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Hello everyone! Kanzie here taking over Tsui’s place covering Bakemonogatari for this week ^^. I’ll be covering this episode only because I gave Tsui the task to do the Fall Line-up (or Catalog *shot*) post’s lists and informations so he’ll be a busy slave at the moment and I voluntered to take his place on blogging this episode instead. Lawl~ Isn’t it so cool to have a slave? *me sits in a recliner and drinks fresh fruit shakes*

Also, isn’t it great that Bakemonogatari’s back? It’s been two weeks y’know~ Anyway, let’s continue on with my ramblings in this episode.


On the previous episode, we have Koyomi getting beaten up by an oddity right? coughSurugacough So yeah, Hitagi arrvies and asks what happened but Koyomi said that it’s really nothing ‘coz he just screwed up by himself alone. He then needs some time to heal though so he lies down. But Hitagi admired him for some reason and offered him a special ~dai saabisu~ by standing over his face exposing her bottom part to him.


Senjougahara Service, anyone?


Bad thing for the fanboys (and fangirls? O.O) is that it’s dark and it has an extra fee for the DVDs 😛


Meanwhile, Koyomi visits Suruga’s house and it’s quite obvious that she’s being suspected, so she admitted it anyway. I lol’d so hard at Suruga’s room though. It’s flooding yaoi manga books xDD.


I’m totally WTF-ing throughout the entire scene. WTF?!


Suruga reveals that she’s a lesbian that has an unrequited love for Hitagi. Lol at Koyomi’s reaction ‘coz his imagination just takes him too far xD. We’ll see another more of his cute yet funny reactions later on btw, this episode is very amusing. But wow~ So much lesbians for this season, ain’t it? XD.


Suruga reveals to Koyomi the secret of her wrapped arm. It’s actually in a form of a monkey, as in a monkey’s paw, complete with all the hair and stuff. Eww x((.




SHAFT’s visual are pretty extreme, and you all know that. I’m honestly amused by it ^^. I love this stapler thing running over a girl’s body, which is kinda Ef-esque while Suruga’s making her emo-speech. Nice to see her seiyuu pulling off emotions but I honestly am not amazed by it that much..

And now since we’re tackling about her emo-speech, we get to know that she’s indeed very jealous now of Koyomi since he took her place instead, so she made a wish for the monkey paw.




I lol’d s hard when Suruga suddenly offered her body to Koyomi, a well as the BL discussion between both of them. I rofl’d more when Suruga said that Koyomi’s an uke xDD!!! Hahaha~ ->Senses Meme x Koyomi fanfics and art already getting created xDD *shot*.


Koyomi’s eaction was just priceless and I’m indeed laughing so harder on it xDD.


Hahaha~ This episode just dives into more and more WTF talking when they tackled about underwear XDD. Suruga doesn’t wear panties under her spats? O__O. But when I wear them I wear panties underneath though, i would be too uncomfortable if you haven’t, it’s also like exposing your underwear =__=.


And yeah, talk abou crazy, it’s like we’re watching a slideshow presentation made by kindergarten student xDD. I laughed so much at the faces more than the dialogue actually.


Extra screencap for perfect bishie looking Koyomi scene~ *A*…


On to a more serious note, when Koyomi introduced Suruga’s problem to him about the monkey paw, Meme mentions that it isn’t really a monkey paw. Instead, it’s a “Rainy Devil”, or something that can grant three wishs, but instead, eats your soul for an exchange.


After two long weeks of waiting for a new episode, here’s Bakemonogatari back and still as weird yet amusing as ever. Yeah, I’d go with using ‘amusing’ as the word ‘coz it has total WTF-moments scattered throughout the episode. And even though it’s still dialogue-heavy, the funny visuals just help me to lessen my boredom. My favorite has got to be their use of real body parts in still, because they instill a feel of being indeed “really disgusting”.

Hitagi standing over Koyomi to show him her self was something I wouldn’t expect her to do though xD. But I guess that’s a form of a Senjougahara Fascination affection? ;P. I found Suruga’s room looking like an art tainwreck because it just looked boring. I thought they could have played more on the books part because they just looked like bricks.

About the OP, it’s still the “Staple Stable” one but I’m not complaining though because I absolutely love the song. Can’t wait if there’s a single btw. But at the same time, it looks like they’re saving an OP every time a girl’s arc ends. So hopefully next week we’ll have a Suruga OP. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of the bgms that played in this episode.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent episode. Glad to have each character in this show being distinct and appealing actually. Koyomi’s still as hilarious as ever with his ahoge (that needs its own spin-off OVA) while Hitagi scenes are just gold. Still on the fence about the budget though… But not like I care so much about it. I’m just lovin’ this show.

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7 Responses to “Bakemonogatari: 07”

  1. Adrian says:

    I thought that the reason it was blacked out under Senjougahara’s skirt was because she wasn’t wearing undies. Because it’s not as though shaft waits for DVD’s for pantie shots. The beginning of the first episode has a ten second long one and the second episode has Senjougahara in only underwear for about sixteen minutes while she changes. Also because Koyomi’s reaction was that of pure shock.

  2. saimaisama says:

    Hmmm … BL conversation …. *fantasizes about MemexKoyomi*

    I think I’ll go watch the episode now.

  3. Ryan A says:

    Great fun. I kinda didn’t really identify with the flip out over the panties thing, mostly because there’s no point in wearing underwear with something like those (similar to cycling shorts). I can’t imagine having anything on besides bike shorts when I ride, especially for long rides… very annoying, so I assume the same mentality for fems..
    .. then again, those weren’t really cycling shorts O.o

  4. TJ says:

    LOL Bakemonogatari is still so random. Senjougahara is just too much :nosebleeds: :nosebleeds:

  5. The random silliness (more often than not littered with sexual innuendo) is a big part of what makes the show interesting, imo. While the actual personal dynamics and the take on characters (how they become flawed and the access to their healing) is what makes it compelling.

    Throwing piles of yaoi books in the air seems like a rather fun activity.

  6. meteorhouse62 says:

    Yeah, really LOL WTF episode. I guess the randomness weirdly works. Book-cleaning and hand scenes ftw.

  7. Xiao says:

    I lol-ed so hard at the dai-saabisu scene. Great way to advertise, SHAFT. 😛 XDDD;;;;

    But srsly, what’s with the frolicking among the books? -.-;

    I’m surprised Arararagi (damn) was shocked when Suruga confessed she was a lesbian. He’s obviously not watching this summer’s lineup. lawl~ XD; I thought Hitagi already dropped a big hint when she told him about how Suruga admired her so much but he probably took that as only a sempai-kohai thing probably. :/

    Well, I don’t have much more to add than what you already said. The dialogue and visuals are what keep me going, too. I think that convinced me enough to want to buy it on DVD. Haha

    Ah, I also liked the part where Araragi told Suruga that she couldn’t replace Hitagi no matter how hard he tried. Sure, to me, it sounded like he was stating the most obvious fact that we all knew (it probably was meant to be just that and nothing more) but it would have been interesting to see how Hitagi (ok fine, Senjougahara) would have reacted. Either way, it would have made me go “aww~” ^^

    Yep, can’t wait till next episode. I want to get to the next victim already. xDD

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