scene from an old school looking anime about an upstanding student and a delinquent guy who begin their love story after crashing into each other as they ran around a corner.

Turns into Love sweet Love…

…which leads to babies so be careful kiddies ;P

Back in the student council room, Tsuda gets his moment to shine in glory as the three girls praise him and are genuinely happy about his presence… because he killed a bug.

Midway through the episode we finally meet our new character, the Morals Councilor Igarashi Kaede. I guess she’s like a disciplinary committee except she makes sure no one’s doing anything perverted around the school. Shino immediately says ‘I’ve heard of you,’ after Kaede’s introduction … which really shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody ;p.

Kaede also happens to have a fear of men causing her to have an immediate dislike of Tsuda. She thinks he’s been playing grabby hands with Shino due to Ranko showing her the beach/motel trip photos from the last episode where they turned a motel room co-ed.

The situation becomes a bit troublesome for the student council as Kaede doesn’t seem the type to let things go easily and even suggests Shino’s dismissal for taking part in ‘perverted activities’. For a moment it looks like there’s gonna be some sort of dragon vs tiger showdown but Kaede turns out to be more understanding than she lets on.

For the last part of the episode we get to hang out with the Judo club again since club captain Mutsumi invited the student council along to support their first match against another school. However one of her members sprains her wrists so Shino offers to play the Taisho and be the last fighter on the team.

The score ends up at a 2-2 draw so the winner of her match will decide the team victory. After some spirited cheering, the student council sends her off to win the match with a yaoi insert shot in the middle of it lol.

End Thoughts:

Ah we were kind of all over the place again with this episode, it feels the same as it did after the Kyoto episode where there’s a bit of disappointment after the ‘special.’ All in all though it was pretty good with the humour so I can’t really complain!

I quite liked the new character Igarashi Kaede too, though she definitely had the potential to be hella annoying, she ended up being kind of cute. I guess it’s because even though she has a fear of guys, she doesn’t automatically have an out and out hatred for them. As shown by the fact that she didn’t crucify Shino and Tsuda lol, Ranko’s photos from the beach episode were pretty incriminating. Sharing a room together is one thing but… sharing a futon?

Judging by the OP there are still a couple of new characters left to introduce during the last half of the season. The maid and the person in the lab-coat playing with the… toys. The maid is probably Aria’s so who knows, we might meet her in the sports festival episode coming up to deliver her lunch or something 😛

The visit to the Judo club was the best part of the episode basically because I like Shino look cool. I was all kya~ over Aria at the beginning of the season since I love Ritsu’s voice but I’m firmly in the Shino camp now lol. Not every student council president can bring the beat down on an actual Judo club member without warning, then again not every student council president could even go near Shino’s perverted vocabulary but hey, she is who she is. Marry her Tsuda. Or marry Mutsumi.

Just thinking about that actually, Tsuda hasn’t really shown romantic interest towards any of the girls, and it’s not like any of them are bad lookers… gah I may still be feeling the effects of seeing Tsuda as a yaoi guy last episode @_@.


Next episode we get the sports festival! It looks like it’s gonna be another Ranko special so I’m definitely looking forward to it. Plus it’ll give us a chance to finally see more of Shino’s sporting prowess. Hopefully Tsuda will once again realise what a catch she really is… since she won’t be talking so much ^^; I want to see Shino kick more ass! And also hair flick. She looks cool when she flicks her hair!


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4 Responses to “Seitokai Yakuindomo – 08”

  1. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Hmm just the usual SYD story xD

    I think Tsuda is, just like Shino said, waiting for one of the girls to raep him instead of going on the offensive >__<

    I was however expecting more Ranko screen time taking pics of all the judo holds in the match (you know what "holds" I'm talking about :P)

    • Ryuuko says:

      Haha indeed I do ;P It’d be like the Railgun Tokiwadai festival with those almost upskirts. If it wasn’t for those shorts… :shakesfist

      I’m looking for some more Shino/Tsuda like the umbrella sharing thing. Or Tsuda Mutsumi. Or Shino/Mutsumi! Gimme some romance ^^; Also, since I’m wish listing I’d also like someone who says onee-samaaaaa~

      • BlackLagoon187 says:

        Hehe 2 more months till we get the “Onee-sama~~” back

        • Ryuuko says:

          I’m gonna be all over that like you wouldn’t believe >:) Here’s hoping for extra Kuroko screentime!

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