Kimi ni Todoke – 07


Go home, take a shit, and go to bed!


With the three girls finally reconciled and cleaned what needs to get fixed in their relationship, it’s time for them to hang out. Sawako gets a phone call that she’ll go out with Yoshida and Yano, since their ramen plan failed last time.


It’s so cute how Sawako’s parents are so overhyped about their daughter finally hanging out with others xDD;


I lol’d when Sawako’s father wondered if she’ll go out with a guy or a girl while her mom’s like, “I don’t know~~~” xD;


Hang-out tiem~


Ramen!!! So yummy~


Ryuu!!! Well, this is his place~


D’aww~ Ramen tastes better with friends, right Sawako? D’aaawwwww


They just raided Ryuu’s room like that, lol.


Yano already has a boyfriend on college. I hope we get to more of her some time soon too. I really like Yano because she’s someone I could see myself in.


“Don’t worry, you’ll understand the dazzling world of adults soon.”/Yano. Wow this girl is something.


Moving on to Yoshida, we get back to her beating 99 guys. The reason why it didn’t reached a hundred is none other than…


Ryuu. Lucky guy~




*melts into a puddle*


Lol at Sawako mistaking Ryuu and Yoshida as lovers xD. Don’t worry sweetie we’ll get to that~


Ok, so Yoshida and Ryuu gets brotherly treatment from each other xDD.


Yano’s definitely the most ‘normal’ one in this group of crazy people xD


Yay moar slice-of-life fun~


Ryuu’s having his harem night xDD;


Little Kazehaya~ he’s his brother


Kyaaa~ Kazehaya goes moe-moe again (GAWD NMKW VOICING HIM IS JUST MOE-MOE <3) when he gets a call from the gang and asks him to come over their place.


Yoshida on middle school. Same eyes xD.


Ryuu back then. Same everything xDD;


Do you want to see Kazehaya-kun back then? Well don’t look anywhere because he’s that guy above! xD..


Kazehaya probably got his man moe powers because he’s from a hidden team on OoFuri.




…not Ryuu’s type.


Ryuu is so straightforward with his types and all xD;


Hahahahahaha xDDDDD; Sawako x Ryuu do not want. Seriously. Next..


Yano and Yoshida are pure win~


Awwww~ You guys should stop teasing Kazehaya! Yano and Yoshida, you meanie!! Poor is guy blushing again! So moe~ Oh wait on second thought, go on and tease him xD


Where did all the light and sparkles came from?! Wow, I never knew Ryuu’s room has a lights show.


Huggles huggles~ Poor Kazehaya can’t do it. Btw, look at Ryuu behind the three xDD;


Yano is so awesome for playing with Kazehaya xDD;


“Oh man, the prince is upset! I’ve found something really fun!”/Yano. Well, yuri teasing IS fun. That’s why Yano is epic.


Here comes Pin to the party! This dude is just random.


“You should all go home, take a shit, and go to bed!”/Pin. Wow, this teacher really has a heart for his students, don’t he?


Ok. This definitely gives a huge proof on why Kazehaya is an uke.

1. Ryuu is obviously a seme to Kazehaya proven on the previous episode.
2. Blush + looking at Pin in this episode.
3. Even Yoshida is seme compared to Kazehaya.


Oh Pin. Words can’t express how much you’re so win. OMAIGAWDRHYMINGLOLOLOL


Look at Ryuu behind Sawako in this pic above xDDDD;


Sawako is an effective adviser. She needs to have a lifestyle show~


Sawako is so pretty… Not only in this screencap, but always. I really don’t get all the Sadako stuff on her. And anyway, Sadako has no bangs =__=;


This is why I find this episode just awesome and way way better than the previous ones. No silly drama, just fluffy friendship bonding~


Sawako smiling… So pretteh~


Yano and Yoshida are shippers, that’s why they are so awesome.


