Anime Status – November 09


Anime Status for November!! Yosh~

Oh lol the Stats for this month is definitely crazy~ Some shows that had such high spots, even those who made it in the upper half and the top 10 had fell down hard, while those that are much likely near the bottom last month skyrocketed a lot, so get ready for some surprises ^^. The first half was composed of such lame shows, so I’m gonna add a huge gap with it to the top ten. The top ten were fine, but not really that amazing, but like I said earlier, the Top 10 packs a few surprises ^^. The number one spot is quite obvious since that show is definitely and obviously the best show of the season hands down. I’ll also include some OVA/OADs in the countdown, as usual. New shows added, while there are also some that I dropped.

Dropped from last month/haven’t watched any single ep this month:

– Seiken no Blacksmith
– Seitokai no Ichizon
– Kampfer
– Kiddy Girl -And
– InuYasha (I keep missing it on Animax.. orz)

I thought I would drop more than those but it seems like things had gotten better for some so I have no choice but to continue some of them. That rounds up this list to have 20 shows ^^.

Anyway, let’s go on with the list~!

down20: Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 2 -dropping-


>> Last Month: 19 | Peak: 19

Disastrous. Disappointing because I thought the second season would focus more on Yuuto and Haruka’s relationship but they keep making every girl in this show wh0res on Yuuto’s harem and like, WTF.. And I hate how the household “helps” Yuuto but they always end up being the fucking cockblockers. This shit is officially irrelevant and I won’t be wasting time anymore with it.

new 19: Maiden Rose -OVA-


>> Re-entry OVA | Peak: 10

WTF is with the animation in this yaoi? Really cringe-worthy xD. I just can’t take this one very seriously tbh… There’s also close to none sex scenes in this OVA. I thought that the first one was hotter. Again, the best part has got to be the chibi extra. I always enjoy that~ So cute <33.

new 18: Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei -OAD-


>> New Entry OVA

Boring OAD. Seriously, I felt like fast-forwarding every scene and I almost felt asleep. I also found the jokes in this one quite dull. Overall, skippable OAD that isn’t anything big if missed.

down17: 11eyes -dropping-


>> Last Month: 11 | Peak: 11

Ugh. I can’t fiind anything worth watching or looking forward to every week with this show anymore. It’s like a waste of time watching a crappy eroge adaptation. I should really learn a lesson and keep away from watching these adaptations weekly and keep an eye on them first and see if they’re really worthwhile. Also, gawd the main girls are so annoying. There’s an annoying emo brat and there’s a s!ut. WTF.

down16: FAIRY TAIL -dropping-


>> Last Month: 14 | Peak: 14

Like I said, I’ll just wait to hear Erza and then drop this show. Ok, I’m done with it. Might pick it up again when it’s over to marathon it.

down15: Trapeze


>> Last Month: 10 | Peak: 10

I don’t really get the appeal of this show =__=. I don’t feel anything with its characters, nor get interested with them. I only like the visuals though, and the animal heads are really nice symbolisms. I also like the nurse’s attitude. Might still continue this one but it’s not much of a chore to watch.

down16: Letter Bee


>> Last Month: 06 | Peak: 06

God, I don’t know what to say… This show sucked this month. TOO MUCH CRYING. Lag, it’s ok to cry sometimes but not all the fucking time! Instead of making me feel lonely for Lag, I must admit that I’m actually laughing on him because it’s awkwardly funny. Also, it took a month just to build up one thing for this show. Ugh, the only thing I’m enjoying in this show right now is Niche <3

down14: Umineko no Naku Koro ni


>> Last Month: 02 | Peak: 02

After being so darn close to the top spot, Umineko finds itself falling down really hard, losing 12 spots to 14. Well, this arc had been such a letdown. Too much nonsense (well, more nonsense than what this show is already having) I also lol’d when Shota-taro gets raep’d by the Stakes, and I also don’t get the point why they added another Siesta =_=; I love Juuza though. Ange, I thought I would like her but she turns out to be quite boring… but anyway, it seems like they’re building something awesome since EP4 is a long arc. Hoping it’ll redeem itself this December ^^.

