Durarara!! – 02

Second episode of the Winter Season~ There ^^.

We know have Mikado on his first day of school. I find his introduction so cute xD. We also get to see Anri’s first appearance in the show as well, we first see her in the school’s entrance ceremony while some old pervert school staff is staring at her boobs and hips, I think we’ll get to that why later on in the show. Meanwhile, she’s very timid which is so adorable. She and Mikado are both in the same class, while poor Masaomi is on a different section from Mikado. Masaomi’s nothing to worry about on making friends because he’s such a sweet ray of sunshine, probably we should worry more on Mikado’s section ^^;

Meet Yagari Seiji. He’s supposed to be in school but he only attends just to say he’s leaving again because of a very important duty. I think it’s about his girlfriend or something, I guess it’s revolving the girl with him on the OP/the girl with the mark around her neck, and the events that took place on episode one before Mikado bumped into that girl.

This episode doesn’t focus on the leads nor that guy at all. Instead, we get back to the girl who got kidnapped from episode one and flesh out a bit from her past, up until the kidnapping and her current situation.

I LOVE how they make this show, it’s so brilliant. Important events are happening while other key events are also happening, and they dig into it more and more, like a puzzle. So cool~

We get back to her past, where she still haven’t dyed her hair brown. She seems very pissed about her family and life, and she only pours all her thoughts to an online/phone pal. Then she gets invited to finally meet up and commit suicide together. So it leads now to the happenings on the previous episode, where she meets up with a stranger, who ends up not her phone pal at all, so she gets kidnapped. It seems like all a set-up. And the one behind it is…

IZAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 OMAIGAHTHATSMIRKISSMEX.. Ok, I’ll get to his evil awesomeness later.

Of course Izaya pretends to be a little goody-two-shoes and calls the Shadow Biker (Celty is her name, but I love Shadow Biker more~ So gar), who’s living with the Jun Fukuyama-voiced doctor dude (Shinra).What is his relation to her? O____O

Btw, we get a little up-close on Shizuo (a.k.a Shizu-chan)’s vending machine-throwing skillz xD. He’s so win!! I can’t wait to get into his story now, since this show is like a huge puzzle, I bet they also have something to explain about the man he got mad at ^^. And I also can’t wait to see him and Izaya face up too my OTP *SHOT* they really LIKE each other, I tell ya. You can see their luv on the OP ;D

Going back now, I think the Shadow Biker isn’t aware yet that Izaya planned them all, so she continued her rescue to the girl. Just like what’s shown in episode one, she pwns the kidnappers, saves the girl, then takes her to Izaya, the one who made the request.

Yep, here we go… IZAYA!!!!!!!! :cute: asdfghvasdtkajlshtnsuaoe;;


First time he fully shows up in this show, he made it his own~ FFFFFFuuuu gawd, I need ventilation. He’s such a jerk. AN AWESOME JERK!! We know he can be very evil, because he convinces the girl to suicide though. But anyway, he’s still awesome on how he acts. He’s so awesome, fabulous, hawt, etc etc.

His voice is also HAWT. Of course, thank Hiroshi Kamiya (G00’s Tieria, Bakemonogatari’s Araragi and Zetsubou-sensei) for that voice. I’m lovin’ his voice too much~ <333 Kamiyan can do no wrong. Anyway, here are more Izaya gifs because I feel very happy today because of Izaya ^.^

TEH evil look.

roll those smexy fingers~

Don’t mess with Izaya biatch! xD

LOL I CAN SEE FANGIRLS GOING “LUCKY BITCH! ARGH!! *throws stuff to screen*” AT THIS MOMENT BECAUSE… I F*CKING KNOW RIGHT? LOLLOL LUCKY BITCH INDEED. I won’t mind jumping off a building if it’s with Izaya-sama~ *shot*

…and this is me in real life:

His *bang* finger can kill me and I can go straight to heaven full of Izaya plushies and furcoats~ Kyaaaa <3 Gawd, It’s been I while I kyaaa’d or something. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA IZAYA!!!!! Though I think he doesn’t seem to be interested on girls. There’s nothing felt worth shipping on their interactions at all (fff she’s only a filler character for Christ’s sake, she doesn’t deserve someone relevant like him) and it only seems like he loves playing only with people to see them commit suicide. And btw, he likes his Shizu-chan, remember? xD *double shot dead*

