Giant Killing’s OP Single – My Story

Giant Killing OP Single – “My Story” by The Cherry Cokes

World cup is on full swing and I’m watching France Vs Mexico while making this post. Also, let me announce this, I’ve become ADDICTED to Giant Killing! I started last weekend and couldn’t stop. This has reawakened my love for football so if you see random lines during review pertaining to it, bear with it! xD

Love this OP and the Irish feel to it… Oh, Goal… Mexico scores. They sure are trying hard. Anyway, coming back to the OP, it’s an awesome pump up song for any team. Very appropriate for the world cup! So, enjoy! ^^;

Artist: The Cherry Cokes


1. My Story ~Mada Minu Ashitae~
2. Shining days
3. My Story ~Mada Minu Ashitae~ (Instrumental)
4. Shining days (Instrumental)

>> Download Here

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8 Responses to “Giant Killing’s OP Single – My Story”

  1. Flags says:

    HAHA, nice. I got this about a week back after looking for it. Also, Mexico 2-0 France is ridiculous. They don’t deserve to win a game.

    • Kyokai says:

      Did you get the whole release a week before or just the OP? 0.0 OP was available on youtube since anime was released.

      I was very disappointed with France. I mean seriously? Mexico sure didn’t leave any stone unturned with all those fouls and subs. Good game by the end. As I said previously, it seems this FIFA is going to be all about the underdogs.

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