Umineko no Naku Koro ni: I-2 – Put a Ring On It.


All the single meidos~ All the single meidos~… *gets boo’ed*


I LOVE Maria in this episode. See? I’m really having a love-hate relationship with this character. Thank god she toned down all the Uu~’s a bit and instead talked straight when reading Beatrice’s letter WHILE doing such a very satanic face. Step back, Bride of Chuckie~.


This is supposed to be a shipping moment I guess, but I just can’t take it seriously. WTF Shannon’s b00bs are rubbing on George xD Roflz.


But aww~ These two are just so sweet they have an invisible anthill all over them…


Uhh.. I think I didn’t feel the romance though unlike in the manga… (I don’t know about the VN one since I haven’t played it). But yeah, George and Shannon’s supposed-to-be doki-doki scene turned out to be a disappointment for me T_T. George didn’t really look that much sincere, and I think his character design here on the anime the one to blame because he just looks funny when he’s doing sweet talk XD. And what the hell? He’s ordering that? Then saying it’s up to her choice. WTHWTHWTHWTH /rage.


Some magical circle drawn in blood. Now THAT’s art.


George’s look is just O_, while Battler looked like he just watched gay p0rn.


And the best “OMGI’LLPUKEWHATIATELASTBREAKFAST” look goes to Jessica. And really great job for Marina Inoue on this scene. Jessica’s scream and crying totally sent chills down my spine. OMG Inoue-san, you rock!


And of course, this is what they saw. Quite different (not to mentioned disappointlingly censored) compared to the explicit ones on the manga. But still, I’m glad they still showed the faces, because I was expecting more worse.

Here’s the manga version that’s way better art-wise: Show ▼


Not five people are killed, but six. And the last one seems to be the biggest and saddest shocker.

And then there’s the ED and I’m like, ROFL because all the scary scenes had been wiped out thanks of that drunk old guy singing on the ED XDD. Omigod I just can’t take the serious atmosphere that happened at the end of the episode because of that xD. Ruined much~.

It’s still a pretty interesting episode overall. But the pacing is just too fast! I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing, but what do you think? In the manga, it took almost 7 chapters to get on this point, while we’re only at 2 episodes on the anime. I still prefer the manga though, because I think it’s more emotionally effective and entertaining compared here. Not to mentioned that it flowed very smoothly, unlike here we’re it felt that everything’s on a hurry :/. Studio DEEN is really this close on butchering an adaptation. But whatever, still watching the adaptation to pass up time and for some bloody entertainment.

Screenshots are on the gallery next page.

P.S. – Shannon’s b00bs are just… ENORMOUS :freeze2:


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15 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni: I-2 – Put a Ring On It.”

  1. issa-sa says:

    Actually I found Jessica’s scream a little lacking – and somewhat disappointed to hear that they were only disfigured AFTER they died (okay, this show is so bringing out the nasty bloodthirsty side of me :red: XD)

    P.S. And major :thumb: for doing away with Shannon so I won’t have to hear Kugimiya Rie in the show anymore 😳
    .-= issa-sa´s last blog ..LIVE DIAMOND = Dead Panda =-.

  2. Ashelea says:

    No comment for me on Maria. I still wanna throw her on a deep well. Psh, and which nine-year old reads and sounds that good? O__o.

    Shannon’s rubbing her jugs on George and I’m like, “Uhh… okay”. Then the proposal scene came and I agree that it’s just plain weird. I’m so weirded out. I don’t know why if it’s the pacing that affected it but pssh.

    Marina Inoue is really good^^. I haven’t seen a main role from her I didn’t like.

    Bleh at the anime version. The manga’s gore is way better and I also heard that the VN is creepy as hell too. Probably it’s censored that’s why maybe they’ll show the whole effort on the Blu-ray releases.

    Lol yeah, the ED is just fricking on cocaine xD.

