Hanamaru Kindergarten – 01

Gainax y u do dis?

…It was adorable!!! That was definitely not as bad as I thought it would be, to be quite honest. Just like the manga, it’s still light and clean. I was so scared before that Gainax (by the way, YEAH LULZ GAINAX MADE THIS LOLLOL) would make it annoying and disturbing with fanservice, but thank god they didn’t made it too Kodomo no Jikan (blech). Fyi, I don’t like little children in real life, though I’m alright with them when its just 2D ^^;

It’s not “awesome”/”amazing”, I just like it better compared to half of the Winter shows I’ve watched so far (well, there are a few shows anyway, so)… Let’s move on~

I read the manga sometime ago but I can’t fully remember too much details about this one, but I think this introduction part didn’t happen on the first chapter, I think. They already went on straight to a pool chapter and short non-linear stories followed by that, if I remember correctly. So I already like how the anime made quite a better start with Anri and Tsuchi-sensei’s first meeting on the street… though I think it’s a little bit silly how they executed it (wtf? little girl alone on the road?).

Lulz at how Anzu considers it as Tsuchi-sensei’s hitting on her already. Delusional bitch. ..Ooops! I mean, so cute~ little kid~

My OTP for this show ftw~ Tsuchi-sensei already fell love at first sight on Yamamoto-sensei on his first day of work in the kindergarten already. Lol @ that cliche’d first meeting with matching light background, wind (with matching sakura) and teh stare. Lulz, perfect combination~

But aww, they would really make a cute couple that’s so sweet to see getting developed. Tsuchi better get some balls already and pack them lots before those little children starts to do some cockblocking! *hisses @ children* ..err I mean behave, adorable little kids~~

Anzu interacts with Hii-chan for the first time. She’s actually pretty without those cooldere eyes, but she’s still cute and cooler with those anyway. She’s voiced by Ayahi Takagaki (Ein – Phantom; etc) and I’m lovin’ Hii-chan already.

Anzu also greets Koume, who’s sooooo soft-spoken. I wished Mamiko Noto had voiced her, but instead we have some irrelevant seiyuu I wouldn’t really care if this character won’t talk at all. But hey, Koume’s character is simply cute to bits anyway~ For sure she’ll be the one who’ll you’ll like to pull its cheeks the most ^^.

Lulz. Anzu spreads the dirt on Tsuchi-sensei hitting on her. xDD; Poor guy..

We have a show full of adorable little girls, but I must say that Tsuchi-sensei is so adorable as well xD. I always enjoy watching his facial reactions and how he gets flustered especially his speech on his first day of work as a pre-school teacher xD.

Anzu’s mom turns out to be Tsuchi-sensei’s senpai before. She’s still on high school but she’s in a relationship with her teacher and their love bore their adorable kid Anzu. And I gotta say, like mother like daughter~

Aah~ I love the slice of life in this series, probably one of my favorite parts in this episode were these parts where the kids are with their families talking about school. Hii-chan looks so cute in that neko costume ||3~ And look how much of a bookworm she is. Like her dad which seems cool, he’s voiced by Konitan :3.

Kouma and her dad look both similar because they’re both soft spoken and stuff~ Her mom isn’t shown yet though, just like Hii-chan.

Seems like Anzu’s dad is a lot older than her mom, knowing that they were teacher-student before. Anyway, so this is how Anzu got her strange hair style xD. Her mom is blonde while her dad had brownish hair so she’s born with this split-colored hairstyle. Lulz~ And it’s so cute how Anzu doesn’t want to kiss her dad, because she’s saving that for her darling instead XD.

Bad mom, bad mom! xDD; She seems real serious that she’s saying she wants to get Anzu married to Tsuchi-sensei. >.> I’m not gonna lie though, both Anzu’s mom and Anzu herself CAN annoy me. It makes me bitter now… Nuuu, I want my OTP instead plz.

Well, Anzu’s really nothing much to worry about anyway, this show seems too light and fragile for really disturbing types of stuff (I hope so), that’s why I like it. Looking forward to see how Anzu tries to “win” her sensei over (then fail~ Bwahaha!) and if ever she’s gonna develop a liking to someone else on the kindergarten besides from her sensei. Her friends Hii-chan and Kouma are sure to help her as well, so looking forward to funny moments xP. I hope Anzu would grow to be very annoying, I like her so far.

ED1: “Egao Narebete (笑顔ならべて)” by Kei Shindou, Ayahi Takagaki and MAKO

>> Download ED (.mp4, 1280×720)

What? ED#1?? Well, that’s what ANN states, so we might be getting another new one soon maybe after we went through half of the series.

I love the visuals of this ED theme so much!!! It’s like Kimi ni Todoke‘s ED mixed with Umi Monogatari‘s ED. It’s very fairy tale-ish and just so adorable! Too bad I can’t say the same thing for the song… UGH. The song was glass-breakingly awful. I know these seiyuus play little children but please, have some mercy and try to hire someone else to sing the ED instead of having these seiyuus forcefully act ‘cutesy’ to sound like little kids and fails. It could have been already nice because of its cute and creative visuals, but the song just… ruins it.


I’ll keep this really short. I’m so pleased with this one, it was very cute! I like it so much because it is just light-hearted, fun and dirt-free (not talking about their white pumpkin diapers). It’s simply cute (no, cuteness exceeding maximum levelz!!!), clean-kind of cute and it’s not pedo or full of stupid blatant lolicon fanservice at all. I hope it stays this way, and I’ll be sure to follow this one every week.

>> More Screencaps


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4 Responses to “Hanamaru Kindergarten – 01”

  1. foomafoo says:

    I also found it cute! hahaha I’m quite confuse thoughbecause I can’t deter who’s the target audience of the show. I thought it was for loliconsss XD haha, good thing it’s nothing like that.

  2. Xiao says:

    Kyaa~! This is simply too adorable! <3
    I'm gonna follow this now because the kids look so squishy~

    Haha, they do! I can't see them as normal little kindergartners but more like plushies! XD

    LOL I wanted to roll on the floor and laugh my ass off when Anzu said "You're hitting on me?!" and got all excited. Though I'll probably be irked by her and her mom later on for the whole marriage proposal thing. The kid's a kid and it can be cute at some times but I was surprised that her mom lacked that much common sense in encouraging Anzu well, she’s a drop-out so it’s not surprising if she never gained some tact 😛.
    I mean, highschool is a long stretch from kindergarten. Wth is this all about “he has our family blessing~!”? So troublesome…

    Anyways, d’aww, Tsuchida-sensei is all gaga for Yamamoto-sensei though she’ll probably keep being an airhead and blow him off without realizing it. ^^;

    And Hii-chan was so cute. :aww:

    The ED was quite lovely, too. Artwork-wise anyway, not crazy at all about the song. I’d make a ton of icons out of it if I could. hehe

    More cuteness for next week then. ^^

  3. NobleX says:

    blonde on the front and brunette on the back? o.o That’s not how genetics works…

  4. kewldude says:

    Yep totally cute XD. It was surprisingly good ^_^. I totally agree with you on the ED theme and then the song… lol. But overall, a pretty good anime and though i thought i most probably wouldn’t continue, after seeing the first ep, i am now 😛

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