Kimi in Todoke – 17

Can’t help but to blog this episode :3

This is one of my favorite parts of the manga so I thought I’ll pick this show up back again for this episode. Yup~ I definitely enjoyed it a lot, just because Kimi ni Todoke is best on what it does when it comes to slice-of-life. This might top off the episode where they’re on Ryuu’s house for the best episode right now~ Slice of Life moments in KnT ftw <3

Episode starts with so much d’awwww-ness already with Sawako~ :runs:

Funny how Chizu is still taller than Sawako’s dad even when she’s on the lower platform/floor of the house xD.

Lol Yano girl has lots of piercings. I also want to do that~ xD I only have two so far each ear >.> Yano-chi beats me.

Sawako’s dad is probably just like any other dad as well. He already judges his daughter’s friends by appearance before everything else xD :glasses

This is what I so love about Yano, she’s a total shipper xDD.

Lol, confessing isn’t that easy.

MARUUUU~ <333!!!

D’awwwwww!!! Ryuu has a super soft spot for dogs~

CUUUTE! :woo

Ryuu and Maru seriously owned the first half of the episode >.<

Moving on now, Pin calls everyone and asks them to come over because he is sick. Pin is incredibly stupid but awesomely funny at the same time, which makes him totally win xD. He probably got too busy fapping over to paid porn that’s why he got a cold xD.

Lol ewww @ his house… :dizzy

Don’t you think Pin looks better with hair down? Someone steal his hair gel so that he won’t use it anymore! :steal

And it’s so funny and cute when Kazehaya starts acting jealous to Sawako treating Pin xD.

:pfft Duuuuuude, you’re making as all confused Kazehaya. I can smell BL fanfics brewing on the side already.

Sometime I just love it when Yano bullies Pin xD. They’re one of my crack OTPs, not gonna happen so far with the situation, but I totally enjoy when Yano pwns Pin xD.

Oh my gah I thought Yano’s lips were fingers at first :eh2 lol

Hahahaha, young Kazehaya is so moe up until now~

So.. cute xD!!!

Awww~~~ Moezehaya can activate the bishie-sparkling and his man-moe powers at the same time xD

Lol. Almost-kiss scene #1 of the episode. More comes later on~

I know right?

Lol Pin, ungrateful brute to Yano and company xD. Well, no waiz Pin’s gonna steal Sawako, what are you thinking there? They should not use him as the anime’s plot device to make Kazehaya  jealous or something ^^;;.

I love it when Sawako always believe everything you said to her. Like, Pin should have directly said she should already kiss him or something, that would have worked more for us xD.

lol, Yano’s scary story might be real… :sad6 (or maybe the one who knocked was Yanon herself before they went out?)

You go, Yano the shipper!

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!! OMG!!! God, I love this screencap so much x3

And of course, this scene…

SO CLOSE!!! :dundun

But ugh, I guess it’s development. Only a few inches more!!!

Kazehaya’s reaction is so funny:

Pfffftt.. Kazehaya, you fail looking like a bad boy tsundere xDD; But still, so cute, awkward and adorable~


Beautiful episode that makes it up for the recap last week. Pin is so much win for getting involved with the almost-kiss in this episode. It’s just these two dense cheesecakes that needs to pave their way to each other more though xD. That moment is just so adorable~ I really love shipping in here, this show is so shipping-friendly I love it xD. I wonder if there’s Maru x Ryuu shippers out there though O___O *shot*

So yup, it’s an awesome episode indeed. Looking forward to the next arc as it focuses on Chizu ^^. I really hope there’s gonna be a 2nd OP and ED for the show, I thought that there’s gonna be new ones after a recap episode T___T.

