Hetalia Axis Powers: 31



Don’t you think Doitsu just looks hotter and hotter with glasses?

This episode, entitled Hetalia Academy Christmas, has the Axis Powers (btw, they’re now all in their school uniform ^^) doing a research about the different ways how the nations celebrate Christmas.


Some things we gotta learn from here:

– Alfred (America) celebrates Christmas with a cake. Though I have no idea why are they so scared of it. I think it’s fruitcake though. Bleh, I hate fruitcakes =__=

– Ivan (Russia) doesn’t technically celebrate Christmas, but there’s a celebration though on the 7th of January where they make Santa-like doll which in stories, say that wake up in life (scary~).

– Yao (China) don’t decorate with Christmas Trees, for they’re not allowed ‘cuz they get easily burned in there.

– Francis (France) makes Santa drunk… And I have no idea what happens next O.o.


Who wants Tino (Finland) fanservice?? >:DD I really wonder what his boyfriend/husband Sweden has something to say about his lover doing nekkid poses for everyone xDD

Blushing Doitsu:


Doitsu: W-Well… Do you guys have any plans for Christmas?


Kiku: … Doitsu…




Commence Christmas Threesome DVD Extra…*SHOT*


Cutest part of this episode? Arthur sneaking and peeking in between the conversations xD!!! D’awwww~ Looks like Arthur has some Christmas story to tell, does he? But one thing’s for sure, his screentime is always cute and enjoyable! SQUEE~!!<3


It’s a pretty enjoyable episode ^^. Gotta love how they share to us how Christmas is celebated in other countries as well (but it seems like APH changed it quite a bit for more comedic factor, I guess?). So overall, it’s still fun.

Arthur just continues to look like an adorable cute kid! Gah, there are some times where I wish I could just enter my screen, steal him and take him back home~ xD.

And I’m glad we get to see more of Fino… Now DO WANT Sweden as well PLZ.


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8 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers: 31”

  1. Tara says:

    I wants Iceland in it >.< Santa originally lived here and stuffsen. Doitsu+glasses = win though and Arthur is always so awesome ^^ Yay for learning stuff about other countries OwO

  2. cookymunster says:

    More Prussia, please!

    I was squealing so much when Ludwig was blushing
    and when Arthur was sneaking around. :love:

    God, I love this series~

  3. albertleturtle says:

    I was kinda crushed cuz Alfred didn’t actually get a school uniform 🙁

    • Meeshell says:

      Well actually if you look closely he’s wearing the tan vest uniform like Italy under his jacket 😀

    • FranceInMyPants says:

      No school uniform for Alfred? ono;;;

      This is not good. He’d look good in a uniform. Well, kinda. He’d wear his pants below his waist, since that’s SO popular here in the US. Anyway, he’d look stunning in one.

      Now, for Iggy. What’s he creeping around corners for? X3

      Spying on Kiku, Feliciano, and Ludwig? XD

      Why? Maybe he wants to celebrate Christmas also? ouo

      I’m such a softie!

  4. Kiseki says:

    @ abertleturtle – He is wearing it. o3o (But him not wearing his letterman jacket was a shame.)

    I’m pretty sure they’re scared of the cake because of the scary amount of food coloring us Americans use. xD

  5. FranceInMyPants says:


  6. M&M says:

    The cutest person in this epi,to me,is Tino.The 2nd cutest is kinda hard,but Arthur maybe.

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