  3. Beren says:

    I think the manga is way better than the anime adaptation. Characters are better introduced and all the “Uuu-uuu” thing was less annoying. BTW, I don’t remember Maria putting such a scary face while reading the letter, I wonder how no one sitting at the table noticed the change! :freeze2:

  4. Xiao says:

    😆 😆 😆

    Now imagine it with more homicidal Maria expressions and chainsaws~ aha~. xDDD;;

    George looks like he just wants to screw her. BOO! xP

    I think Jessica’s scream could have been a little bit more blood-curling but Marina Inoue still rawks a million faces for doing such a good job with it. I love Marina Inoue~ <3

    Same opinion on the anime going downhill pretty fast at this rate. No question that the manga is better and I blame the 13-episode time slot that Studion DEEN is only allowed by their main broadcast station or whatever. At least I think that's how it goes cuz animation studios only make the anime, they don't really have a say on how long it's going to air. Which sucks cuz it would be so much better if they just did it at a reasonable pace. Stupid tv broadcasters. -_-#
    .-= Xiao Jie´s last blog ..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 90 =-.

  5. TJ says:

    the promise of gore was the primary reason why I started watching this show. Needless to say I’m satsified :thumb: .
    .-= TJ´s last blog ..Neon Genesis Evangelion 78 =-.

  6. I also didn’t feel the romance in this episode =_= anime got me disappointed . . .

    maria’s so annoying as usual . . .

    I like the blood stuff though *_*
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Inspired – Zwei =-.

  7. karuroso says:

    I’m expecting some kind of Sunrise’s revivalâ„¢ for Shannon because of the way she’s showed in the opening,the most intriguing part is aparently she having a date with George( repair in her clothes) in some kind of aquarium and the broken mirror scene

  8. foomafoo says:

    I also read the manga so I also agree that it has the better atmosphere for almost all the parts(even the gore-bid ones). The scene with Natsuhi and Jessica is sooo dull, as well as the scene where Kinzo finally accepted Natsuhi in the family.

  9. LuluChan92 says:

    Well, I haven’t read the manga, so I can’t say anything about it. I found Umineko pretty good, even though George and Shannon’s relationship is only given some minutes and then she immediately dies… But it only bothered me because it’s not developed for us to see, that’s all. And the proposal could be more romantic, but it’s that there’s no time in 13 episodes to have a proper look at that. If you have a problem with the anime development, talk to the dudes at Studio DEEN.

    Skipping that, I’m actually pretty satisfied, especially when I found myself thinking “I SEE DEAD PEOPLE” in the shed! Maybe I seems totally crazy or just brutal, but my bloodthirst is a little bit over the limit when it comes to mystery stories and such :red: He, he, he!… But don’t misunderstand me, in real life I don’t really like blood… And screams, too! By the way, I have no problem with Marina Inoue’s screaming voice, it was good enough to keep me in the mood, so thanks Ms Inoue!!!

    I loved Maria in the 2nd episode! The “uuuu, uuuu…” thing left us and there goes the creepy devilish face!!! Since I haven’t read the manga, I can think of what I want and say that this time it was Beatrice talking using Maria, so that’s why she was talking like an actual human and with a bloodthirsty look alll over her face. That’s my hypothesis.

    About the OP and ED of the series… Well, I haven’t properly watched them. I just heard a bit and then skipped them. But what I’ve heard so far is weird opera sisters with their body full of cocaine, I guess…! Really, I went a little like :ehh: and WTH… But that’s all there is to it right now.

    And, before saying goodbye, I’ll just correct you a little at your P.S. and if you don’t like it, just ignore that last part. It’s not “Shannon’s b00bs are just… ENORMOUS” but rather like “Shannon’s boobs WERE enormous”.

    Thank you in advance, I had fun reading this post. And the replies of course! Bye bye!

  10. Westlo says:

    “No question that the manga is better and I blame the 13-episode time slot that Studion DEEN is only allowed by their main broadcast station or whatever.”

    It’s going to be around 26 episodes, Umineko is being released over 13 Bluray/DVDs volumes. Ep 1 which is probably the weakest of the 4 VNs released so far is obviously going to suffer the most so DEEN can properly do VN’s 2-4 which are far longer than VN 1.

  11. Gargron says:

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    That’s pretty much all. See ya <3
    .-= Gargron´s last blog ..Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 2 =-.

  12. Blackskull69 says:

    I really prefer the manga on the gore part :-_-: … I also didn’t feel the romance between Shannon and George too >.>. I really don’t like the VERY fast pacing.

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