Umineko no Naku Koro ni: I-IV – OIC…


Best comedy of teh season hands down. [NOW UPDATED <3]


George just loves his mother so much. Way to promote off their sponsors too with a breast-dive.


Weekly Maria haet love, everyone <33!! Nothing beats Battler beating the crap out of her own cousin.


Maria never runs out of jank faces to put on.


Best reaction of the week.


Rena’s cleaver gets a cameo!!!!!!!!!!11111111


This is actually my favorite part of the entire episode. Well, my favorite part because it’s the only part that seriously got me “uhh, ok”. Kanon raging about him not being a furniture anymore and blabbering about the roulette thing was really nice, and I think he got a little character development even for that short while.


But for that short while he came right in front of Beatrice, he immediately got stabbed. Nuuu~ Kanon T_T. Well, it’s definitely expected but I’ll admit that I feel sad for him dying because he’s like on the spotlight already but after a second, lol. But I’m still glad at least his pretty face was not carved out or anything lol *phew*. And yay because we get to hear Beatrice’s laugh bgm too~


Poor Jessica T_T. Poor Kanon T_T. Poor storytelling T_T. We only get to know about Jessica having asthma and liking Kanon only in here. But since Show ▼


The stinky smell turns out to be Kinzo, who got into the incinerator. Proof that it’s Kinzo? Well that might have to be the polydactyly, having 6 fingers and toes on each hand and foot. The Ring was missing though.


That was fucking stupid that they wasted 3 episodes of them all not knowing how Maria had been Satanic for awhile. Thanks to Jessica who finally noticed it at last. Ugh.


The epitaph thing totally gave so much more resemblance now to Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None”, with hints about the upcoming deaths/sacrifices.

Here is what’s completely written on the epitaph (I’ll italicize the ones mentioned in the episode. Show Spoiler ▼


While inside a safe room that has a scorpion mark, in which Beatrice cannot enter. And after a few speculations and talk, they suddenly noticed a letter in the table, when they haven’t seen it a while ago. Lol at Natsuhi pointing that gun! (Shoot Maria! Shoot Maria!).




Seems like I’ve seen that line somewhere, Battler. O WAI-


Three more dead people, coming up!




The Mackerel is behind everything. ALLLL HAIL MACKEREL.

NEXT episode I-V: “fool’s mate”

George sounds absolutely stupid here I’m looking forward to the next episode because guess who makes an appearance?


Show ▼

Now we’re down to the FINAL FIVE (lol it’s been a while I said that since Anime-NTM XDD)!!! I’m betting my money for Natsuhi to be one of those who will die next episode. I really like her strong mother-character but it seems like her crazy-sane attitude will death her to the cut. And it seems like George will go too. Because… I dunno, I just feel like that. Show ▼


It was a “bleargh” episode. They were really overusing Maria’s faces much to the extent that it’s totally hilarious and not scary. And other stuff like George breast-diving the corpse of his mom being repeated in the sponsors scene was.. *pukes*. The Mackerel was epic though. Best side prop of the season so far.

So yup~ I’m really watching it for the lulz now that I can’t really find anything scary at all. WTF is that scene with Maria singing already scary for you? Lmao. Or maybe I just watched lots of horror movies already so everything had just been very predictable for me.

P.S. – If you’ll comment with spoilers, please enclose it with

Screencap gallery at the next page~

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34 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni: I-IV – OIC…”

  1. meteorhouse62 says:

    Haha the one with grandma servant’s reaction is gold :haha:

  2. auntiebin says:

    love to see maria getting punched repeatedly!!
    someone shoot maria already!!! 😡

  3. Momotsuki says:

    You should go and watch the preview already.

  4. moridin84 says:

    She’s actually his cousin rather then his sister right?

    Also, the Maria gif’s are a bit too fast. Kudos for making them though!

  5. Brazil says:

    It’s still bothering me that their is very little questioning about how Maria knows about obscure occult symbols and old testement psalms, not to mention her crazy behavior.
    .-= Brazil´s last blog ..Canaan: Episode 3 =-.

  6. Taiyaki says:

    Comedy, huh? If you think this is ridiculous, just wait to see the stuff that comes after Episode I.
    .-= Taiyaki´s last blog ..Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode I-IV =-.

  7. maya-nee says:

    Good thing they keep Rena’s hatchet but Kanon died :baww:
    (well, expected to happen..)
    And Yay! Show ▼

  8. Aerojohn says:

    Why does everyone have a love interest but Battler? ❓
    .-= Aerojohn´s last blog ..Umineko, yes I’m watching it. =-.

  9. mikan-sakura says:

    Freaking SAVED those Maria gifs. :oha:

  10. TJ says:

    We need more loli-beatdown in this series… seriously.
    .-= TJ´s last blog ..Sekirei 86 =-.

  11. cinderbird says:

    Lol on George breast-diving his dead mom on the promotion segment :ohohoho: . Hehehe I can’t forget about it right now after Studio DEEN continued to repeat it haha.

