Ookami Kakushi – 01

When Wolves Cry~

I wasn’t impressed. Now I’m starting to wonder if Ryukishi07’s just a one trick pony because his stereotypical characters and the repeated setting can get a little bit tiring, and annoying too.

OP: “Toki no Mukou, Maboroshi no Sora (時の向こう 幻の空)” by FictionJunction


>> Download OP [.mp4]

The OP was pretty good. Well, the song, basically. Fictionjunction ftw. As usual, the vocals are awesome, too bad the OP could have been tons better than that rounded glass effect and such. And OIC is that a hint given when they show their classmates disappearing one by one?

Our main character Hiroshi is just BLAAAAAAAAAAAND and boring. This dude just can’t get any more boring than first time sex or watching a tumbleweed pass by. Not to mention that the school uniform he’s wearing (and for males in general) look hideous. I think Peach Pit just hired Popeye to be a part of their staff.

Ugh I hate his uke-ness. Dude, it doesn’t work for you, you’re so not cute~ and moe~ (bb you need to take lessons from DRRR!!’s Mikado). He looks like a retard blushing and uke-ing it all with Islutzu on the first part of the episode. First part on this episode btw was so shitty.

And wait. Dark hair and purple eyes? He looks a bit like…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

but too bad because he can never be as relevant and awesome as him~ *goes sidetracked with Lulu <333* -shot- and I might give everyone *insert Geass jokes* here and there

Meet the (very) imouto character. Hey, what’s the difference between her and hundreds of loli imouto characters on anime out there already? She’s on a wheelchair. Hey, not all imoutos can be on a wheelchair. Nunally and Silvette ftw~ So she gets a bit + points for me because she’s still cool even though she’s handicapped. Plus she’s so cute, and a little bit tsundere too~ Her eyes are really big though, and I still like it because they’re purple <3 *loves purple*

Here’s Islutzu and wow, I don’t like her already. She is creepy already and we’re not starting with the horror yet. Well just hate these types of girls. Sticking with the guys makes you look cheap, let the guys stick to you! xP. Not to mention how terribly annoying and noisy she can get when she gets all jumpy…

Someone please already chop her off to death. I would be very pleased~

I hope Mana uses her wheelchair’s wheels to ride over Isuzu’s face down (oh wait, this isn’t Durarara!!) but I would love that to happen. Hey, this is Ryukishi07 anyway, lolis can be very dangerous.

And oh, you thought that everyone on that school are all goodie angel classmates? Ok seriously now, the classmates being verrrry nice (aww Sawako, this should be your school bb~!) seems already suspisious. They’re like trying so hard to fake it badly. But at the same time this is what I find the most intriguing part of the show. The happier they look, the more psycho it can get, ne~?

Yeah, kill her. Isuzu’s molestation sure picks no places.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway… Purple-hair girl (Nemuru) is awesome! Well, can’t really say lots yet because she talks a little bit. Aside from telling Hiroshi a fact that his existence is annoying, she called the guy’s name who’s getting a little bit too friendly with Hiroshi, then dude got stoned or something then he freaks out a lot, turns wolf-y then dies moves…. Ooooh~ Bitch is suspicious <3

Hunnie, put Isuzu next time on your to-kill list, k? ^^

IKUTO? Hmmm~ pissed guy looks interesting.

ED: “月導 -Tsukishirube-” by Yuuka Nanri


>> Download ED [.mp4]

I love the ED song so much… too bad I can’t say the exact same about the animation sequence itself. But I guess I like their ‘maze’-like approach, it fits being an ED theme for a suspense show.


So overall this was really nothing special. The thing I DEFINITELY LOVED about this the most was that there won’t be any VN readers that’ll be bitching about it (yet) because it’s a PSP game. Super yay~ on that. The music in this show was also fantastic, huge thanks to Yuki Kajiura, and those who sing the OP & ED. I love the music on the part were the Scythe girl appears on Osegawa. The animation is also alright. Not that perfect, but not annoying either. I love the colors of this show as well, it’s mostly white! And you know what that mean? White looks good when it’s splattered by blood red~

This isn’t worthy of my time blogging about. I’ll just check it out for one or two more episodes to finally decide if I’ll watch this one up until the end, because seriously, there are cons about this show that I find unbearable. Isuzu ARGH, I hope she gets killed ASAP because I’m gonna kill a cute little bunny dies each episode she’s still breathing.

Lastly, I’m very grateful for the fact that DEEN isn’t behind this or else I’ll go “GWAAAH!” “Gohaaaan!” “Go Aheeeaaad!


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16 Responses to “Ookami Kakushi – 01”

  1. kewldude says:

    aww, well i didn’t think it was that bad… thuogh i certainly am pissed off with Isuzu or Islutzu 😛 as u call her. Certainly annoying >_> However, I think theyre just taking it a little slow unlike Umineko and more like Higurashi, remember the 1st ep in Higurashi didn’t have much to show either, but then everything only gets better from then on. I think its gonna be somewhat like that.

