Durarara!! – 11

Paint the town red with the power of Dollars, yo~!

Leaving behind one of the biggest cliffhanger last week, this time when a big secret was revealed, even more puzzles are added to the list. It all starts with an eerie bloody moon and thematic music to match. It seems something horrific is about to unfurl and paint the town red.

Yagiri Seiji is going mad without Celty-Harima, while his sister is plotting to find and kill her. She is talking with her assistant (anybody remembers his name?) about who had her, when she gets a call from Mikado to set a deal.

We switch to the downtown of Ikebukro, where a lot of people are gathering (some, checking their watch, as if waiting for something). Simon is selling sushi intently, while Shizuo lets out some deep thought. Quick to throwing things and easy to inflame, Simon stops him without any trouble. What do you think, if Shizuo is violence incarnate, from where Simon gets his strength? I sure missed Shizu-chan’s signature move of throwing cigarette and crushing it with his foot. 🙁

There were a lot of pan shots in this episode, jumping haphazardly from one scene to the other. But, it was done right because some of the characters were moving towards a revelation that needed all or no pre-thinking in different scenarios:

— Celty wondering about the purpose of her existence. Coming to terms with the ‘what if’ she could not get her head back

— Yagiri Namie’s meeting with Mikado

— Celty- Harima’s chance meeting with Dotachin gang

— Shinra proposing to Celty

— Celty finally hearing Celty-Harima’s response of her own name

— Mikado revealed as the only remaining mastermind behind Dollars

— The many faces of Dollars revealed

I hated Namie’s overconfidence from the start of the conversation that stemmed from the presence of her henchmen (biaatch!  :punch ). I liked the way Mikado stood his ground though, standing resolute without any hesitation. He only wants the truth from Namie, what her brother did to Harima Mika and what she did with her body and Celty’s head. Namie shows her true colours of more than just being obsessed over her brother. Yare yare~ both siblings are sooo similar… So, all of that for getting in her precious brother’s way? Seriously disturbing indeed! She harbors more than sisterly love for her brother and no wonder Seiji has turned out the way he has. Psycho sibs pair!

Mikado wants to believe in connections! The power in numbers

Namie is quite nonplussed with this ordinary-looking boy’s outburst about what she thinks is every day’s job of making her brother happy and experimenting with human bodies. However, what follows next she never dreamed or even expected. The crowd that was colourless starts to come alive, while the eerie music changes to a built up. I couldn’t take my eyes off the scenes unfolding, too good to be true.

You’ve got mail! Mikado’s message spreads like wildfire

Everyone we already know part of the Dollars get Mikado’s message. Baccano! fans watch out for Miria and Isaac.


So, how did a simple boy from a small town became the leader of Tokyo’s Dollars? Here’s the interesting story, which got hinted in the last episode. Mikado has always been about ‘making connections’. When his life turned to mundane, he found an escape in the online world.

He made new friends and started the idea of Dollars, spreading online rumours of a group that really existed. The rumours spread and so did the numbers on the password protected Dollars site. Even when password was not leaked, site members kept on increasing (Izaya can be behind this). News started appearing about people pretending to be Dollars and intimidating others in RL (a fine example we can find in Takeshi, the previous bald and last epi’s regent hairdo doofus). The originators of Dollars left Mikado in the dust, while new members kept on joining the site. However, Mikado didn’t lose hope and kept on clearing the name of Dollars: “They are really not bad people; some positive things should be done so that the bad stuff is forgotten. How about collecting trash, cleaning up graffiti, small good deeds?”

His work really paid off, even if he couldn’t believe it at first

I would call Mikado goody-two-shoes, in a nice way. He wants to make a difference, even if it starts in a small way but he believes that a little deed of goodness would grow and spread throughout. And that is what happened. Namie thought she was all that but a teenage kid with brains checkmates her in her own game. It was awesome and quite satisfying to see Dollars colourless group coming alive and in such a huge number. :oha:

Mikado’s mail to all Dollars members was simple: “Anyone not looking at their phones is your enemy. Just stare at them, do not attack.” (Izaya sure is having fun with all of this! :haha: ) Namie and her henchmen are dumbstruck with the crowd’s force but there is more to unfold.

Mikado had his own plans of distractions with Celty in return of her meeting Celty-Harima. Hearing her own name from Celty-Harima’s mouth, Celty loses it completely.

She finally accepts the fact that she would remain headless—something that Shinra wanted for some time—but that would make her a monster; a freak of nature. She embraces her inner demon that gives voice to her even when she doesn’t have a mouth to speak from.

