Amuro Namie ft. Amuro Ray – Defend Love (PV)


OMG that was just EPIC. Shaking and spazzing irl right now because of pure glorious awesomeness~ Two Amuro’s, together in a music video to honor Gundam’s 30th anniversary. It just can’t get any more awesome. Sunrise was behind the music video btw. “DL” seems like a follow-up from her other animated music video “DR“, which expands messages against environmental destruction and futile wars. Watch it above before somebody takes it off youtube!


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5 Responses to “Amuro Namie ft. Amuro Ray – Defend Love (PV)”

  1. Krint22 says:

    Namie Amuro and Ray Amuro. Can’t be any more awesome. Great video 😀

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    Now I feel like marathoning Mobile Suit Gundam again after watching the vid. Brought back all the good times~

  3. Xiao says:

    Double the Amuro for double the epic awesomeness.
    Srsly, y so awesome? X3333

    I need this song now and to watch the original. XDDD

  4. Mytho says:

    Love the music and the vid. Amuros ftw 😉

  5. Ashe says:

    Just an amazing song. I can’t get enough of it. x3

    Still, I wonder what Amuro asked/said to Namie, though…

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