  12. phoenixdown110 says:

    Wow. I guess loli-beatdowns are becoming a common thing this season. :XD:
    I thought Bakemonogatari was the only one. =P

    • LuluChan92 says:

      Like the ring throwing? But loli-beatdowns are the best! Punch Maria more, Battler!!!

  13. Sapphire Pyro says:

    I love Battler for hitting that damn girl on the head xD

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!Show ▼

    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Naruto – Chapter 457 =-.

  14. Love your gif of Maria getting hit. I totally hate her so much even though she is adorable cute :-_-:

    Show ▼

    .-= Mimiko ♥´s last blog ..Umineko no Naku koro Ni episode 4 =-.

  15. kanzeon says:

    @meteorhouse62: Awesome shock reaction is awesome.

    @auntie bin: Natsuhi should have shot Maria way before when she’s pointing her gun at them.

    @Momotsuki: Yes ^^. My excitement for the next episode just increased~

    @moridin84: Oops~ And the faster the gif, the more it would look painful ^^;;

    @Brazil: Yeah =.=… Probably next ep will have them blaming Maria I think?

    @Taiyaki: Oh my gawd~

    @maya-nee: Yep ^^. Gotta love the cameo~ I’m also kinda sad Kanon died T_T

    @Aerojohn: Lol I wonder too~

    @Artem: Replied ^^.

    @mikan-sakura: Credits pl0x. jks.

    @TJ: INDEED! Include face-carving and head-chopping too. All for Maria.

    @cinderbird: Yeah… Awkward but hilarious(ly stupid XD)

    @phoenixdown: Yay for trends XD

    @Sapphire Pyro: I also can’t wait for the FIERCE QUEEN!

    @Mimiko ♥: Lol it seems like the ending will be earlier than expected if that happens XD

  16. Xiao says:

    Who can really resist beating up an annoying, creepy little jank-faced loli? I wish Battler punched her face, though. Give her a good bloody nose and see her grin through that. 😛

    Rena’s cleaver! :aww: <– LOL xDDD;;

    I feel a little mean for :haha: after Kanon's big speech. Maybe if he weren't the beret, I would've taken it more seriously. -.-;

    Didn't think Kinzo was that skinny. o.O;

    And why has it never occurred to Natsuhi that the can of mackarel Show ▼

    could have been the one to leave the letter there? I mean, it was right next to it. =P
    Kidding, of course, but I’d laugh myself to death if it was actually for real. Don’t understimate canned fish. 😆

    Everything else…eh. I can’t really get into the horror mood either with how DEEN is making everything look like a big joke. Even though it’s not.
    But I don’t care. Cuz Show ▼

    yea. 😀

    I so hope George is the next to die (but not before Maria, her first plz). If you're gonna declare revenge then don't go back to being a bag of sad megane boohoo. Moar :cheer: for Battler RAEG! though. 8D
    .-= Xiao Jie´s last blog ..SoMT Stage 2 Results =-.

  17. kirapika says:

    Those Battler-beating-up-Maria gifs are WIN. :haha: I do not know how much of my likeness to Maria went down just because of her stupid face expressions. It looks like they just used the distort tool. :\

    Anyways, yeah, I’m sad for Kanon dying too. I must admit he did a very good job in confront Beato; even though he did get stabbed in the end.

    Mackerel is indeed the cause of everything *nods* In the preview for episode I-IV I was actually confused on it’s significance, now I kind of understand it. It’s to prove that there wasn’t a letter before that, right?

    Ara~ So many people died in this episode. But yeah, I can’t wait for the next episode `cuz Show ▼

    .-= kirapika´s last blog ..Blog Status: Umineko-ish Makeover Madness! =-.

  18. Ashelea says:

    Lulz! Well done with the gifs!!! I wonder how you do them that instant and accurate lol. And I saved the two with Battler punching Maria in the head. The first one with that was so hypnotic XDD.

    Shame @ Studio Deen as well for putting that breast-dive scene on the sponsor message! But I really can’t help but laugh XD.

    Can’t wait for the next episode <33 They are the final five indeed!

  19. kpyw says:

    it feels :haha: to see maria get punched. but oh my she is really creepy with her singing and back-facing the servants corpse :doomed:

    and aw, kanon died.

    but for these episodes so far with pratically most of them killed except for the remaining few left… it doesnt feel creepy or scary at all…? ❓

    i cant wait for next week’s episode~ the preview made me soooooooo excited 😥

  20. Takahashi Sama says:

    :huhu: kannon…TT^TT part of me knew it was coming, but…ONLY EPISODE FREAKING FOUR?! He was a great character design too…most minor characters are crappy…booooo
    I hated the way he was alive when they found him. freaking hope…
    my one hope is that he’ll be revived…or something…

    • LuluChan92 says:

      Yeah, I thought he would survive somehow. That’s unfair!!!

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