Seitokai Yakuindomo – 05

Meet the female perverts of Seitokai Yakuindomo… no, they don’t do it intentionally.

The series belongs to the school life / slapstick comedy genre with enough perverted jokes thrown in (from the female lead no less), to shame even the dirtiest pub comedian. The story begins when Takatoshi Tsuda aka ‘normal male lead’ wanders into a newly turned co-ed High School, making himself one of the rare males in a school full of girls. Click here spiritofthesea for most amazing series latest episodes.

Only moments after entering her territory, Tsuda meets Student Council President, over achiever and resident perverted joke-maker Amakusa Shino. Shortly after their first meeting during which Tsuda almost gets hung by his own neck tie, the other two main characters are introduced. Shichijou Aria is the silly ojousama type who enjoys playing joke tag-team with Shino and Hagimura Suzu completes the team as the genius, loli-bait tsundere. For more info visit grid-nigeria .

The previous four episodes introduces the series as one that goes full speed ahead on its own kind of humour. The characters may seem completely cliche at first but they do have the ability to throw a twist into the workings of each episode with just a flash of their wacky qualities.

In Episode 5 normal guy Tsuda gets sick, Student Council President Shino plans a home visit and Ranko Hata sets up for sexy pics by the pool.

We open with a blurry animation of what can be referred to as Tsuda’s ‘sick vision.’  Lo and behold, what else could he possibly see except for his reality turned on its drunken head… Shino walks past and manages to give him a serious greeting with no perverted jokes in sight, Aria comments that Shino is always serious and Suzu walks past without making any sort of tsundere comment regarding her height and/or her intelligence?! Sick vision is whack.

Once his subconscious stops messing with him, Tsuda awakens to the calls of his oh so cute and excitable little sister Kotomi. Unfortunately, his attempts to get up are foiled by gravity and he ends up face-diving into the floor.

When the Student Council girls find out about his absence due to a face-diving mishap and the bad cold that causes it, Shino immediately feels guilty. Cue flashback into last episode’s pseudo-romantic interlude with the rain, love-love umbrella and an unlucky Tsuda who finds himself standing in the rain while awkwardly waiting to cross the road.

Aria and Suzu are quick to point out that Shino did nothing wrong but she insists on visiting Tsuda at home just to see how he’s getting on (and to specially deliver several Shino-style perverted jokes.)She arrives at his house and is invited in by Kotomi who happens to believe the pretty girl standing at her doorstep is her brother’s… paid company of the adult sort wink wink nudge nudge.

Shino manages to both comfort and disturb Tsuda at his bedside and even offers to clean his ears for him. Kotomi is next door with her ear to the wall imagining all sorts of perverted happenings. There are enough hints here and there to show that Kotomi will grow up to be quite a charming Shino Junior!

The second part of the episode sees Tsuda back on his feet and ready to handle whatever the Student Council has to throw at him! Well not really but at least he’s back on his feet. Tsuda falls asleep in Naruko-sensei’s class and unfortunately for his classmates she willingly gives him more trouble through the use of a rolled up textbook placed next to his ear and some sexy moans.

It’s also pool season for Ousai Private Academy and resident camera totting Ranko Hata has returned to get those sexy swimsuit pics Shino accidentally promised her earlier on.

Sneakily enough, its Shino and sexy Aria who continue to provide fan service bait as they’ve done in previous episodes with Tsuda and Suzu conveniently in a lower grade. The insert fan service for the pool episode comes with regular girly insecurities including boob size and butt size though as per SYD style the amount is minimal and it’s hardly the sort you could call ‘in your face’.

End Thoughts:

We have an episode filled with the usual SYD-style humour which will do it for some and not for others. I guess since we’re in episode 5 now I think it would be fair to say that everyone who can’t laugh at the Shino-Aria tag team pervy jokes just aren’t watching anymore lol.

I definitely liked the Shino home visit because there isn’t any actual romance and I’ve decided to make up some stuff on my own. The ability comes with my overused Yuri-goggles which have leveled up and become Mighty Morphin MetaRyuukonorn goggles. Yes. Plus she bought him a hentai manga which was sweet… probably… in a Shino kind of way. I could have gone without the knowledge that his sister bought him the same one though. Tsuda’s totally right, she did not need to be that ‘considerate’!

