Highschool Of The Dead – 06

Wait, where are the zombies?

Imagine if you will, a normal day at school. Now imagine that without warning, that average day is interrupted by…I don’t know…a rampage of zombies? Well, that’s pretty much what happens in Highschool of the Dead, leaving only a few of the more resilient students standing. Strength in numbers is key as the survivors band together to try to find some way out of this mess. Of course, this organization only comes after a whole lot of panicking, screaming, crying, and denial.

They manage to make it to a large bus, saving a few more miscellaneous students and a rather vile teacher who appoints himself as the leader. Disgusted, Rei leaves the bus and Takashi follows…as another bus conveniently crashes in such a manner that they are separated. Uh..okay. Luckily, they meet up again when our main survivors in a rather dazzling fight scene after ditching the magic school bus as well. As episode 5 ends, our survivors head to Shizuka’s apartment for refuge.

Episode 6 starts off with the announcement that the government and the police are starting to lose this battle, and that over 2 million have died already.  What better background animation could there be for a massive death toll than a bunch of high school students taking off their clothes?  This episode tries desperately to be serious in-between the bo-yo-yoings, but doesn’t quite make it. As all the girls have fun squishing their huge chests together, (guys, just so you know, we don’t grab each others breasts if they seem big. Or at least, I don’t.) Kouta and Takashi find a treasure trove of ammunition and guns right in the apartment.  Kouta has a nerdgasm attack, and we learn that he’s been professionally trained with guns.  I really like Kouta’s and Takashi’s dialogue ahahaha XD Looks like this is the apartment of our super sniper chick from the episode before.  How our useless Shizuka made a friend like this, I’ll never know.

Kouta is officially scarier than the zombies

After a montage of more bathroom antics, we cut to the police. Uh, okay, nice transition there.  By itself, the police sections are actually quite good.  We see how the police are struggling to try to protect the citizens, and how frustrated they feel by being so helpless.  We also see the civilian side as the citizens start protesting, sincerely convinced that this is some biological weapon the government cooked up.  As they demand access to the bridge, the commander waltzes in, gets a dark look in his eyes, and shoots the lead protestor in the head without so much as blinking.  What’s right and wrong starts to become blurred. Is it right to sacrifice a few for the sake of many?

The cords kind of makes the guns less threatening, no?

Today’s moral: don’t have children.

After this drama, we go right back to fanservice paradise.  Shizuka, who just might go down as worst teacher ever, comes onto both Takashi and Kouta in a drunken, half-naked state.  As Takashi walks around the apartment he encounters a half-naked Rei, Takagi and even Saeko.  Rei goes from a happy drunk into a sad drunk, crying on the floor while Takashi looked irritated.  He really doesn’t like when Hisashi is mentioned.  He carries Shizuka-sensei downstairs and gets an eyeful of a scantily-clad sleeping Takagi. Lastly, and most amazingly, we have Saeko in an apron and…not much else.  SAEKO WASN’T EVEN DRUNK! WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN…  Saeko’s “oh, this was all there was to wear” logic was simply the best. Great scene, ahahaha.


Anyways, after the boob storm subsides, Takashi starts to have a serious conversation with Rei.  Rei is whining to Takashi because she’s scared, but Takashi is so sick of hearing about Hisashi that he completely explodes.  The stress of being in a near apocalypse combined with his repressed feelings for her cause him to scream a lot of harsh things at her.  Hisashi is dead. Accept it.  Stop mentioning him. Suck it up.  She looks absolutely crushed.  So hurt that she stops his rage with just the subtle tug at his sleeve.  From there, the only noises are breathing, and you can actually feel the weight of the silence.  They slowly draw closer and share a kiss.  All that tension is finally released.  Awww~ (but then they stop because Takashi was getting too excited XD)

After the ending we get a sudden burst of action in the form of a highspeed bulldozer running over zombies left and right. (Can…can bulldozers go that fast…?)  There are civilians there too, but the police decide a few sacrificial lambs are needed.  Things get so bloody and merciless that the commander who shot the protester commits suicide. It’s like they wanted to randomly attach some action at the end, but really, you can’t complain when bulldozers are involved.

As our closing scene, we see a dog barking, and attracting zombies towards the apartment.  You can tell by seriousface Kouta that this is serious.  Does this mean we get some action the next episode? I hope so!

Extra Service:

Guys, we need to talk. About boob physics. REAL boob physics.

Takashi without his srs bsns face for once

Anyone else think that dog looked like it was from another anime?


Just what are you covering there, mister?

End Thoughts: Ohhh boy.  I’ve been seriously loving HOTD week after week with its’ solid action, great animation quality, and excellent portrayals of how characters change in a crisis.  I can really see the government and the police acting as they did in response to this sort of thing.  I’m down with fanservice too, it’s fine.  But this episode was just a bit much. The fanservice cheapens any emotional feeling other than lust they were aiming to make the viewers feel. Before you say “But HOTD always had fanservice everywhere!”, go and compare the amount of fanservice in any other episode to this one.  They usually keep it to a suitable level.

