Kimi ni Todoke – 25 [END]

A great journey of friendship, development, jealousy and above all Love~

It’s with a heavy heart I say goodbye to the series, which has managed to make me smile thousands of times, laugh and even cry. I sat somberly in front of my laptop before watching the last episode of Kimi ni Todoke. Last episode… it couldn’t be?! But, all good things must come to an end and this is one those; though, I have all my fingers crossed for the announcement of a second season. Anyhow, more of this later and without any further ado!

Ryuu with Maru <3 and Chizu. Sawahaya in the middle, Kawaiiii. Yano’s warding off Kurumi. Teehee. Pin being a sore thumb!

We unite with Sawako and Kazehaya, when Sawako is reliving her school days. But, she stops at High School as it was the time when she met Kazehaya for the first time on her first day to school. The time which changed something in her forever and she has been on a quest ever since to find her true self. She realizes that Kazehaya was the catalyst that made it all possible.

YEYEEE! I get to reuse this! Kawaaaaaaaaaaaii~!

Overwhelmed with emotions, she apologizes to him for being boring; she assures that she would try her best to change for the better. Kazehaya quickly cuts in that she has already and for the better! She talks more easily now, it’s going to be all good.

Hearing his assurances, Sawako becomes even more emotional. To save the makeup that Yano-chin worked so hard on, she wills her tears to stop. Her expressions are just too good!

Endearing up to her, Kazehaya opens up his own bottle of feelings, sharing his experience of meeting her for the first time.

Sawako’s adorable smile, in response to his thank you. Who would not, love her?

He had been in search of her smile since then but didn’t see it in the beginning even being in the same class. What a good person, he thought. He wanted to find out more about her and when he did it was more than he ever expected, very much more. When she arrived in the evening, she looked so different to him. Being Sawako, she interpreted his ‘different’ as ‘scary’. Ah, if only you could know Sawako-chan!

“Eiye, mou!” Blushing Kazehaya is so cuuuuuuteee!!! Kyaaaaaaaa~!

Following Kazehaya to the shrine, Sawako realizes that she has changed because she wanted to be cute like Kurumi when she met her for the first time (her reason arose from the thought of her suiting Kazehaya more in her mind). Remembering Yano-chin’s words, she concludes, the her who wanted to be like Kazehaya now wanted him to think of her as cute. Little did she know that he already does! (These two are just too cute for words!!! *glomps*) :kyaa2:

Who does not notice having their jacket burned by sparks? (As I say, Aho da ne~!)

On the other hand, Yano-chin is still glued to Jo (poor her!) and Ryuu is craving Amazake. Seeing, no progress, he starts off for home. Chizu follows him to make him stop on Yano-chin’s assurance. Have to give it to Yano this time, she sacrificed A LOT for her friends! Starting from all the scheming in getting Sawahaya together and now almost kicking Chizu to go after Ryuu because he wasn’t originally told their plan of Operation DATE.

Ryuu tells Chizu after she catches up to him—with a straight face at that—it got very boring, so that’s why he left. Chizu tells him to call her “Chi” but he declines bluntly. Chizu mouths, you wouldn’t, even if it would make you smile?! Ryuu, quite matter-of-factly tells her that whoever Kuronuma meets or knows, Shouta would handle them. (His eyes also betray his own feelings for her; on how he handled his own brother and gave her a closure, not to mention comforting her in the end).

Chizu accepts his facts but childishly let’s on that she only wanted to see them together. Whatever it is, Ryuu says, there’s nothing to worry about; they are getting along fine. Both of them look at each other and share their gladness. Chizu takes him along to visit the shrine. He whispers, Amazake…… (Ryuu, you are getting some time to spend with Chizu, stop drooling after a drink, yo~?)

At that moment, the countdown ensues and ends with the New Year’s arriving and everyone wishing each other “Happy New Year!” Sawako swoons at Kazehaya’s, “Take care of me this year too”. She gets mail from Yano and Chizu both which she replies to quite enthusiastically. Kazehaya wonders that they beat him to the mail but it’s thanks to them that they are spending this time. Yano and Chizu read Sawako’s reply happily.

It’s Sawahaya’s turn at the shrine and they ring the bell together.

Aaaawww, how symbolic!

After throwing some money (usually coins), the two bows and clapping of hands twice, is to make the deity listen to your wish, while the last bow is for respect. Both follow the procedure, Sawako thanks for the unforgettable year. On the way back, stairs are slippery, so Kazehaya offers his hand of support.

What a DAWWW moment!

