Spice and Wolf II: 06 – Fixed


Horo trolled us D:


I knew it~ Horo’s definitely up to something just like what I had thought. She was the one who bought the Pyrite from Deanna. It isn’t much of a surprise at all actually. It’s just Lawrence’s imagination that mislead us all. Other than that, I guess the lack of Horo since the previous episodes are finally over because she’s back now. But I must say that Horo looking like the one playing the strings behind everything feels a bit weird but awesome. But realizing that it’s all just an act, even that “superfantabulous” performance by Koshimizu Ami back then on episode 3, it felt like a waste.


Mark’s shouta acquaintance (don’t really know his name lols) gets some spotlight from himself as well in this episode. I just thought he would just be some sort of a young background character to be inspired by Lawrence but it seems like the other way because he helped Lawrence instead. Actually, the side characters in this arc are pretty awesome. Mark is a great person for giving advices while Deanna is just… hot.


Oh, you two.


And so the two are back in their room after shocking Amarti. Well I just have to wonder what happened to Amarti after that. It would be hilarious if they still gave him some more screentime about what happened to him afterwards. But who cares anyway?

I still wonder what Amarti said that made Horo not forgive him though…




This scene is cute. I can’t really avoid saying that I literally “WOOHOO!”-ed happy getting these two back together.

And Horo overhearing Lawrence’s question to Deanna about mating with Gods  and saying “will you be gentle” right now is definitely gold. I cracked up so much. But damn, Lawrence still has no balls doesn’t he? He’s only there blushing like some sort of a tsundere while Horo’s literally the one who will seem to be doing the action if ever. And in because people shouting “Where’s the freaking kiss?!”.


We don’t have a kiss, but we have a hug. Uhh… Interesting. >.>



It was a really awesome episode. This is definitely becoming one of my favorite sequels of the year so far. This arc showed a really great character development for Lawrence. Horo did helped out a lot, of course. If wouldn’t ever she didn’t made up that awesome act, Lawrence wouldn’t have thought about his answer. Now he has a goal, and a direct answer to what Horo is to him, I guess he won’t f*ck up again. Well, unless he gets struck by stupidity again (which is most likely would really happen -__-;;)

This arc was absolutely entertaining. Lawrence being away from Horo brought out the best in him and made him really better. The relationship of Horo and Lawrence is definitely strong and intimate right now, and I’m enjoying every bit of their interactions more and more.


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5 Responses to “Spice and Wolf II: 06 – Fixed”

  1. Smithy says:

    It was a terrific episode and a great story arc. The previous episodes had me on the edge of my seat, with Horo seemingly moving away from Lawrence to Amarti.
    We all forgot what a wise trickster Horo can be, she of course saw through Amarti and Lawrence.

    They really wrote it out well, with terrific direction because as a viewer you get swept away into Lawrence’s view on things and get to feel his frantic running, the heart gripping fear of losing Horo who never seemed more distant in his eyes.
    Loved how you get swept away by the story.
    The entire plot of their evolving relationship and now definitely breaking into romantic territory as it’s undeniable these two are smitten about each other is already nicely accompanied by more deep pondering such as how they could really be together with Horo being a wolf deity.

    And there’s nothing as good as Horo and Lawrence’s dialogues, sparks fly. ^^
    Can’t wait for the rest of the series!

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    Really really REALLY awesome episode. Horo making it all an act was pretty witty awesome for her to do but I must say that I almost got carried away with what happened on their fight I really thought it’s real.

    Gotta wonder as well what happened to Amarti after that. But who cares… :ohohoho:

  3. kanzeon says:

    Haha this episode is totally entertaining. Horo x Lawrence forever~ :4:

  4. RogOsk says:

    This arc was plain awesome.

  5. fye says:

    Agreed. This arc as a whole is definitely wonderful. I think this brought out the best of the two leads.

    This scene is cute. I can’t really avoid saying that I literally “WOOHOO!”-ed happy getting these two back together.

    Haha, me too. I even raised my fist up in the air! Woohoo!!!

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