>> More Screencaps


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16 Responses to “Kimi in Todoke – 17”

  1. nagi says:

    this episode is SOOOOOOOOOOO WIN!!!!! kyaaaaaa~~~~ never been this fangirl-ed mode for years! XD

  2. Chihaya says:

    ↑ seconded O(≧∇≦)b
    funny how i always end up watching their episodes twice now a days xDD KYAA and oh the gifs are heaven :angel1 Metanorn reviews never fails to satisfy my addiction :thumb:

  3. Tara says:

    I think I must third that, I haven’t loved a shoujo episode that much since… ever I think XP
    Ryuu with Maru was epic win and Kazehaya is just so moe :love:
    Thanks for the awesome gifs too *saves them so she can stare some more at the best scenes whenever she wants to* >w<

  4. LuluChan92 says:

    I don’t know why I didn’t make a post on this as well, even though I had a powerful urge to do so. Put the blame on my full study board

    And, yeah, somebody steal Pin’s gel, he’s so cute with his hair down!!! I absolutely loved Pin this time, he’s the best plot device so far!

    Oh, yeah, Ryou getting owned by Maru, LOL!!!

  5. Tania says:

    This episode was just so WIN! Being its manga reader, the animation of scenes that I love is such a treat! KnT soothes my nerves just like a fresh breeze – kazehaya/sawako. Heh!

    Sawako’s parents seriously look like a pair of Kokeshies. No wonder, poor Sawako, her deadpan looks are not her fault! :wah
    Also, she is quite receptive! I laughed like mad on ‘wash your hands and gargle with salt water’ to Pin! :pfft
    I love Yano bullying Pin. He deserves it, the hentai! 😛
    Ryuu and Maru were just dawwwww! I rewound the scene umpteenth times with his cheeks going red and uwaaaaaah! :blush4
    Jealous kazehaya was a treat. The almost kiss scenes. Oh man, just get on with it, you two!

  6. Kabitzin says:

    Now that you mentioned it, I can’t unsee Ayane’s finger-lips!

  7. Sussie says:

    I KNEW you whould blog this ep right after I saw it xD! That scene was totally awesome with Kazehaya and Sawako. I watched it twice in raw and also twice with subtitles and it was just totally adorable <3
    Anyways, I love how that gif you made of the scene *-*

  8. meteorhouse62 says:

    lol I love Yano :ohohoho: Her lips were like talking tentacles more than fingers to me xD

    I also like teh almost-kiss. Awesome episode!!

  9. Xiao says:

    KnT is the bestest~! Can’t see anyone else who can say otherwise in its category anyway. Every minute of it is enjoyable. <D

    Haha, Yano is a shipper on board. AWESOME. X3

    ZOMG, Maru & Ryuu Y SO CUUUUTTTEEE~~~?!?! :woo

    lol, and so grateful to Pin for getting sick cuz the rest of the episode wouldn't have been that much adorable without him. Pin is the greatest idiot homeroom teacher evar~

    Yano's lips scare me. o.O;;

    D'AWW~D'AWW~D'AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Moezehaya didn't go poof! like a kettle but he still went red hot with embarrassment. AHHH~ Kazehaya is so cute~ lol xDDDDDDD

    Too bad about the kiss (Pin, you jerk! xD;) but at least something progressed. Though it's going to be more tough on Kazehaya since Sawako doesn't want to rush into a relationship and he…well, he's just overprotective, easily jealous love. haha

    Ah, yea…Chizu's arc is going to make me…yea. But looking forward to it. ^^

  10. berrish17 says:

    i saw this in the comic first and kazehaya was soo cute how he acted at Pin’s house. (btw Pin does look better w/ his hair down.haha) Yano’s duck lips were funny too. awesome episodee =]

  11. fumme says:

    actually when they first showed the shot of Pin with his hair down i didn’t recognize him… he looks almost hot in this. 😀

  12. FrostJoke says:

    idk why, but I’m a YAOI fan.
    So I can’t stop screaming for more KazeRyu or KazeIn.

    And by far, this episode just raised the bar a notch!.


  13. CyberPixie says:


  14. i just leave munching and eating cheesecakes, they are tasty and yummy*~’

  15. Rosie Khan says:

    i’d love to munch those very big cheesecakes, they are really tasty and sweet”;

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