SCANDAL – Don’t Say ‘Lazy’ [Cover]


Girl band SCANDAL does a cover of K-ON!’s ending theme “Don’t Say ‘Lazy'” on MUSIC JAPAN. While the original version by Yoko Hikasa and co. was just incomparable, gotta give props to the band for giving their best performing this rendition.

P.S. – Chihara Minori and Nana Mizuki were also there. Performing “Paradise Lost” and “DISCOTHEQUE” respectively after a very cute interview. Video here.


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9 Responses to “SCANDAL – Don’t Say ‘Lazy’ [Cover]”

  1. Kairu says:

    I missed watching this episode of MJ in NHK!? Oh God NO!

  2. Aerojohn says:

    Not bad, but there just isn’t that energy that made me love the song.

  3. Yukishiro says:

    :baww: Mugi is missing…. Keyboard!!! Scandal should find someone who can play keyboard!!!! :baww2:

  4. Kana says:

    What!? What do they mean not available in your country!?

  5. Scandales says:

    It’s actually very good considering it was taped live!

    Yes, it would sound much better if someone played the keyboard!

    Anyway, it’s pretty good!

    Got the mp3 rip from the PV and now I have 1 new Scandal song that’s not available on CD 😀

  6. rreizend says:

    what??! not available because of copyright!?

  7. Yui says:

    :freeze2: noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 🙁 why!why!why!
    curl world :baww:

  8. Aya says:

    🙁 WHAT!?

  9. Motorcyclist says:

    *dials FBI*……

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