So it all ends up with the girl jumping from the building, BUT when Izaya thought he succeeded, he was wrong because the Shadow Biker (TM again) came to her rescue and saves the falling girl with her uhm, shadow-y powers. It’s like she can transform shadows to any form, which is so awesome! So yeah, the girl was like given a second life already and she realized, with the help of the Shadow Biker, that her actions will only lead her to nowhere. So heroic tbh <3

She’s living her life to the fullest now that she realized her past actions were wrong and worth regretting for. Now she shows love to her parents, tries to do well in school, and simply continue living in a positive way.

This scene opens up to another storyline for sure, and it has something to do with Anri, Seiji, and Seiji’s problem to stop going to school and the reason why. Just like what I said before, I think it’s about his girlfriend or something, I guess it’s revolving the girl with him on the OP/the girl with the mark around her neck, and the events that took place on episode one before Mikado bumped into that girl. Though I wonder why Anri seems concerned, maybe she likes Seiji?

Moving on, we have the Shadow Biker meeting up with Izaya this time to confront him. She suspects that Izaya’s the one who caused the previous similar incident as well, which Izaya denies. One thing I gotta wonder is how the hell he knows and contacts her? It kinda ruins the “urban legened” aura of the Shadow Biker’s character.

Btw, I lol’d hard when Izaya first said “Are you a member of the Justice League now?” to the biker xDDDD. IZAYA’S SO HILARIOUS XDDDDD;;; He’s so awesome~



I love this episode.. oh wait, I LOVE THIS SHOW SFM! Everything’s mysterious and intriguing yet awesome at the same time! Everything about it is just cool. Itstill gives me a little bit of Persona vibes up until now, maybe because of the very hip and urban setting matched lots of characters and psychological problems of people.

The story-telling is definitely awesome, as expected from the creators of Baccano!. Though it’s not entirely like Baccano!, it’s still refreshing to see an anime like this. It’s events during events, and each episode includes a re-telling of how it all happened. Lots of characters having each of their own story, that ties on a bigger story, I seriously love it. Btw, Miyuki Sawashiro did an excellent job on narrating as well.

What intrigues me is how this show is called a “twisted love story” though. We might be getting some couplings soon, I guess. Seeing a blushing Mikado to Anri is so cute! I won’t really mind to ship them because awkward meets timid would be nice. Though it’s still early to tell and it might be misleading. Maybe it’s only twisted with Seiji and the girl.

Who made this episode 100% pure awesomeness is none other than Izaya. I actually find the central character in this episode boring (oh yeah Rio, I remember her name now). Izaya and his twisted personality is just awesome to watch. I can’t wait for Shizuo next episode!! DO WANT SHIZUO!!!

>> More Screencaps!

P.S. – here’ s the cool PV for the ED theme, “Trust Me” by Yuya Matsushita :kyaa2:



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29 Responses to “Durarara!! – 02”

  1. Xiao says:

    Izaya pretty much OWNED this episode by just being his awesome twisted self. And I think his treatment toward filler girl was mild compared to how it will be towards his future victims. He’s such a mind rapist. But a SEXAY mind rapist. <3

    lol, I'd be dying if Seiji got another admirer with all these other incredibly hawter guys roaming around Ikebukuro. He's not material worth ogling over…and there's the family complexes, too. Oi…


    And “Trust Me” PV is so friggin’ hawt and the smex! KYAAA!!! YUYA-KUUUUUNN!!!!!! :kyaa: :kyaa: :kyaa:

  2. Eri says:

    Yesh! He owned the episode COMPLETELY just by existing! I totally wuv Izaya and his my personal TOP OF FAVORITES from now on and on and on and on… And yeah I wanna Shizu too! Also, a Shizu x Izaya battle Shizu x Izaya is enough XD would be AWESOME!!! Well, I guess that will happen but not for now…
    Mikado blushing? Errmm…WTF…yeah wanna! But not with Anri; where’s my yaoi XD Mwuhahahahahaha And more Celty as well! Seriously, dudette ROCKS! Of course, I’d wish she wasn’t so clumsy (remember how many times she got it in the 1st episode?) but I guess it can’t be helped; I would have been like that too if I was missing my head XD
    Finally I’d like to make some comments…
    What exactly did you mean with his “bang” finger OMG I’m such a pervert
    And secondly… “I think he doesn’t seem to be interested on girls” plz don’t give hopes Is my yaoi here yet? :O

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Just forget everything I said xD I expect you to blog the whole series I DO wanna .gifs of Izaya crushing phones (remember the PV?!?)

