The Book of Bantorra – 10/11


Mama’s Boy

Nice arc. Less confusing and inconsistent as the previous ones, but still crazy. That’s something to expect every week with this show, actually. The action could have been better though, but it’s still pretty awesome.

Mokkania was a pretty nice character fleshed out in just two episodes. But then again, he’s an obvious filler that I must admit that it’s pretty sad he took his own life. I’m pretty sure Hamyuts would definitely give Mokkania a chance to live. Though at the same time, I can’t help but agree with Hamyuts that they’re really dumb people lol. If she’s in a sofa right now watching this show again, she’ll probably just laugh and point out how shallow these characters and their story are.

I like how they brought back a little bit of Colio and the other two meats in here, it made me thought about them going back since I’m anticipating a bit more of Colio and Shiron’s romance. I don’t know if this will have something to do later on with the series or it’ll be just completely unrelated… maybe about the fake mom there’ll be. This show likes putting on background to background characters. But I must say that the fake mom had the best female character design in this show imo.

It’s nice to see the other characters’ powers too. The granny meido has such awesome powers to take control of time! And also, there’s Feekiee. I lol’d at him because I’m sure no one wants to die just like that immediately when it’s the first time they’re getting some real screentime. lulz. Even Hamyuts didn’t care ^^;

I’m looking forward to the next episode dammit! We’re going into some Hamyuts background, as well as Matt‘s too. These two seems like they had something on the past, maybe something romantic (and/or just fanservice)? I also noticed how Hamyuts looks too innocent and an airhead on the past, judging from the preview. It’ll be interesting to see how she turned into one crazy monster.

Anyway, this show is confirmed to have 27 episodes. Episode 14 is a recap episode, and I simply hate recap episodes so I might just skip that. Episode 27 is a DVD-exclusive episode only.

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4 Responses to “The Book of Bantorra – 10/11”

  1. fenixdown110 says:

    I’m looking forward to the next one too. Hamyuts must really had a wake up call and some major PTSD happen to her.

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    Mokkania was awesome. So sad he died :[
    Also looking forward to next ep. Matt and Hamyuts… interesting.

  3. Xiao says:

    Srsly?! 27 episodes?! O.O;;;
    Augh, I really wanted this to end at 13 or 14 or whatever. Held it out for this long after Colio just to see if it’ll renew my interest but not really. And now Mokkania is gone, too. *sigh* Why don’t they kill of the annoying ones first? DX

    Anyways, aww, I really wish I could have seen more of Mokkania in action. Killing him off was pretty dumb, imo, as I they could have done so much more with his story and the fake mom but oh well. 🙁

    Guess I’ll watch the next ep to see what megane!Hamy and nekkid Matt is all about.

  4. TJ says:

    This show is 27 episodes long? Cool.

    Yeah looking forward to the episodes about Harmyuts. always wondered how she became the somewhat wicked and cold-blooded person she is today.

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