07-GHOST OST – Melody of Michael

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07 Ghost Original Soundtrack – Melody of Michael


01. Teito Klein
02. Reminiscence (Piano version)
03. Reminiscence (Trombone version)
04. Guiding Memory
05. Busy Time
06. Imperial Military Academy
07. Warm Heart
08. Soul Killer ~ Zehel
09. Soul Killer ~ Zehel 2
10. Soul Keeper ~ Profe
11. Soul Keeper ~ Profe 2
12. Soul Binder ~ Fest – Spinning Fate
13. Barsburg Empire
14. Empire’s Menace
15. Everyday wrapped in Light
16. Sisters’ Guidance
17. HO-BURUGU Fort
18. The Next Move
19. End the Fight Violently
20. Power of Darkness becomes Powerful
21. Barsburg Church
22. A Song of Blessing
23. Requiem of the Beloved Sacrifices
24. Unreachable Thoughts ~ Despair
25. The 7th District ~ God’s Domain
26. The Night at Church Wears On
27. Darkness draws near
28. Noel Mermaid ~ Razette
29. Legend ~ Seven Ghost
30. Counterattack Signal
31. Counterattack Signal (chorus cut version)
32. Power of Darkness released
33. Eye of Michael ~ Awakening
34. Escape
35. Spirit that sinks into darkness
36. God grants a kind power
37. God grants a kind power 2
38. Familiar ~ Kor
39. Ayanami ~ Verloren
40. Commence Operation
41. Tension
42. Heartless Decision
43. Crisis draws near
44. Anxiety
45. Powerful Imprisoning Darkness ~ Wars
46. Be Pure My Child, and Sleep
47. Flow of Calm Times
48. Soul’s Path
49. Tree’s Filtered Sunlight
50. Fate’s Choice
51. Aka no Kakera (TV Size) Artist: Suzuki Yuki
52. Snow of My Home
53. Light that guides forward
54. Power of Darkness crawls
55. Hymn A
56. Time Light Floods
57. Lamb that Falls From the Sky
58. Dark Clouds
59. Eye Catch A
60. Eye Catch B
61. Chance Meeting
62. Inside my dear daily memories
63. Raggs Requiem (album edit) Artist: NORIA
64. Hymn B
65. The 7th District’s Specialty
66. Unsettling Wind of the World’s Destruction
67. Lost Lamb
68. Premonition
69. Hitomi no Kotae ~The past ver.~ (TV Size) Artist: NORIA {Hitomi no Kotae: The Eye’s Answer}
70. Informing Flower ~ Number 1
71. Informing Flower ~ Number 2
72. Informing Flower ~ Number 3
73. Bonus Tracks Mini Drama “Escape”; Seiyuus of Teito, Frau, Ayanami, and Burupya
74. Hitomi no Kotae ~The future ver.~ (TV Size) Artist: NORIA

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>> mirror

credits to shockingblue (lj) for the tracklist, thanks to Andy-dono (mf forums) for the link!


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24 Responses to “07-GHOST OST – Melody of Michael”

  1. Sakuno says:

    thx very much for sharing..
    anyway do you have another download link beside megaupload??
    it’s hard to download with megaupload in my country..

  2. Shi says:

    Thank you for sharing, I was looking forward to this!
    It’s sad that they didn’t include piano version of ‘Hitomi no Kotae’ though, it sounded beautiful ;w;

  3. xXLOVEXx says:


  4. Andy-dono says:


    Guys i also uploaded here so hope everyone enjoys:D

    I am glad u like it:D

  5. Andy-dono says:

    Oh i see its already here

  6. Tyl* says:

    Aw – many thanks for this <3 i waited so long *-* im so exceited :3
    thanks *-*
    *cuddles all* XD

  7. LuluChan92 says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! A million thanks for this cuz I had no chance finding it myself!

  8. Jesse says:

    Thank you very much for posting this ost!!
    Well, I couldn’t wait to listen to this amazing OST, but there seems to be a problem with the rar ;/ I’ve already downloaded the file from MU and SS couple of times, and the same error occurs ;/

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  10. Jenaminya says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I’ve tried to find this everywhere!

  11. txti says:

    Сайт супер, буду рекомендовать всем знакомым! Закинул в закладки. Что-то на RSS-ленту подписаться не могу…

  12. CooL says:

    thank you . please can you upload this ost i mediafira or hotfile .

  13. mail-cap says:

    На таких громких заголовках и подобной шумихе можно делать и не такие успехи 🙂

  14. Eien says:

    Thanks sooooo much for this! I was dying to get my hands on it!! I’m looking forward to hearing the bonus tracks Mini dramas. *___*

  15. 07 Ghost says:

    is it possible if you guys could upload it to mp3 format?
    Please! D;

  16. Ambient Cafe says:

    ha ))

  17. KvitInet says:

    Отлично написано! Буду много думать…
    Ваш сайт в опере не очень то корректо показывается, а так все отлично! спасибки вам за умные мысли!
    osamabinladen – lox =))
    Красота, особенно первая фотка
    Огромное количество информации о производственном потенциале РФ: введение соискателя в должность, динамика дохода, переоценка фонда собственности и человеческие ресурсы, а также эффективность экономики.
    Спасибо за статью.. Актуально мне сейчас.. Взяла себе еще перечитать.
    А не намекнете, где можно почитать подробнее, господа?
    Хм… Мне пригодится…
    Интересно и позновательно, а будет еще что-то по этой теме?
    Хм… Очень даже ничего.
    “мысли здравые, но тяжело читать, не знаю почему”
    имхо, автор не прав
    Хороший пост, прочитав пару книг на тему всё таки не взглянул со стороны, а пост как-то задел.
    Благодарю!!!У Вас часто появляются очень интересные посты! Очень поднимаете мое настроение.
    Спасибо автору блога за предоставленную информацию.

  18. И правда креатив…супер!

  19. v says:

    Hi, i’m having a possibly similar error as Jesse stated above, I’ve downloaded the .rar twice from different mirrors but when I try to extract the file, I get an ‘item not found- could not find this item, this is no longer located in (C:\….) verify item location and try again’ error . I’m using vista if that makes any diff 😡

    still, thanks so much for sharing this album with us, it’s a gargantuan file to upload and I appreciate your effort and generosity very much! so I understand if you can’t fix the problem, it’s alright.

    • v says:

      ok found my own workaround to the ‘problem’… so hopefully this will help anyone who experienced the same error as I did. All I did was go to the C:\ address specified in the ‘file not found’ error and to my surprise all the files have been extracted there instead, so I simply moved them all to my initially desired location. I think the kanji filenames or the ~~ punctuations must have confused the program somewhat.

  20. ris_zang says:

    Thank you so much for the soundtrack ^0^

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