  3. Shi says:

    Kyaaaa— IZAYA-SAMA!! Raburaburabu~~ He is just fabulous character, I love his behavior ;w;
    I want to see my Shizu-chan nao~ >w< I bet he's as awesome as Izaya! And they both make an awesome OTP~~ Ahhhh why everything about this show is awesome?! <3333
    Okay, moving on to episode. I love the way of storytelling, it was a big surprise that it showed the story of some minor character. But because of her we got to see Celty’s personality(it seemed like, totally different from what it was in the 1st ep!) and Izaya of course <33
    Thank you for making these awesome .gifs, by the way! =v=

  4. Mikuru says:

    I love this episode! :oha:
    I love Shizuo! :cute:
    I love Durarara! :runs:

  5. Jamie says:

    I love Durarara! :aww:

  6. meteorhouse62 says:

    Awesomesauce ep!

    Surprising to see Celty (Shadown rider) having a soft heroic spot. And I agree, the story-telling is ahh-mazing!

    • meteorhouse62 says:

      oops. I meant shadow rider*

      and I must also add that Izaya’s awesome indeed.
      Looking forward to the next episode!

  7. CyberPixie says:

    izaya is fcuking awesome

  8. kuku311 says:

    This episode sure is full of Izaya and Izaya and Izaya :14:

    And did you see the pic love in the chalkboard?? Even the class approve MikadoxAnri :kyaa2:
    Can’t wait for the next episode :ohohoho:

  9. kewldude says:

    K Im a guy and I still like the way Izaya acts. That coolness should be had by all the other main chars in other anime 😀

    All the characters are interesting as hell XD and i totally agree with on all the other points as well heh

    Other than that, simply fabulous anime!!!!

    I LOVE IT! ^_^

  10. fenixdown110 says:

    I approve. Win in my book.

  11. LuluChan92 says:

    This show got instant approval from me from episode 1, but even if it didn’t, this episode is PURE WIN anyway!

    And, yeah, Izaya is LOVE!!!

  12. Tara says:

    Izaya = epically awesome kyaable character :kyaa2:
    I also can’t wait to see more of Shizu-chan ^^ Definitely the best series this season, and the ED PV was hawt!

  13. CyberPixie says:

    AAAAAAAAAA IZAYAAAAAAAAA :kyaa2: :kyaa2: :blush2:

  14. rain says:

    ahahah xD so many izaya fan girls!

    but man durarara is soo amazing X3333 best of winter 2010!

  15. anaaga says:

    *nosebleed* OMG IZAYA!! he looks so fuckin sexy! especially the jacket thing @ that gif
    izaya = win
    izaya & shizuo = my new OTP. i disapprove any other izaya OTP except with shizuo 8D

  16. hannah says:

    izaya… OMG you are amazing, i love you XO :nosebleeds:
    was really entertained by OnoD’s voice, who knew itsuki could get so rough? :love: XD
    anrixmikado, gosh so cute X3 :kyaa2:

  17. hannah says:

    can’t forget about you, either shinra! fukuyamajun makes you such an awesome/WIN character. :kyaa2: :love: :cute: :blush2:

  18. lazysamurai says:

    lol crazy fan-chicks! :kyaa: keep up the happiness :thumb:

    I just get the feeling Izaya really doesn’t care about anything at all except his personal and mysterious agenda.
    He creeps me out really.. i guess he reminds me a bit of my sometimes evil(?)-nature. :ohohoho:

    let’s hope the story stays interesting! sometimes they really know how to f*ck up animes..

  19. max says:

    Durarara!!! HD mkv torrent

  20. “IZAYA IS LOVE!”
    –> totally xD oh he’s so awesome, fangurls couldn’t get enough of him. Kyaaaa!

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