New Code Geass Project?


“New Code Geass Project Launch Green-lit! Wait for more info in 2010!!”

What the…? HOW?

UPDATE: Project revealed.

Ok, details were slightly revealed and it’ll be a new manga series to run in Shounen Ace. It’s title Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya and is set on the Edo period. What we know is that CC will be back and there’s gonna be a new character named Renya (he looks a bit like Lelouch). Renya looks like he has some cyber arm (in Edo period… right). And oh, apparently the other guy in the second pic below looks like a very fem version of Lelouch too (with long hair). Looking forward for more details to be revealed. As long as I know CC is back I have no complaints yet.

Who knows if it’ll be adapted to an anime sometime in the future too?





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28 Responses to “New Code Geass Project?”

  1. duckofdeath87 says:

    Can someone translate what that says, o does that really just say that there is news in 2010?

    I hope this is as awesome as the rest of CG! Also, I hope it ain’t a movie or the nightmare of nunally.

    • From what I know and from what it says can translate in an easy way, “there will be more CG awaiting a head.”
      This isn’t explaining much what is coming but it’ll be more geass to take over all over again. Though it aren’t confirm or announce anything further than saying they are really going to make more CG. I have a feeling it’s an OVA coming with C.C’s story since I strongly believes at the last picture of C.C in the last episode of R2 at the ending credit hinted something. But I can be truly wrong at this theory XD!

      • duckofdeath87 says:

        Thanks Mimiko. That is a solid theory. C.C. seems to have a lot of back story that we don’t know. I want more than an OVA though. As long as it has the same feel as CG!

  2. Xiao says:


  3. mikaino says:

    Oh no. How will they revive these mecha babies since the ending was so country-ish? Let’s just find out after a few months or so..

  4. meteorhouse62 says:


  5. grace says:

    oooh jesus, this is the new Inuyasha, the new never ending series

  6. wildfire808 says:

    please no. if this turns into One Piece or Narutard, it gets removed from my top 10 list.

    if its a movie……I AM PUMPED UPPPPPPPPP!

  7. Catchie says:

    They should keep Show ▼

    … I’m already fine with the second season.

  8. fenixdown110 says:

    Show ▼

    I saw this coming when it ended. lol I don’t know how, but I did.

  9. Daywish says:

    Show ▼

    Whatever it is… I can’t wait for it!!

  10. Kairu says:


  11. hybrid-stanza says:

    Damn I’ll be pissed if *youknowwho* still ends up *youknowwhat*. I was already fine with how CG R2 turned out. Probably it only turned “good” by the final episode.

  12. LuluChan92 says:

    Wow… Nobody likes Lelouch here, do you?…!!!

    Well, I definately agree with @wildfire808, I hate the never-ending consept, but for an OVA I’m in!!!

  13. Lacri says:

    While I fully believe Lelouch is alive, the anime ia perfect as is.

    We don’t need more!

    Unless its a movie. Movies are nice.

  14. BlackLagoon187 says:

    i honestly believe lelouch is dead since he got stabbed dead centre meaning it got his spine as well which therefore means he is dead unless they come up with some retarded explanation…
    so it might be c.c.’s story which i’m fine with

  15. CyberPixie says:

    i’m fine with either movie or season3, it’ll be very great to have more CODE GEASSSSS!!!

  16. Wave says:

    Oo.. More Code Geass.. Will Be Waiting For This.. Since The 2nd Season Got Me Occupied For Quite A While..

  17. Eri says:

    *Facepalms* Oh noes…

    (BTW I like never-ending concepts 😳 )

  18. zetsubou says:

    LELOUCH IS DEAD. as much as i hate his death he is dead. how do you pull this off? but if it’s C.C.’s story it’s ok!

  19. fenixdown110 says:

    So it’s not a new series, but a manga instead. That makes more sense.

  20. CyberPixie says:

    to be honest, i’m VERY DISAPPOINTED!

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