up13: Miracle Train


>> Last Month: 21 | Peak: 13

UNEXPECTEDLY, Miracle Train turns out to be watchable this month. Still lulz though..  but looks like I’ll keep watching it all along. I love how they’re showing a little bit of hints here and there, I hope it would now start to make focus on the Trains boys especially Roppongi.

down12: Nyan Koi


>> Last Month: 09 | Peak: 09

Nyan Koi is a nice show. I really want to hate it so much, but there are still some things that keeps me hanging around with this. How many episodes does this show has? If it’s around 12 I’m keeping this, but no-no if this would last for around 20+.

down11: Kobato


>> Last Month: 07 | Peak: 07

Probably the pic above was Kobato’s face after getting kicked out of the top ten list. Sorry Kobato, I love your super cuteness and light moments, but lately this show had been so DULL DULL DULL.


Seriously, the Top 10 are the only shows that matter.

new 10: White Album Season 2

w 1

>> New Entry

I was really thinking twice about picking up White Album again… and oh boy good thing I caught up with this one. Well, Touya is now becoming School Days’ Makoto’s best friend with his asshole-ness and that’s probably not surprising. What I love is how this show is something I really love to hate so much, so plus points for it being so effective. Btw, Eiji is the star of this show xDD.

down09: Hetalia Axis Powers

h 1

>> Last Month: 08 | Peak: 1

Hetalia was pretty enjoyable on the first half of the month (Russia and his sisters are made of so much win. Belarus = xDD), until we get into the Liechtenstein episodes. Ugh, it’s not even funny DEEN. All episodes with Liechtenstein in them are just as bland and lame as her seiyuu. Oh well, this still gets into the Top ten because of Matthew (Canada), he’s so adorable!!!

new 08: Kuroshitsuji -OVA-


>> New Entry OVA

I enjoyed this OVA to freaking bits xD. Oh Grell, you are so love <33 xDD. I also love Undertaker and Lau’s scene where Lau’s molesting him xD. Lastly, oh my god I was very intrigued when they showed “To be Continued?” at the end of this OVA. GAWD I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEW SEASON/SERIES/WHATEVER!!!

new 07: Bakemonogatari


>> Re-Entry | Peak: 1

I find it funny that what I’ve found really interesting on Tsubasa’s arc is everything NOT Tsubasa. I enjoyed more of Mayoi getting molested by Loliconraragi, and I absolutely enjoyed Senjougahara’s screentime as usual. And then here comes Tsubasa, and I’ve gotten dead bored with the extremely long conversation with him and Araragi. Gawd, at least her neko form seems cool. Looking forward to the next episode, whenever that’ll be.

up06: Sasameki Koto


>> Last Month: 18 | Peak: 06

Yup. Sasameki Koto definitely skyrockets 12 spots up into the number 6 spot. You know why, because it definitely started off dull, but as it goes, specially this month, it turns out to be such gold. This month is definitely awesome for Sasameki Koto. The trap twist was so hilarious xDD. “Akemi” gives Mariya (+Holic) a run for the money on best trap of the year in my year-end post right now xD. I’m also liking Sumika more than I thought I would be at first look. Overall, this yuri show is just entertaining to bits and it keeps staying strong until now.




stay05: Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra


>> Last Month: 05 | Peak: 05

Lots of characters, lots of storyline, lots of really confusing stuff, but that definitely keeps Bantorra at the top 5. It could have worked on with the layering of stories and the coherence, but I guess this show is such a breath of fresh air. I’m loving Matt btw. He’s such an awesome character. I hope they’ll show up a funny extra on how he got dumped by Hamyuts xDD. Btw, where’s Volken now??

down04: Darker Than Black 2: Comet of Gemini


>> Last Month: 01 | Peak: 01

DtB bids farewell on the top spot this month because I must say that I felt that this month isn’t as much as amazing as the previous. Well, I’m happy that we got a little bit of Yin and all (possibly Hei shaves next ep.. omg please) but this season has a very limited episode count, and with all that’s happening, I don’t know now. The latest episode was a bit good though, so after all the build-up on the past weeks, I’m sure that DtB will blow us all away with what’ll happen next.