The crowd becomes a mob, eye-witnessing a living urban legend in their midst

The end is quite abrupt and filled with kazillion question marks, which has become a signature of this series.

I always thought Seiji was a bit cuckoo in the head but his obsession has reached new heights when he tracked down Mikado :kill. Who would save him now? Shizuo, Simon, Dotachin gang, any random Dollars member can take care of this. All in all, again a helluva show. :freeze2: But banzai for Shinra, calmly proposing to Celty! :cheer:

The flow of this episode was more than gritty with frazzled edges. It all connected in the end yet I could see in my imagination, many threads opening up as if a spider web incomplete. Just when we thought, all answers were with Mikado, we find there is so much more to be revealed. What would not happen now that Namie knows about Mikado’s identity? What of Celty-Harima? Would Celty remain stable after embracing her identity of a Dullahan without a head? Would Mikado tell Kida his true identity, now that Celty and Izaya know?

The truth about Mikado was somewhat similar to Shizuo’s strength reveal. Who would have thought, getting truckloads of fractures and sprains would make a person stronger than hundred men? In Mikado’s case, who would have thought an online chat group would come up with the formidable plan for Dollars? The “interesting-level” of this anime is getting higher by each episode.  Too much to think about and mull over. :dizzy

Update: Check out Limone sensei’s take on Orihara Izaya. I swear he sounds like Kamiya Hiroshi! :shock He performs Bakemonogatari’s “Renai circulation” in a very moe-Izaya voice. Song is riddled with Durarara!! dialogues from the original Seiyuu. Don’t blame me if this goes to your head and you can’t ever see Izaya again with the same eyes. (It’s stuck in my head, fuwauwari fuwauwaru….   :angel2 :orz ) — tipped by Dashelgr


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36 Responses to “Durarara!! – 11”

  1. AppleSauce says:

    I was thinking what if one of the henchmen that belonged to Namie also got the message in their cell phone.
    Lol what would happene then.

    • Kyokai says:

      AppleSauce, that would have been a total coup! 😆 But all seemed pretty twisted rather than the normal looking old to young people of Dollars. Knowing Mikado’s hidden talent, he could’ve investigated all the people who visit his site.

  2. Dashelgr says:


    for all you izaya fan-girls

    • Kyokai says:

      Dashelgr, This will haunt me forever. Can’t get it out of my head. Addictive!

  3. oplover says:



    • Kyokai says:

      You can never get enough of Isaac and Miria! ^^;

  4. Kewldude says:

    What I really liked was how they showed the whole dollars suddenly becoming colorful. At first i though it was the studios choice to make it like that, but now, freaking hell yes! It all makes sense 😀 Remember, the way everyone has been saying that the Dollars are a colorless group. It was amazing how it was suddenly revealed how large and popular Dollars actually was. The Password being Baccano! was epic as well

    Damn, I just love this show! ^_^ N what makes it better is that its gonna be 24 eps long XDD

    Oh, and SUGOI! SUGOI!!! SUGOI!!!!!!!!!

    • Kyokai says:

      Yes! Throughout the series, we have been encountering the greyed out people, giving emphasis to whichever character that was on the spotlight. However, this episode was simply epic. Yeyee to 24 episodes! ^^;

  5. AkatsukiYuki says:

    Show ▼

    • Kyokai says:

      Aha! Show ▼

  6. LuluChan92 says:

    Mikado got everyone fooled with his plain looks, he’s the founder of DOLLARS! How about that?!!! LULZ almost everybody in Ikebukuro is a Dollars member AND THEIR SITE ISN’T EVEN THE GREAT FACEBOOK!!! I certainly bow to his awesomeness!

    And yeah, this is what we say SUGOI SUGOI SUGOIIIIIIIII!!!

    • Kyokai says:

      A natural mastermind and an online guru! Imagine the gentle him and the resolute him. Epic reveal! XD

      LOL, yeah, sugoi, Sugoi, SUGOIII!!!

  7. :-) says:

    It was a good episode but the sequence of events seem unreal and kind of cheesy…I think I’m only watching this show for the characters Kida, Izaya, and Shizu.

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL. It sure has a lot of ‘DRAUMA’ but I think the characters make it an epic win! ^^;

  8. Xiao says:

    Namie’s more tolerable and among the most interesting characters when she’s not obsessing over Seiji. If he’s around, she’s one hell of annoying bitch.

