Bakemonogatari: 12


Deneb, Altair, Vega… Senjougahara Hitagi needs a star named after her too!


We’re now at the last TV episode of Bakemonogatari, and even though the show isn’t really ending yet, this episode gave a feel that it’s really closing, for its TV run that is.

I was actually surprised that even though we’re on Hanekawa’s arc right now, this episode is purely Senjougahara fascination. She’s been missing on the previous episodes, but her comeback here is worth the wait, proving who’s the star of this show, and who’s Koyomi’s real biatch.


Hitagi’s character is enjoyable at its finest. Here we have their first date, with Koyomi actually meeting Hitagi’s father. Fantastic wordplay is still present. I actually don’t mind the repetitive visuals since this show doesn’t need them as it runs on dialogue. Hitagi teasing Koyomi at the back seat of the car while her father’s driving is hilarious. We have to stick in mind that there’s no Hitagi when there’s no manipulative personality.


So we have this… The test of Koyomi’s sexual patience…


There’s some ear-nibbling too. So thus, Koyomi passes these “tests”. Hitagi has the man.


Well looks like Otosan trusts Araragi so much, too.


Moving on to their actual date, we have Hitagi showing Araragi the stars as they lay in a blanket on a night sky. I honestly love this and how Bakemonogatari puts in the romance because it’s really fresh, compared to some others I easily get tired of, especially when they rely on some cheesy stuff. I love how it’s very refreshing and a really unique kind of “love”.


Hitagi pointing out different starts and constellations and saying that those are the only things she has besides from her junior Kanbaru and her father, was very touching. It proves that she isn’t as perfect, and she definitely needs someone that could complete her. It was also quite sad that Hitagi’s still traumatized with the incident a low life attempted to do with her body so she can’t do it yet with Koyomi as of now.


Well if this isn’t the sweetest episode and moment of the season then I don’t know what is. Araragi and Hitagi just fills each other. We get to see Araragi finally having determination to graduate as Hitagi teaches him with studies, while Hitagi’s not alone anymore, and is starting to get a smile back on her face again with him. When there are asking what do they like about each other was really adorable.


Ok, so it’s now the time to kiss. Tsundere-chan still struggled with words to invite Araragi, but that’s what makes her fascinating.

This was an excellent episode. SHAFT and the source material definitely proves that they can make a brand new fresh standard for romance in anime. This is definitely the best episode in this show far in my opinion.

Do I really have to say who is the star of the episode? Of course, it’s the comeback of the one and only Tsundere-chan, Hitagi. Her character is simply beyond words, no wonder why there is such a thing as Senjougahara Fascination. I don’t know how to describe her tsundere-ness, she’s like a Neo-tsundere for me. One of the rare characters that works so well. She’s a lock-on for my favorite girl of this year, and probably my most favorite girl in modern anime right now. Saito Chiwa is shining in this role. Her work under this character is simply amazing as well.

So that’s it for Bakemonogatari. The next episodes will only be on webcasts, and I’m crossing my fingers that SHAFT will still pay the same effort making the upcoming episodes even though they’re just saved for streaming.


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7 Responses to “Bakemonogatari: 12”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    This was a great episode and look forward for the online stream.

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    This episode is excellent. I couldn’t complain about the loss of Hanekawa because Senjougahar.. err I mean Hitagi, owns every girl in this show. I agree that the wait is all worth it after her long absence. Hitagi, you’re missed!

  3. fenixdown110 says:

    I LOLed at most of this episode. Seeing Araragi in an awkward position while being tempted out of his mind and verbally abused is just hilarious. :XD:

  4. Xiao says:

    Don’t you mean Koyomi is her (man) biatch and she won’t let anyone else have him? |D

    Anyways, I completely agree that this episode was…quite something on its own, even for the whole anime. I still wonder if/when will Hanekawa ever solve her issues with her family and lose the effects of the cat spirit possessing her but Hitagi was too sorely missed so that just took a backseat for now.

    The date was pretty much just awesome. Romantic but not over-the-top cheesy (if you can even call this cheesy cuz I don’t) and just straightforward and honest. Like Senjougahara herself. Lol

    I really like how they took this step forward in her relationship with Araragi as well. They haven’t known each other very long and he’s still very uneasy around her (for good reason, haha) but seeing Hitagi lay out everything before him and hearing him say there wasn’t a thing he didn’t love about her was just so sweet. & who could forget the handholding? D’awww… *fangirl moment* <D

    Other than that, even if this is only a closing for the TV broadcasting, I’m still very satisfied with how SHAFT executed the ending-esque credit roll (omgyes, the starry sky is green~). Can’t wait for the webcast streaming of the rest. ^^

  5. Ernest says:

    you are still going to be reviewing the online ones right?

  6. Vulcan says:

    Sono Hoshi Sora .. Beautiful!! with that Sweet couple there = Perfect!! lol =]

  7. shibis says:

    Senjougahara-san (Hitagi, not her dad!) is just too cute in this one. she trys’ so hard :love:

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