Bakemonogatari: 09


Loliconogatari: Episode 9


So we get to find out this episode that Suruga’s like the lesbian best friend of Ararararagi now. It’s interesting though that Araragi just keeps up with the holding hands and arm-clinging with her without even realizing what Senjougahara might think about seeing this.


The backgrounds in this episode are pure win! What they did on the bamboos on the first picture was very creative. The backgrounds are very scenic yet it never loses the stylish modern touch SHAFT does with Bakemonogatari. Just pure awesome.


No bloody violence in this episode, but we get dead snakes though.




Shame for Arararagi for not being able to resist. Dude, you have a psycho girlfriend >.>… But oh well, who would resist Hanekawesome anyway…


Bookstore scene is also nicely done.


How the hell did Araragi got a huge banana in his room?! Or is that a golden replica of his ahoge?


Suruga definitely is the star of the episode, with the lack of Senjougahara. Lol when she asks Araragi where he hides his p0rn the moment she only entered the room.


Oh Suruga, you’re such one lesbian awesomeness.


First reaction seeing a nekkid Nadeko




I can probably sense everyone fapping furiously at these scenes right now…


Nadeko has snake scales all over her body… Must. Stop. Looking. At. The. Wrong. Places!!


Whoa, where the hell did SHAFT got all this budget?? This episode had got to be the most fantastic Bakemonogatari had looked so far in terms of art and animation along with Episode 2. The first half was just hands down well done artistically. It’s not that Makoto Shinkai amazing, but SHAFT just does a great job of making a more modern style of creating nature backgrounds.

Hanekawa was awesome in this episode again. I wonder what her cat oddity (mentioned back then on the first episode) had done to her to make her that knowledgeable to everything around her. There’s probably something behind that.

I must agree with Hanekawa though that Araragi’s becoming quite a bit questionable with himself being a little bit too nice. He might be really nice, but his actions might not be expected to be fully understood by everyone’s eyes. He really needs to back off sometimes and thank the fact that Senjougahara’s not in this episode or else he’s probably thrown somewhere wrapped in blood and staple wires already.

Suruga was absolutely enjoyable in this episode. I almost thought at first that an episode without Senjougahara will be a total suffering and bore, I thought that Suruga’s a nice substitute for her at the meantime. She also makes a really great lesbian friend to Arararagi too (who keeps on restraining her from raping Nadeko, I guess?). Damn, I wish I can have a lesbian best friend right now ;__;…

Now where’s Mayoi?? ;__;

And then here we go to the new girl on the show, Sengoku Nadeko. She’s quite interesting, I wonder how she’ll make an awesome impression at the next episode though, since she suffers for only having a two-episode arc.

But overall, it’s a well-done episode to start off this arc. Great animation and art as usual, hawt new character, hilarious WTF moments, Bakemonogatari is something I just never get tired of waiting each and every week.

Most epic reaction in this episode:



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10 Responses to “Bakemonogatari: 09”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    SHAFT is awesome for adding a Reaction guys reference in.

  2. LeeN says:

    this episode is awesome!!

  3. phoenixdown110 says:

    M u s t h a v e m o r e . . . :red:

  4. omg *_*

    btw, is there an actual nude here? (as in exposed) . . . . I think I might not be able to download this from the office. Darn. . . .

  5. Nanashi says:

    I thought it was referenced from that pic below. XD…I think this episode has turned me into a loli…

  6. Panther says:

    You be steeling mah title for zis episode. 🙁

    Oh wait you got it a different way.

  7. Floh says:

    It’s not only the reaction guys in this episode, don’t you see the longcat? [img][/img]

  8. sunchan says:

    where are those guys in the picture from? I saw them in many 3d of gurren lagann, but I never really understud.

  9. meteorhouse62 says:

    Another awesome episode again. Gotta see more from Nadeko, if you know what I mean…

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