The Book of Bantorra – 12

Awesome pimp.

That was one heck of an awesome episode! I definitely enjoyed it. Matt is a pimp even before and his love at first sight on Hamyuts just because “she has such nice breasts” is lulz. And speaking of Hamy boobage, we’ve got lots this episode -__-.

I also find it intriguing that Hamy (nicknamed by Matt) is still as mysterious as ever even on flashbacks. For I thought she’s just naive before with glasses on, and oh boy I was so wrong, she’s… still as crazy. What is clear about her though is apart from herself being a masochist, she doesn’t lie. So when she said the only person who doesn’t want to kill her was Matt, it really means that she likes him. Damn Matt, one lucky man being with Hamy as a couple for years.

Overall it’s really an entertaining episode, from Matt and Hamy making loveydovey (darn why did the barn scene got cut off?!) to Hamyuts being her usual war machine-killing spree self. Though I gotta say that she was really cute when she isn’t on her psycho mode.

Hamy’s’ real intention is still kept a mystery now. I’m very curious on knowing what is it and more of the “secret of the world” stuff. But it seems like it’ll get dragged out for more since next episode we’ll have Mirepoc

Going over with the future of this series, there are new seiyuus annouced (yeah, more characters). Quite big names are added, and I can’t wait how their characters would play on with the story:

Ninia – Noto Mamiko
Ruruta – Sakurai Takahiro

Yukizona – Konishi Katsuyuki
Yuri – Satō Rina

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2 Responses to “The Book of Bantorra – 12”

  1. Xiao says:

    *bangs head on wall repeatedly*

    …ok, I’ll hold out a bit longer to find out more of Hamyuts’s background and the additional cast. Keep adding more and I’ll stay with it till the end. xD;

    But lol, Matt always wears a tux, doesn’t he? xD

  2. young Hamyuts is :nosebleeds:
    but turns out that she’s psycho from the start +___+
    Anyway, I’m hoping for new op and ed XDD

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