Highschool of the Dead – 07


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16 Responses to “Highschool of the Dead – 07”

  1. Namika says:

    well, the first thing I’ll say, that this episode was friggin’ epic! :XD: a lot of ridiculous stuff, like the explosion wave from the one shot from Hirano’s sniper that threw at least 20 zombies back. But hey, it was awesome! I guess I’m also a sucker for over-the-top scenes :dumb
    Saeko standing on the roof of the Hummer… :cheer:

    The rescue scene, and the ride across the block became one of the most epic moments in anime I’ve ever seen! It does seem a little ridiculous, but they made it perfectly, even those panty-shots and ridiculously jumping boobs didn’t irritate me! ^^ I swear, I got a bit of goosebumps when Saeko and the others came into view on a good car and some epic Rock ‘n Roll :XD: They’ve totally made up for the stupid last episode!!!

    so, the end [and more adequate] thoughts are, that I liked this episode very much. They’re finally touched a serious subject: to decide, whom to save, whom not to save, and I’m glad, that they’re still human, as Rei stated. And after these 7 episodes, these 5 Highschool students grew up so much [Shizuka is OUT of the discussion! >< ] and became a team, and a family too. Their skills and personalities compliment each-other so well, that they're just a killer team! And Alice looks like a finishing touch to me. That little girl deserved my respect as the most amazing kid I've seen :tea

    So that leads me to the decision that from now on things will get only worse. And the preview doesn't look too good either. I've got a bad feeling :sigh

    • Overcooled says:

      Ahhh I loved the episode too, Naminyan~ I feel like it’s Sengoku Basara, omg, the adrenaline! The panty-shots just fit right in somehow lol, because they were actually doing stuff as it occurred. They also managed to squish in that serious humanity subject, yep.

      I think they really changed a lot too (lollll yes…ignoring Shizuka). New team dynamics now that Alice is here, maybe? Only slightly though.

      Aww, you think things will get worse? I hope not…T_T

      • Namika says:

        I hope too :sad4

        I’m just such a paranoid :dot *cries*

  2. garturo62 says:

    Nice review, all the episodes are short cus of everything else, I could just read the manga but ill wait. This episode made me get more into it cus the action parts with the music, new character Alice is great especially since she’s voiced by Ayana Taketatsu(the voice for Azusa Nakano is K-on!), the pee part was ^w^

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m not reading the chapter that corresponds to the last episode of the anime, because I want to be surprised. Other than that, I like reading the manga first because then the anime adds SO much more to it.

      Mmhmm that music was awesome. Alice too! I didn’t check out her seiyuu o.o wow, it’s Azusa? Awww~~ lol oh God, now I picture Azusa on Takashi’s shoulders having to pee. That part kind of grossed me out XD

  3. foshizzel says:

    Great review! by far the best episode so far a bit on the fan service side but that is the selling point for most fans of this show, nice to see Alice introduced and noticed the opening was slightly different. Love her voice actress! very cool xD can’t wait for more!

    • Overcooled says:

      Teehee, thanks. And yeah, absolutely the high point in the series thus far. I didn’t mind the fanservice. In fact, I watched the censored version first and got angry at them for censoring some of it lol. They made up for the fanservice with action, aww yeaahhh.

      YAY ALICE! Adding some innocence to our group of survivors!

  4. BlackLagoon187 says:

    ~Nyaaaaaaaaa~ got my daily dose of Saeko-sama~~~~~~~~~~~~ :love:

    Alice’s role will be to control everyone with her cuteness… jk

    lol remember the all or nothing b00bz physiscs last post? Well they finally threw in the other extreme, surprised it took them this long.

    Oh and did I mention Saeko-sama overdose already? I did? Well have some MOARR!!

    • Overcooled says:

      lol I know, so much apron and ass-kicking. 8D Saeko is the best~ Especially when compared to Rei or Shizuka ^^ Is it bad that Alice is becoming one of my favourite characters? She’s just so cute. Unless, yeah, she’s secretly a mind-controller. <_< XD

      Boob physics is serious business *nods solemnly*

      • BlackLagoon187 says:

        it’s not bad at all, and she becomes more kick ass later :-](according to the manga)

        Alice is second on my fave char list right after Saeko-sama~

        I can picture it now, Saeko = mother, Takashi = Father, Alice = Adopted daughter. >____> Oh and Kota = Doting Uncle

        • Overcooled says:

          I swear that little girl is going to be more awesome than I could ever be. Saeko is my favourite too kekeke for obvious reasons.

          Oh Rei. Getting in the way of this awesome foster family. lol at Kouta as the doting uncle. XD And then Kouta marries Takagi? Ahahaha, I kind of feel sorry for him ^^

  5. Kyokai says:

    I would agree with fosh, one of the best HOTD epi and Takashi handled everything pretty well. The fanservice was mind-numbing but I was too worried about Alice to care.

    PS: Saeko was Saiko; nuff said. ^^

    • Overcooled says:

      It was a wonderful episode, I felt so satisfied~ Perhaps I’m just easily distracted by flashy action, but the fanservice was at an acceptable level for me this episode.

      LOL nice pun! Saeko wa saiko desu~ >w<

  6. bakuhasu says:

    @Saeko DAT ASHHHHHH I approve!! :thumb:

    Alright so to break things down…. Kouta will forever be the best fat,one liner, gunjin Otaku I will ever come to like in ANY ANIME…

    Being a Kitamura Eri fan, Ahem* Saya… GAWD that moe fang got me.. :kyaa2:

    Great fast paced balls to the walls action, boobs, and guns at an adrenaline speed that is episode 7 of the series…

    and I think Alice is going to turn me into a lolicon*….

    Good job on the review Overcooled I’ll be looking more of these weekly thoughts on the infestation that has nothing to do with high schools for the majority of the epiosodes….

    • Overcooled says:

      Hey Bakuhasu~ ^^ *shy wave*

      YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH SAEKO. You would think a fat kid amongst all these beautiful people would be ignored, but he turned out to be AWESOME. Who would’ve thought a character like THAT could be BADASS. Oh yeahh.

      I’m a sucker for those fangs too <3 If a male character had one, I think I would die a very happy death. And go ahead, be a lolicon. Don't complain to me when she pees on you. <__w< Good point…We haven't been in that highschool since like…episode 2. <_<

  7. Namika says:

    Quite nostalgic)))))
    Oh the good times! I’m actually watching the part where they rush to Takashi’s rescue….on a HumVee…. AAAWWWW I miss this show after all!!!!!!!

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