Spice and Wolf II: 04 – Official Name


“Holo” sucks. “Horo” FTW.

After the very *phew* intense episode from last week’s, we head on wondering what will happen next. And yes, after a long week of wait wondering what will happen next, it’s finally here lol. Let’s see is Lawrence will pick back up his balls again and come face the punk Amarti.


Well just as guessed, the scene on last week’s preview is indeed a delusion only. It’s also interesting how this episode contains such amount of delusion scenes by the way.


This episode terribly lacks Horo, but it definitely gives Lawrence a time to shine for us to see what he can do.

And it seems like Lawrence is ready to fight for his girl, Horo. He’ll now put up an epic showdown between them. Yes, it is now serious business for Lawrence. I actually find it really weird for him to look very emotional. The character development in this season is just over the top, isn’t it?


Well it IS serious business as well for Amarti too, and it looks like he has some skills to pull off from his sleeves too. By the way, excuse me but I just really find myself blaming Amarti for making “Holo” the official name of “Horo”. DO NOT WANT “Holo”. I’ll stick to “Horo” no matter what. >.>


Lawrence should be really thankful that there’s Mark right by his side helping him. Well this is just one of Lawrence’s strengths compared to Amarti. It seems like Amarti’s quite a loner(?), unlike Lawrence, who has friends he can rely on and give him more information.


It was a pretty slow episode, but it did show Lawrence’s tenacity despite all that, and just like the previous one, I can’t wait what happens next. He’s up determined to beat Amarti now, but I wonder if he’ll succeed or have his plans backfiring right back to his face again like usual.

So here’s a poll!

Which dude do you think is better, in terms of merchant skills? Lawrence or Amarti? I’m just talking about their marketing skills. Which one has more advantage? You can also explain in the comments why.

Who will be the last merchant standing?

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I personally think it’s Lawrence whom will give Amarti a painful smackdown next week though. Besides from the obvious “Amarti is young and inexperienced” reason, Lawrence is just so serious in this episode that I thought he’ll be casting Geass for a second. He’s very determined in one ass than Amarti, so far as I could see. But who knows, Amarti can make lots of moolah already in just a short period of time, and without the help of a wolf-goddess to beat. This sequel just keeps getting more and more exciting. Looking forward to the conclusion of this arc.

More screencaps on the gallery next page.


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6 Responses to “Spice and Wolf II: 04 – Official Name”

  1. RP says:

    I agree on Horo over Holo. Holo sounds like a Star Wars character.

    I think Amati’s generally a better merchant than Lawrence, but he got totally played into taking Lawrence’s bait, so I’m sure Lawrence will come out on top. Plus, you can’t have a Horo x Amati ending. 😉
    .-= RP´s last blog ..Spice and Wolf, season 2, episode 4 – Someone’s going to need a bailout =-.

  2. kanzeon says:

    *votes for Lawrence*
    Well even though it’s more of a “Who’s the better merchant” poll, and it’s kinda obvious that Amati(or Amarti? Heh~ confusing name =__=) has some awessum merchant tricks off his sleeve, I still think Lawrence will be successful in this one.

    Er… And yeah~ I’m totally biased for my OTP :kyaa: . Get out of the way Amati! :rage:

    And yeah… So much name confusion. I prefer Horo over Holo as well. Holo sounds creepy :dun:

  3. Ka-el says:

    Voting for Amati :runs:
    It’s just the “better merchant” part anyway.

    But that doesn’t mean Lawrence loses already in the real competition. He’s automatically the winner already for Horo (I’m anti-Holo btw).

  4. Smithy says:

    Somehow I’m thinking Horo purposely misspelled her name to make the contract void?

    At one point I thought Lawrence was finally getting serious, showed such an intense gaze it felt like he would finally show his true power and use geass on Ama… oh, wrong show.

    Loving S&W II so far, hope Lawrence and Horo make up soon.
    .-= Smithy´s last blog ..Kantoku does yuri =-.

  5. voiced408 says:

    I really really really want this arc to end…It’s so depressing having even a single thought about Lawrence and Horo having a chance of seperating. Which won’t happen of course because the anime is based on both of them only… I just don’t want this arc to last any longer than episode 5. I am pretty happy just watching Lawrence and Horo talk to each other inside that room, very amusing 😥

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