The Book of Bantorra – 05


Get drunk and have amnesia…


New OP animation for the show. This one’s definitely way more awesome than the first one with lots of animated scenes this time and we’re getting some action as well. Cool visuals as well (most awesome part = Hamyuts’ boobs and blood. lol). We still have Colio and Shiron in this OP as well so I wonder if they will show up again in some flashbacks or anything, or maybe they are behind a huge major arc in the story later on. So yeah, hopefully the previous episode won’t be the last of them. The song’s still the same by ALI PROJECT… Urm, yeah, hope it’ll grow on me =_=;;


Moving on with the episode, it was a bit of a turn-around from intense last week to some Mirepoc going doki-doki over Volken. Lots of funny stuff in this episode as well, like Mirepoc being OOC when drunk, having her jacket inside-out, and the library scene where she opens a book about a couple. There’s also flashbacks with a young Volken, and a Matt with long hair back then. Not to mention all of Mirepoc missing Volken and some past moments, but before everything gets annoying, she decides to delete her memories about him. I liked the twist, because we all know that when a someone loses her love in anime, there is so much angst lasting on for several episodes which gets too annoying. In Mirepoc’s case, she goes taking off her memory about Volken immediately. It can be either stupid, clever or wimpy, but that alone proves that this show is simply unusual.

About Mirepoc, I find her meh, probably my fourth favorite girl after Hamyuts, Shiron and the brown girl. Mirepoc seems like a damsel-in-distress, or she’ll be like that… well I hope she’s not. I like Hamyuts Meseta best, and Hamyuts indeed grew not her boobs, but her awesomeness in just an episode or two. It’s still interesting though that the lead characters in here differs a lot, next episode, it seems like we’ll have a lot of Noloty next episode (and Zero, too), that and probably more of Volken and Mirepoc. Hope they’ll show where Volken is already.

Aah, this show continues to be impressive nonetheless. Looking forward to what will happen next. It’s just getting more and more awesome as I say “Ylucklucu” more. “Ylucklucu”, “Ylucklucu”, “Ylucklucu”, …


P.S. – Mokania is awesome… and it only took 30 seconds of screentime and a lollipop.

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3 Responses to “The Book of Bantorra – 05”

  1. fenixdown110 says:

    The romance book part was hilarious. Her reaction was just epic. :XD:

  2. Xiao says:

    I love the new animation for the OP (lol, first time actually sitting through and listening to the whole song b/c of it). And seeing Colio and Shiron gives me a lot of hopes but reality tells me it won’t happen. NOOO! COLIOOO~! T_T

    Well, anyways, the only thing I found amusing about Mirepoc in this ep was when she practically begged to have her feelings for Volken erased so it doesn’t get in the way of her job. Gotta give her points for her willingness at least but she and grasshead are still idiots (and love will probably break the spell, blahblahblah).
    I’d care more for her if she was an actual guy. 😛

    Curious to see what Noloty will do next ep. And agrees~, Mokania = awesome. x3

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