What this episode DID bring, was the humour.  There were a lot of pretty amusing parts, especially the apron…oh God the apron!  Kouta’s expressions were great too, in a homicidal maniac kind of way.  The humour works for this episode, but I’m not sure all the serious moments could be taken…seriously.  Would it have been better off without them and as just pure fluff? I can’t really say.  I just want things to get action-packed again.  If that oddly-drawn puppy gets eaten by zombies in the next episode, it will make up for EVERYTHING.

Was this Takashi’s lucky day or what?  All that attention and then he gets Rei at the end too!  To be honest, if some guy started yelling at me to get over someone who died not even 2 days ago (when he’s probably just guilty for being the one to kill him…) I wouldn’t exactly tumble into his arms.  I think a roundhouse kick would be more appropriate.  Rei is the type to get lonely, especially in this situation, so she just gave in.  So it was more of a “shut up, Takashi, just comfort me” kind of kiss.  Not sure what their relationship dynamic is going to be from here on.  Are they together now? Yes? No? Rei looked pretty comfortable in that position kekeke.

Preview: Looks like the first part of the next episode still has Saeko in her apron, so our survivors will probably take some time mentally preparing to break out of the apartment.  Hopefully we get some crazy action as they decide their next location. Also, is that a new character I see?  For now, you guys can go and have a field day with the screencaps.  You’ll find some actual creepy posts in-between the fanservice if you look hard enough for you horror fans ahaha.


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28 Responses to “Highschool Of The Dead – 06”

  1. Ryuuko says:

    Weelll I’m not watching this one either since it seems to have a plot… jkjk, more like it had the word ‘dead’ in the title and ‘zombies’ in the description @_@. Loving your first thumbnail pic though. Like what are those… oh. OH.

    • Overcooled says:

      lol, yeah, I like covering two horror series. Gotta love zombehs.

      Plot disappeared this episode, but it should be back soon…LOL, Ryuuko…anything spherical in this anime is boobs, just assume it automatically.

  2. Flags says:

    Hold on; did you just say that your mum watched this?

    • Overcooled says:

      Last few minutes she was walking by and happened to start watching. But not the whole thing, dear God no.

  3. BlackLagoon187 says:

    True that Overcooled, more B00bz physics is needed in Japan. :runs:

    Unfortuantely it seems they are only thoroughly educated in 2 sizes in this area.
    1) loli-sized

    I look forward to more HSotD reviews because It’s one of my top listed anime this season. :yippy

    • Overcooled says:

      Yes, agreed. IT’S ALL OR NOTHING IN JAPAN.

      Uwaa, thank you, I’ll do my best~ It’s probably my favourite this season, actually =D

  4. jaiger says:

    in the manga rei laughs at takashi cause hes got a boner…lulz galore

  5. Dan-go says:

    Hey, i had pretty much the same feelings about this as you, exceeeept, as a guy, i found it a little more…interesting? anyway good review. Also hav you read the manga yet? Do it, it’s great fun (although it does tell u what happens in the anime as it’s way ahead, and the anime follows it faithfully)

    • Overcooled says:

      lol yes, I think our male audience may have enjoyed this episode a liiittttle bit more than I did.

      I have the manga on my to-read list…Oneday I’ll just have a manga reading day and go through HOTD and Shiki =D

  6. Namika says:

    :lbdian I enjoyed every episode of HOTD to the bits, but this one was just a bit over the edge…… and Saeko’s logic just killed me :pfft Is it just me, or all the girls here have a thing for Takashi, one way or another?? can’t blame them though…. :kyaa2: it was so nice to see the “teen” side of him for a change :tea I mean, besides all the action, Zombie-killing and all…. he seems so….. innocent :blush2: Nyaaaaa

    I also do hope to get more action and less moeness in the next episode…… it was nice to get a rest from it all, but I think they overdid it. With all that sexual harassment… and an annoying dog :kill
    But at the end thoughts, I liked this episode very much. They overdid it indeed, but who says I don’t like it?? :ohohoho: okaay…… :dumb
    can’t wait ’till the next episode :tea

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, when did this turn into a harem? <_< I don't think I've seen Takashi blushing and without his "let's kill zombies" face on this much since…ever. Takashi is pretty decent for not forcing himself onto all of those drunken girls, because, you know, he totally could have. XDDD

      Yayy thanks for the comments~ I want the next episode to be out now too! *pouts*

  7. Kyokai says:

    I’m still enjoying HOTD, fanservice in case of horror/supernatural passes me by like the breeze–don’t care. I so hate Rei, you just don’t fall into your friend’s arm just because he’s available, days after your guy died; but wait, this is anime, who cares?! xD

    I would reiterate to the guys out there that no real girl would do all that to another girl, and while bathing; this only happens in fanservice anime and porno-flicks. >.>

    • Overcooled says:

      Same here, it’s still my favourite of the season. If Rei’s voice wasn’t so whiny, it would be slightly better. Weird, because I usually like her seiyuu.