The set-up of Kotomi being very Shino-like in her perverted thoughts and actions was also pretty funny. As was Kotomi’s first thought when she found out a girl dressed in a high school uniform had shown up to visit her sick brother. I was also half expecting Shino to think something perverted about Kotomi too but she must have been too focused on visiting the sick Tsuda!

I also liked Ranko Hata getting more screen time because I am a huge, huge Kuroko from Railgun fangirl which translates into being a Satomi Arai fangirl whenever my radar picks her up. Though there’s no yuri for her here, the character is played really well for humour to the point where I enjoyed her more during the Kyoto field trip in episode three than the actual leads.

Speaking of the leads… there wasn’t much Aria in this episode and even less Suzu which makes me wonder if the series is actually going to do anything with them in the long run. Although with things going as they are, I’m also starting to wonder if the series is going to do anything with anyone at all! Since we’re five episodes in though, the characters are getting pretty comfortable in the setting and pretty much continue with their inbuilt running gags – Tsuda’s a normal guy, Shino is pervy, Aria is rich and silly and Suzu is short and smart.

Anyway, plot and character development aside… since people looking for those things should really be looking elsewhere, the episode was funny and enjoyable in itself. I’m pretty sure the trick to enjoying this series is to take everything as they come, laugh at the jokes that are funny and let the ones that aren’t roll away into oblivion. Even though a lot of the humour is hit or miss they throw so many jokes out that given a fair chance, the series provides good laughs.

All in all the best part about watching SYD for me is watching stuff I don’t expect. For example, in the sleeping in class scene with Naruko-sensei and her rolled up textbook, it was pretty much an 80% possibility that Tsuda was going to be whacked upside the head with that thing, the alternative SYD gives may not be hilarious to some people but at least it’s refreshing in its own way ;p

Episode Preview:

The preview for the next episode is vague as per SYD usual! The title given titles are ‘Tsuda-kun won’t read it, he’ll use it!’, ‘If there’s an uke, then there has to be a seme!’ and ‘No, please wear clothes.’ Looks like episode six is going to be perverted joke packed as well. Aria says something about an escort service before Shino manages to tell her to keep that a secret… Escort service?? I wouldn’t put it past them ;p

Phew, one down!

Hihi Metanorn readers!!

I’ve finally made my first of hopefully soon to be many posts >: )

My sincere thanks to everyone for putting up with this first try from a nublet ani-blogger! I hope that I didn’t bore anyone to death and that we all have lotsa good times coming up ^^



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8 Responses to “Seitokai Yakuindomo – 05”

  1. Masu says:

    :O FIRST POST!!! Somehow i feel that reviewing this is right up your alley. :3

    anyway, i expect my post to be up SOON. o.O

    • Ryuuko says:

      Damn straight! Mio and Ritsu’s seiyuu + Kuroko? Psh, allover this one ;D Gogogo with yours so I can comment sneakily-like.

  2. ichigopocky says:

    Welcome and congrats on making it on the blog

    • Ryuuko says:

      Thanks Ichigo! I totally appreciate the welcome. Hope to catch you again ^^ Next Seitokai’s going up soooon!

  3. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Hehe I see what you mean now by railgun fangirl :-]

    And I didn’t know that Ritsu’s Seiyuu was in this as well :O
    Big fail for me 🙁

    And agreed gotta love Kuroko style voicing by Satomi Arai

    Other notable voicing for Kuroko style is in Ookami-san to shichinin no nakamatachi where she is as perverted in voicing the narrarator xD

    • Ryuuko says:

      Lol I don’t think it’s a fail for you, I just had heightened K-ON senses at that moment 😛 As for Kuroko in Ookami-san… guess which other series I’m responsible for? haha. My series are a perfect match for me~

  4. Kyokai says:

    Though I’m not following this but still good review, Ryuuko-chan~ <3

    • Ryuuko says:

      Ty Kyo ;D More to come! And look I found them… :sparkle actually this is more me :shakesfist or :runs: lol I love these lil guys.

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