stay03: Kimi ni Todoke


>> Last Month: 03 | Peak: 03

I swear I would make KnT on a tie with the number 1 holder if all episodes this month were like the latest two. I absolutely enjoyed episodes 7 and 8 to bits. Episode 7 might be one of my favorite episodes in the entire Fall season so far to be honest. I also LOVELOVELOVE how Hirano Aya voices Kurumi. But let’s not forget the lame drama earlier that felt really ‘meh’… Overall, KnT still continues to be great and gives off a really awesome feeling when watching it (hey, 3 is still a very high spot!)

up02: Sora no Otoshimono


>> Last Month: 15 | Peak: 02

OMG. Yeah, who knew this was coming?? xD. Sora no Otoshimono turns out to be one of my favorite shows this season, and I generally HATE fanservice shows. This one has got to be a well-done fanservice show. Let’s face it, when you’re making an anime adaptation of some pointless ecchi show, you better make it stand out among the other craptons out there… and Sora no Otoshimono has it. Some things were just straight-on stupid, but I must say that Kampfer, Haruka and such are irrelevant compared to this. Consistently fantastic animation, a side shipping to ride on (I love the senpais so much, they’re awesome!) and it gives me a good giggle.

up01: Aoi Bungaku


>> Last Month: 04 | Peak: 01

Well obviously this is the best show of the season, and Aoi Bungaku deserves the top spot bar none. The first one is my least favorite arc, but it’s still fantastic. Then here comes the second arc, and it was a total mindscrew. Very awesome. The third arc comes, and then the way of storytelling was just mind blowing. Now we’re at the fourth story, and it seems like it’ll be the best arc yet. There should be more like this. Aoi Bungaku is a total gem this seaon, if not, this year.



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19 Responses to “Anime Status – November 09”

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  2. Faer1edust says:

    Nogizaka Haruka 2 is crap. ‘Nuff said 😉

    I’m really surprised that four shows from the top ten last month dropped down really hard right now. Well, I quite agree with you a bit on Letter Bee because the crying totally got into my nerves. Nyan Koi had been too harem-y but I still watch it for the cat cuteness~

    ”’orz. I must go and watch Aoi Bungaku already *loser*

  3. Sylph says:

    Sora no Otoshimono FTW.

  4. janine9 says:

    my list:
    5 – Kobato
    4 – Umineko
    3 – DtB2
    2 – Hetalia
    1 – Kimi ni Todoke

    Kimi ni Todoke is the best :love:

  5. mangas says:

    […] here to see the original:  Anime Status – November 09 « METANORN Tags: among-the-other, anime, ecchi-show, must-say, other-craptons, otoshimono, some-pointless, […]

  6. Didn’t quite agree with Umineko, but that’s just me and my taste. And thanks to this post I realized I’ve missed Kuroshitsuji OVA *head to TT*

  7. Kiseki says:

    Blacksmith is definitely worth watching…at least, episode 9. xD; I don’t usually watch it, but that made me fangirl so hard.

    Also, I don’t remember last month, but did you finally drop Reborn? I think it was getting to the part where it was getting crappy(er) (Choice is definite shit, what happens after Choice is awesome…but maybe I’m just biased toward anything Uni).

    Might pick it up again when it’s over to marathon it.

    It will never be over so that will never happen. -shot-

    I absolutely love Liechtenstein and her strips, but I have to admit that having them animated is a bit bland and boring. :/

    Kimi ni Todoke~ <333

  8. Ryuk says:

    Sora no Otoshimono is the only fanservice show this season that matters.

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  10. meteorhouse62 says:

    Can’t agree with your top five even more. They’re all great. Umineko, not much and I agree it was quite a let down, so I won’t mind it dropping into the top ten now that there are so much awesome stuff this month.

  11. Shi says:

    I sort of liked Liechtenstein in comic strips, but in anime she and her seiyuu are boring =^=
    At the beginning of the autumn season I thought that I would enjoy many shows, but I ended up dropping most of the stuff I was watching, like Letter Bee, Kobato, Miracle Train, NyanKoi. I’ll marathon them maybe someday.
    After your list I thought that I really need to go watch Sora no Otoshimono though~ and Aoi Bungaku, “”orz.
    I guess my top five is like that atm:
    1. DtB2
    2. Pandora Hearts DVD specials (lol)
    3. Kimi ni Todoke
    4. Umineko
    5. Hetalia

  12. plunge says:

    Kobato should have been lower on the list. That show sucks =/

    I need to catch up on White Album 2 XD. Is that Eiji on the picture? Epic :XD:

    Liecht makes Hetalia boring :red:

    and omg I wasn’t aware that there’s an OVA for Kuroshitsuji *runs off to watch now* I also need to check out Aoi Bungaku too. :runs:

  13. issa-sa says:

    What, there’s a new Maiden Rose OVA?! Oh, no smex? *Nyeh*

    I only watched the eps of Aoi Bungaku with Nana-chan (WIN!), but I might give it another go. And Yumeiro Patissiere WHERE???