    Seiji I just downright don’t like at all. He does have some good points (like very few) but like his older sis, when it comes to love, he goes so crazily stupid over it.

    Last but not least, Mikado PWNED!!! everyone. Nuff said. :cute:

    I think the way how his past was revealed is similar to Shizuo’s that they both have a different side to them no one knows about. The only difference is that Shizuo wants a normal life while Mikado is the exact opposite. lol Yea…

    Can’t wait for next week! ^^

    • Kyokai says:

      Hell yesss! Mikado is such a mastermind! :fangirl

      All Drrr characters have a past that is not really related to their present. Something which makes them what they are but not very evident from the outside. I’m now looking forward to know more about Izaya, Kida, Simon and even that slasher girl (Saiko?). Sigh! Friday come soon!

  9. frog212 says:

    omg that izaya/bakemonogatari video is hilarious

    <3 Miria and Issac!

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL! Can’t get enough of this song! :dizzy
      Isaac and Miria have the best cameo appearance yet!

  10. Mitsuki says:

    ye gawds, I’m so happy I’ve staretd reading this blog, or I would have missed this awesomeness :kyaa2:
    I was all “kyaaaa~” through the entire episode. Mikado so pwned everyone~
    Seiji X___X”” I wonder how Mikado wants to get out of that.
    Poor Celty and 100 points to Shinra for being awesome :blush2:
    anyway, awesome blog 😀

    • Kyokai says:

      Arrigato, Yoroshiku~ <3

      The more I find out the more I fall in love with the characters of Drrr :4: Mikado, Kida, Izaya, Shizu-chan, Shinra and Celty are my ongoing fav!
      Some exceptions are there like Namie and Seiji… :kill

  11. Joojoobees says:

    I sure missed Shizu-chan’s signature move of throwing cigarette and crushing it with his foot.

    Shizuo didn’t even take the time to let the poor motorcyclist off his bike before hitting Simon with it! 😯

    • Kyokai says:

      Poor bloke! But Shizu chan is the smexy god from whom I can tolerate any kind of violence! :kyaa2: ^^;

  12. amado says:

    warning major spoiler for kida and mikado rellationship.
    Show ▼

    • Kyokai says:

      Oho! Show ▼

      In case of Namie/Izaya, I’ve yet to spoil myself but is Izaya capable of maintaining a relationship? Being the evil smexy self!? :glasses

  13. amado says:

    by the way I like the izaya X namie pairing.

  14. BlackLagoon187 says:

    someone clarify me on this
    first time i checked on ANN(anime news network) 12 episodes were confirmed
    did they decide to extend it to 24 for being too damn awesome or was 24 episodes the plan all the way?

    • fenixdown110 says:

      Either way, that’s good news. There’s too many loose ends to end it in 12. 😉

      • BlackLagoon187 says:

        lol true that
        I was just wondering 😛

        • Kyokai says:

          Seeing how Baccano! ended with 13 epis and 3 OVAs. In the beginning the studio could’ve decided on 12 epis but looking at the popularity of series increased it. Not really sure, but yeyeee, more for us! ^^;

  15. AkatsukiYuki says:

    anyone actually went to the dollars official web?i know of two links.one which only works if you’re japanese cuz you must have the japanese handphone and the other gives you the dollars website wallpaper.

    Either way,i’m getting the feeling 24 episodes still can’t satisfy me…

    • Kyokai says:

      The official website of Drrr: http://www.durarara.com has most of the information–Dollars login, Chat, character proiles, blog and what not–but all in Japanese! Seriously~ I can somewhat understand spoken Japanese, not read it! :sad6

      AkatsukiYuki-chan, looking at the storyline, can they really wrap it all up in 24 epis? ❓

      • amado says:

        I heard the anime will cover only vol.1-3 but there are vol. up to 7.
        please let there be 2nd season :shakesfist

        • Kyokai says:

          Oh noooo!!!! :dot Let’s bribe few manga fansubbers to hurry it up with the translations!

  16. berrish17 says:

    Durarara!! has such a beautiful picture~
    very creative too!!!
    lol loved the “renai circulation”!!
    now when i listen to bakemonogatari’s renai circulation, im gonna remember this video!!LOL

  17. amado says:

    um how can I post pictures in comments or I really cant post?

  18. Kyokai says:

    @ berrish17, The best series of this year by far! Love it! :4: Now, I like Izaya’s version better. Lulz!

    @ amado, There’s no image posting provision with comments on wordpress but you can paste image links for sure! ^^;

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