It’s so amusing to just tease these two together~ “You go gentleman!”/Yano and Yoshida xD


Lol Pin y u do dis? O_O Always annoying Yano eh? xD But gosh I really find the interactions of these two hilarious.


Yoshida really acts like a guy friend to Ryuu xD. Btw, she takes back the question about Ryuu’s type, and Ryuu answers that his type is just bland and simple.


Lol Yoshida you brickhead you~~ Thinking it was Sawako, you silly~!


RYUU’S G*DDARN SMILING OMGOMG *melts to a puddle moar*




Blushing Chizu followed by a huge “HMPF!” was total lulz. Fufufu~~


Sweet sweet couple going home under the starry starry sky~

Overall, this is a really nice episode, better compared to the previous weeks. They should really make more of this slice-of-life fluff fun than the boring misunderstanding drama. So yup~ I enjoyed this episode miles more than the last three weeks. Some stuff are totally relatable especially how the characters act. Yano and Yoshida are still as amusing as ever. Ryuu is really awesome for sure. Pin… Idk what to say to him xDD;; Well, Kazehaya is still as adorable as ever. I’ve actually never seen a lead male on shoujo to be as adorable and cute on the same league as the female. Sawako is still someone I can say “Dawwww” to, and it’s nice how she’s hanging out with friends now. Yeah, can’t wait for the next episode!! xox.

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8 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke – 07”

  1. Saif says:


  2. Faer1edust says:

    I really love this episode!!!! :kyaa2:
    It’s really fun to see Knt in a brighter way, compared to the past weeks, which was all about drama. Now we have slice-of-life fun~ Ryuu and Yoshida makes me giggle so much with all the hints. And call me weird but I’m shipping Yano and Pin in a way too xD. Kazehaya is still as moe as ever (lol he’s reaching and maybe passing the moe-levels of Sawako herself xD)

    Great episode :thumb:

  3. issa-sa says:

    LOL, when they first showed Kazehaya’s brother I immediately thought “GOSH, THEY’VE MADE HIM EVEN MORE MOEEE-EER!!!!”
    And Ryuu rocked this entire episode, he’s such an awesome show stealer XD

  4. Ryan A says:

    Great stuff here. No doubt <3++++ Yano… (she stole mah heart in 5). Ryu XD … this mix was just so awesome this episode. Great feel to it all. And you're right, I felt so much more love for this ep than previous ones; innocent, feel-good vibe is win.

  5. FrostJoke says:

    WOW!. To think, this episode is by far the best, making episode 6 to my 2nd place of “Cute K-n-T Moments” — Why ep6? Well, can’t you see Kazehaya as a cute guy in the stairs doing the “hmpffff”? KYAAAAAAAA~.

    Another WOW!, it just makes me feel a nice tandem would be Kazehaya X Ryu! AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!, Ryu is really so cute in this episode, how I wish my Saturday Nights is spent like that.

    MY Last WOW!, Damn! Ryu makes me go OMFGROFLMAOLOL! all the way, he really IS cute, and to think that he somewhat said it to chizu!, I was expecting her to cry again, to think she was so emotional in the previous eps.

  6. zetsubou says:

    i heard that there is a live action… is this true?? anyway… this kind of shows really make my eyes glued to the screen… i love the teasing parts! ^__^

  7. Misu says:

    I laughed when Ryuu looked OH-SO-DISPLEASED at being asked if Kurumi was his type. Too awesome.

    And if Kazehaya was any more moe, it’d be critical. O_O

  8. FaS says:

    “Ryuu will never change.” HA!!!! THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!! lol, but seriously, this episode was a bit more normal than the others but got interesting toward the end. It was so funny how kaze was getting cockblocked on purpose. Ha, go figure – when he actually tries, he has a hard time. Ha! That’s what she said to that too!!! Okok, getting back on track, what the he’ll is up with this “embarassing past?” i’m guessing something about him being a perv in middle school. Who knows. I just wanna see it soon.

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