  14. Xiao says:

    Ah, fall is starting to decay…how sad. Have to agree with you on quite a few of the shows below 10. Too much slow pointless crap dragging along but I still watch them cuz they’re my picks over the others I’m marathoning other past stuff, too, so yea, keeping myself busy. xD;

    Bakemonogatari 14 will neeeeevvvveeerrrr come, will it? T.T

    And waaah! KnT gets a high spot! Hurray! Hope it gets interesting from this week on now that Kurumi is in the picture. I mean, more drama (NOOO!!!) but I prefer that over the stupid rumor arc.

    Adding Aoi Bungaku to my marathon list. I had no idea this was in the lineup feh, that’s a lie *smacked* xD; but if you say it’s good, then I’ll check it out. ^^

  15. notsundere4u says:


    Why is there no love here for “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun?”

    It is the only show of this horrid anime season I am most likely to view in its entirety. “Railgun” is unfortunately shaping up to be a kind of “don’t take drugs” story, but the comedy and the way the four girls have become close friends have been a pleasure to watch.

    If you fellas are not watching this, I strongly recommend you do.

  16. Lacri says:

    Ah, the Kuroshitsuji OVA was finally subbed? Now I can finally understand the hilarity of the scenes~

    -Goes to watch-

  17. […] seeing the latest episodes (from some blogs), it kind of wavered from the original plot and like Kanzie said, every girl feels like a part of Yuuto’s harem when the series isn’t supposed to […]

  18. Alex says:

    Some quick thoughts:

    11eyes would’ve been better if the plot has been fleshed out early on and the characters, especially the one named Yuka, get killed…brutally. 😆 Trapeze, I find very nice, especially clever with the “resolutions” and the overlapping episodes. The structure of the show never ceases to impress me. I also like Nyan Koi!, sans the horrible latest episode. I love how the characters interact, how their relationship stretches and blurs somewhere along the line, and how it has an actual plot (albeit forced on the backseat). Kobato’s only saving grace is Fujimoto, who hits it right on the head when he bluntly tells the titular character that she inconveniences people.

    Such a shame “adult animé” is underrated; Aoi Bungaku is simply stunning, and I agree with you 100% that it deserves the top spot. A few of my acquaintances say it’s because I’ve read/studied most novels that I can appreciate the series as a whole. Truth be told, the adaptation really isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s still good, with its own twists in things (i.e., Kokoro). Even as a standalone, I think it shines. We differ in favorite, though; Ningen Shikaku is my pick. Sakura no Mori is disappointing — the forced humor is THE mindscrew, imo. Nana Mizuki’s singing is probably the only good thing here, at least capturing a bit of the creepy feeling in the novel. In short, the arc lacks dramatic impact and is just plain sloppy. The ending isn’t bad, though. Kokori is overall the best by far, easily surpassing even Ningen Shikaku with its adaptation. The flow of the story is neat, beautiful, and very much engaging. I love that they’ve presented an episode in K’s POV, how the use of colors emphasize oujou-san’s effect on K, how smooth the storytelling is. The most amazing arc, really (but still, not my favorite). Hashire, Melos is the most superbly animated so far, and the presentation is very promising — looks like another winner. With a less…disturbing…theme, more people would -hopefully- give the whole series a chance. Think I’ve pimped this awesomely edgy show hard enough? 😉

    Nods to Kimi ni Todoke and Bantorra being on the top 5. My own personal “me likey” list would probably include Railgun somewhere.

    On a sidenote: Animax! orz I would totally love to have that on my cable, but Sky Cable Select failed me. :huhu:

  19. […] seeing the latest episodes (from some blogs), it kind of wavered from the original plot and like Kanzie said, every girl feels like a part of Yuuto’s harem when the series isn’t supposed to […]

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