    Also, Nemuru = Win!!!!! ^_^ Shes totally cute and yep, I totally hope she kills off Isuzu lol. I guess I have a thing for purple haired girls now– Kyou (Clannad), Senjougahara(Bakemonogatari) and now Nemuru 😛

    Personally, I think the artwork is good and graphics is above avg as well, the main male is a lil annoying, but I suppose he’ll get more assertive as time passes. So, yep, Im definitely watching this till the end. Love it! XD

  2. kewldude says:

    To emphasize on my point about its slowness, Umineko was really great when it started, however, after that it just went downhill, what happened with Higurashi is totally the opposite and Im hoping/guessing the same will happen with this one, with it getting better n better as time passes.

  3. kanzeon says:

    @kewldude: Yeah, I really disliked Islutzu >.> She got my eyes rolling a lot of times in this episode alone and I hope that won’t continue for the rest of the show (or else I’ll get really dizzy >_< my poor eyes omg). So I guess they should kill her off ASAP~ 8D Umineko was ruined because of DEEN. DEEN isn't under this one, so this anime seems to be promising already. I just hope it would offer something else more different than the other Ryukishi07 works... Well I think it would =) Nemuru ftw <333 I agree! I also had come on liking purple-haired girls since Clannad and more after Bakemonogatari too.

  4. Eri says:

    OMG! 10 minutes and they still go “goooaaaa goooaaaa”
    I agree that the first episode was mehblehwtfftwtakethish1twawyfromme but I’m expecting sth better from the second one. I hope it won’t be a let down…

  5. Shi says:

    What a dissappointing first episode it was, I felt like I’m watching the wrong show at first.
    Isuzu…I just wanted to skip video every time I saw her D:
    Well I hope she’ll die a gory death soon. I sort of liked her friend, Asagiri, though.
    Nemuru is win~ Her hairstyle is the same as the wolf girl’s (just with different colors), I wonder what that means?

  6. Xiao says:

    Spare the poor little bunnies and just eliminate the slut next episode…better yet, kill her over and over with za endless majikku~ to make some use of her for our amusement. Ne~? 😳

    I really hope the plot can outweigh all the loser points of this show in the end cuz other than Nemuru, Mana, possibly angry dude and Kaname, there’s nothing else that’s good.
    Since this isn’t set in a mystery format like the When they Cry series I was hoping for better since Ryukishi had more flexibility but urgh, what a letdown. I hope Rewrite won’t end up the same way. -_-;


  7. Amutofan123 says:

    I guess I liked this episode okay. I would have liked it a lot better if Isuzu wasn’t there. I hope she gets tortured and then dies a gory, violent death. Hiroshi really is boring. Hopefully he’ll get better. I love Nemuru, Mana, Kaname, and angry guy though! At least angry guy actually looks like a guy. The songs are awesome and I love the bakground music. The sequences were okay, but nothing special.

  8. Lavender says:

    Your picture comments are so amusing 🙂 I enjoyed the first ep., there wasn’t anything scary about it, but it looked pretty interesting, thus making me want to continue the series…anyway, that purple-hair girl floats my boat :cute:
    Oh, & that blonde girl is the worst thing ever, but she’s a main character so I guess she’ll become the heroine in the end.

  9. Rin says:

    This first episode was alright. But I couldn’t help but make comparisons to how much the characters look like Peach-Pit’s other character(no shit, since they’re drawn by them). I really love Mana, Nemuru and that angry guy who looks like IKUTO(had to enjoy my moment here)! Of course I expected more… I don’t know, blood in the first episode since there was some in the first episodes of the When they Cry series. But whatever. I look forward to more episodes though.

  10. CyberPixie says:

    what’s with the weak-girl-looking main character? ouch

  11. fenixdown110 says:

    First episode and I’m dropping it. The uniforms make them all look like sailors or something. The bland gutless main character and the slutty classmate just pushed it even deeper toward EPIC FAIL.

  12. LuluChan92 says:

    Isuzu is a slut, she should die ASAP!!! I like Nemuru, she’s so mysterious nad suspicious… But, LOL, this post is EPIC!!!

  13. Rika says:

    Wow only 1 episode aired and this Isuzu (sp?) character is already heavily hated XD. Am I the only one who doesn’t care about her at all? I mean i figured that the reason she’s acting all Clingy was due to being brainwashed/possesed or something (Like the entire class was..)

    The main character was pretty bland (both in character design and personality) although he seems like a nice person so I don’t dislike him.

    While this isn’t the most exiting episode it was mostly an introductory episode, I’ll see if I will stick to this after 5 episodes has passed.

  14. madamebin says:

    nobody is comparable to the GREAT LULU!!!!

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