      Anime logic…gotta love it.

    • BlackLagoon187 says:

      Nooooo!!! Don’t shatter my dreamsssssss!! Ahaha jk, I knew that

      And yeah I don’t like Rei either for the same reasons, I prefer Saeko to go with Takeshi just because she’s badass :thumb:

      • Overcooled says:


        • Kyokai says:

          Yeyeeeee~ for team shipping! xD

          And points to Saeko: Purple hair, mixture of yandere/tsundere, kickass flips and kicks–we have a winner for a badass female. :glasses

  8. Masu says:

    oh man, this is gonna be a long comment, since it’s coming from one zombie fan to another.

    i think rei, for all her annoying immaturity, is a strength for the team. she can hold her own against zombies, which at the moment is what they need. Though her feelings for takashi might get in the way of akagi-san’s so that might make it complicated for the team relationship. IF rei sucked at keeping zombies at bay (reach weapons ftw) i would have felt that she was better off dead. Dead weight is the no.1 reason why people die in zombie shows/stories/movies. even though i think shizuka is dead weight, her luck (as in having a friend who is a sniper) is definetely a good thing. everyone else has their good points, for now.

    i think its totally fine for takashi to feel that way for rei. i think they should do it rather than later, since later they’ll probably all be dead. and i like akagi cuz she’s smart, and im smart, and smart people like smart people. but i cant help but feel they’ll make her do something stupid because of jealousy.

    and just cuz you pointed it out: japanese girls love skinship. its cultural, thats probably why you’re not like that. but rest assured, japanese people are crazy therefore they touch each others tits.

    • Overcooled says:

      Ah, Rei is perfectly fine at physically holding off zombies. She’s a good fighter, afterall, and lasted better than her boyfriend who got bitten right off the bat…But she’s annoying to me because of how she spends most of her time criticizing Takashi and then clings to him for dear life when it is in her interest to do so. She’s really needy…

      The competition for Takashi could cause internal conflict except I don’t think Takagi’s feelings for Takashi are really that deep. Then again, we haven’t seen much of her affections aside from some blushing and tsundere blubbering. I like Takagi too, except when she tries too hard to be cool. I hope they don;t make her do something stupid, she’s usually only rash in the way she speaks… D= Yay, team strategist!

      Shizuka is helpful thanks to her hookups, yes! Other than that…dead weight. XD

      I dunno man, the girl just lost her boyfriend, Takashi is like her rebound. She’d probably do anything male and moderately handsome in that sort of tense situation. Makes me wonder how much they actually care about each other and how much of it is just adrenaline and hormones <_<

      LOL REALLY????…I think I would feel oddly violated if I lived in Japan then. "OMG THEY'RE HUGE" is not a good enough excuse to put your hands on my chest T_T

  9. jaiger says:

    well all i know is when it gets to Show ▼

    imma cry… WHY OH WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!!! :wah

    • Overcooled says:

      D= *comforts* We’ll cry on each others shoulders again when it actually happens.

  10. muffins:D says:

    aww! come one guys the thing between takashi and rei is a classic anime love story!><"
    the dissin' part (from rei) is the way she can show her affection to takashi ^^
    and come one!
    if you were rei wouldnt you go for takashi too?XD
    hes cute

    • Overcooled says:

      Classic anime love stories involve zombies? XDD I think it’s more she keeps her affection to herself and just disses Takashi to make herself feel better about everything. It’s more of a coping mechanism than suppressed feelings, like what Takagi does.

      …But hell yeah, I’d go for Takashi. It’s either him, or Kouta. O_o clear choice.

  11. muffins:D says:

    definetly ^^

  12. Wildfire says:

    knew there was gonna be some criticism on the fanservice for this ep. not complaining. im onboard.

    • Overcooled says:

      Well, it was basically a fanservice episode, there’s not much there that’s aimed at entertaining a girl XDD But some people complained at the amount of fanservice in episode 1…which was like, nothing.

      Next episode should be good though, I’m excited~

  13. MeiLan143 says:


    I saw all the manga chapters (27) and i’m gonna tell you that there is gonna be a sex scene. not with takashi’s group atleast. Use Show ▼

    tags for spoilers! | Insert smilies here: 😉

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m not that far yet ^^; Once the anime is done I’m going to read everything all at once though. Sex scene, huh? Not sure how I feel about this…lol. Spoiler tags to avoid anything being spoiled makes me happy 8D

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