Ryuu tells Chizu that Touru is coming on New Year’s with his girlfriend to visit. Chizu teases him for not memorizing her name yet (refer back to old epis of how painstakingly Chizu made him memorize Sawako’s name), it’s Haruka! She tells him, and would definitely visit them. Before praying to the deity, Chizu tells him that he should depend on her whenever in need. She would definitely comfort him! Ryuu smiles and tells her, he would be counting on her.

Another cute couple I ship heartedly!

On checking their fortunes, Kazehaya gets excellent luck! “Everything will go as you wish. Be aware of quick temper and believe in yourself. Always calmly consult with another person for everything.” There’s love too, of course.

Sawako gets bad luck! And also, “The person with you right now is the best. Don’t hesitate.” Kazehaya assures her that bad luck actually means good luck because it’s so rare. Sawako ties her fortune to the tree. (The concept is to tie the bad fortune at the shrine so that the divine spirit can exorcise it).

Kazehaya gives his excellent luck to Sawako. At first, she resists saying, she doesn’t want to suck his good fortunes away but he persists. He wants to give it as a birthday present, even if it seems lame. (Bakka, it’s not!) :blush2:

Sawako accepts and thinks why she was worrying about love, when she is satisfied only by looking up to Kazehaya.

FINALLY! Yano-chin is saved by Jo’s parents who pack him off. SAFE!!! She visits the shrine and has only request from Kami-sama, to destroy all the reality she just spent with Jo. 😆 Yano witnesses Sawahaya and is glad heartedly, looking just like boyfriend-girlfriend. (I love the shipper Yano-chin!) She also sees Pin making a fool out of himself.

He must be at the shrine to pick up girls but without Touru, he has no luck whatsoever. Let’s rewind a bit to his apartment and hentai fixations, he sure would be lonely on New Year’s! :sigh He curses Touru for leaving for his girlfriend’s house. Just as Yano is being circled by some creeps, he walks in to save the day.

LOL!!!! The unlikely savior!

Both of them can’t believe of running into each other and make for home, only to be walking together back. This is quite an interesting pairing, there’s definitely something here. Yano likes older men but Pin being a complete idiot, until he sobers up, there are no chances for him.

Kazehaya silently walks Sawako home. They pass the same path she takes to go to school; they arrive at the juncture where they met for the first time. Kazehaya reminisces about their first meeting, while Sawako wonders how this New Year would be for them. This was like a full circle of their chance meeting and development to such a sweet relationship that is still in its budding stages.

The ED sequence starts with Chizu and Ryuu going home, enjoying Amazake. Ryuu >> :tea

Yano surreptitiously tells Pin about something appearing at a vacant house. Knowing how she loves scaring Pin, this must be one of her tactics to scare him off for good or simple playfulness at her part. Evil Yano-chin! :spark

Kurumi is surrounded by her friends and they are curious about her fortune. Because she says, she would show it a bit; it means it’s not bad luck. After all the bitchiness she did to Sawako, she should definitely be happy that Karma didn’t come back and bite her in the ass! 😉

Tomo and gang are shopping at the convenience store where they are joined by the similar rabble of boys from their class, celebrating the New Year. Jo’s parents are packing him off to home too.

Kazehaya’s little brother sleeps peacefully with Maru-chan. On the other hand, Sawako’s dad obsesses over the fact that she has still not arrived home. Her mother gives him orange to eat calmly.

Kazehaya says his typical, “Iiko.” (His ‘Let’s go’, I will always remember, somehow the Seiyuu, Daisuke Namikawa, always manages it to make it quite husky with a lot of meaning behind it). Chara quite appropriately sings on:

Futari ga mou sukoshi mitomeaeba (If the two of us could be more honest)

Sukoshi dake mitsumete (We’d be able to see a bit of)

Yureteru ai no hana (The swaying flower of love)

At the foot of Sawako’s house, they stand together saying their final good byes.

The last sequence where Kazehaya turns to see her and Sawako has this starry look in her eyes was loaded with thousands of unspoken words. If only they could’ve confessed and you know, moved along?! Sigh.

Kazehaya walks on thinking if he would manage to keep his temper in check, but also he has no confidence! (Seriously, dude, you are cool and loved by all, you could’ve done it. Stop thinking too much! But, of course, Yano-chin and Chizuru would cut in and tell me, “They need time!” Argh!)

Sawako reads the Love fortune in Kazehaya gifted Excellent Luck: “Devote yourself to love, there will be happiness.” Sawako looks on and thinks, the classmate, the boy who sits next to her, is not really her friend. Someone more distant than friends.

“He’s the One. The one she really likes…”

Le sigh~ Such a beautiful episode! Such a beautiful story! I want MORE!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I can’t believe 25 episodes are gone and done for! For me the story began when I happened across its manga and soon found out that its anime got announced. From the first episode, KnT enraptured me with its beautiful visuals and alive characters. The first time I saw Sawako scaring girls in the bathroom, I was hooked; who would have thought the same girl would give such a beautiful smile? And of course, Kazehaya, everyone simply loved him and not without reason. You hardly come across a Shoujo character who is so straight forward without any skeletons in the closet as per se. Chizu, Ayane and Ryuu make up the tight nucleus around these two main characters, without whom they would not have realized their feelings – even if slowly. I even liked the Kurumi and Touru arcs, Tomo and gang, giving life to the whole ambiance of series. I just hope Jo controls himself if a next season is announced (Pleeeeeeeeeeeease do! Production I.G! We love you… Announce it now, ne~?! :baww2: )

I loved the pacing of this episode, the right mixture of heart-to-hearts and fun moments. Jo being Jo, he couldn’t even feel his own jacket burning, hats off to his parents for carting him off! Chizu and Ryuu had some nice moments too. I’m glad she’s over Touru and good riddance, now Ryuu better make his move rather than drooling after Amazake! Pin and Yano-chin’s combination is quite interesting too. (I can sense many fanfics originating from this one!)

I would miss all the characters I’ve come to love and endearingly so! The ending left me wanting A LOT more. I wanted some more closure at the end but even then just because the episode was given such awesome treatment of right amount of plot and beautiful visuals – sabarashi ne~! I couldn’t complain that much and enjoyed till the end.

What we are left with: where is the confession? Where is the arm in arms? Where is some mushy brand of love? However, having read manga, I know character progression is slow and the things I’m demanding would come but with wait. So, I hope there’s a season two for KnT, I mean seriously!

Now that my Wednesday fix is gone, I’ll see what titles to pick up from the Spring Anime. Let me know, in case of suggestions! Ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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10 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke – 25 [END]”

  1. Mikuru says:

    waahhh! i loved the episode!
    sawahaya are sooo cute! :kyaa2:
    i hope there will be a second season!

    i know its a little too late but welcome kyokai! :cheer:
    i like how you write! i would like you to write
    kaichou wa maid sama reviews please :aww:

    • Kyokai says:

      Mikuru-chan, Yoroshiku onegaeshimasu~! After kanzie you are the second one who recommended me Kaichou wa Maid-sama! and I actually liked it. So, here you go, all good to go. 🙂

  2. KazeKun says:

    I want a second a season NOW!!
    My favorite romance anime since Toradoara :3

  3. CyberPixie says:

    i’m so sad that the series ended here *sob* want season 2!
    the manga’s story is still long way to goooo

  4. Xiao says:

    That was a nice end to the first season. Haha, yea, I know there’s going to be a second season alright. Maybe not this year but the next probably. 😉

    I’m looking forward to what you might blog for Spring. ^^

    • Kyokai says:

      @ Xiao-chan, You are probably right. They can’t be so quick with planning of a new season. Let’s see what happens! ❓

      Till now, I’ve picked up Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Hakuouki, Working!!, Uragiri and Yojo-han. I might check out K-ON! first season and then the upcoming one if I get time and it piques my interest.

  5. eyemohini says:

    While I loved this whole season I kinda feel like this EP wasn’t giving me anything more than the last EP, no confession, no kiss, no real “wrap up”. Yea we got more beautiful winter scenery, and some laughs, but it felt like EP 24 all over.

    I want some real confession from both of them ASAP. Time to hit the manga.

  6. LuluChan92 says:

    ABSOLUTELY HEARTWARMING!!! That’s what I noticed about Kimi Ni Todoke and got me completely hooked that I even started following the manga. Very good job with this adaptation. Hope it gets another season soon enough!

  7. fumme says:

    i did that too! i took a deep breath in front of my laptop before watching the final episode.. gah! i cant believe its oveeeer! i want i want i want more. 😀 this has got to be the greateast shoujo manga transition to the big screen ever. it never let down nor dissapointed. 😀

  8. Kyokai says:

    @ KazeKun, Don’t we all! I can bet there will be. Should be! :/ Toradora was a good one too!

    @ CyberPixie, Yes! Same here! 🙁 At least we have manga, raws of 45th chapter are now available.

    @ eyemohini, fufufuu~ I felt somewhat similar but at least I knew what happens later so I had to be happy of what I got. XD

    @ Lulu-Chan, Yes, yes and YES! I’m dying to get the news splash, even if they take a year to animate or whatever, I just want to make sure that there IS a 2nd season!

    @ fumme-chan, *nods* Agree completely! The best ever, I think. To pass the time, you can always go ahead with the manga. I can assure you, it will not disappoint! 🙂

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