Umineko no Naku Koro ni: I-III – Fugly


Oh hun, what’s with that face~?


Wow… Judging by how the anime handled it, I really didn’t feel sad about Shannon’s death and George’s loss on the anime at all. I guess it wasn’t really developed much and they just made it look so lacking, bland and forgettable. I guess that’s one flaw the anime had. I found myself hard to symphatize with any of the characters yet (except for Jessica, I guess? So lame she lacks some screentime in this episode T^T).

More focus on Eva this episode, and that means something XD. Later, you’ll know~. But yeah, her talk with Battler is nicely executed. Even her speculations about the servants (ALWAYS blame the butler/maid and learn from horror movies! XD) and her move by putting in a paper on the door. I just like her bitchy character sfm. The only thing I lol’d about her is when she theorized that Natsuhi hit the old man with the candleholder. I LOL’d so hard XDD.

Ok, now I’ll really stop pretending. I wanna kill Maria to be frankly honest. She just… ruins the quality of everything. Her ugly-mode face is not ugly in a way to scare me, but ugly in a way that it’s really… ugly-annoying and funny. Like a monkey XDD. LOL!!! And it’s just being repeated. Ugh… And WTF they can’t even notice that this brat has some sort of personality and mental disorder already. Well here’s the news, the bitches at Higurashi pulls it off better than you.

But on the bright side, COMPLETELY NO FREAKING “UU~”s THIS EPISODE XD!!!! YAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111~ …But there are still some “Kihihihi~”‘s scattered though =.=… Ok, still die.

And don’t stare at the picture below, or else…


They are shamelessly plugging Higurashi two weeks in a row. I didn’t really thought it was fun because they should have brought more intensity to the scene with Natsuhi and the gun.

Yes, Natsuhi~ XD. Favorite crazy face of the week goes to her.

Well at east even though Eva’s dead she still manages to look FIERCE! Work that dead body, nevermind that headache~.

I was grossed out not by the fact that he got stabbed in the head but because the fat man’s naked. EW.

The animation in come parts of this episode horrible it’s funny too XD. Genji is see-through while Kanon’s Wing crest on his collar was missing, great kudos to people who pointed those out XD. On the bright side, I have so much praise for me to say on the seiyuus. Horie Yui did well done again on Maria. I personally dislike the face distortions of her but when it comes to her voice acting, she’s *___* awesome.. Miki Itou is definitely doing a fierce job on Eva, which is my favorite out of the siblings lol. Emi Shinohara, Natsuhi’s seiyuu, also did well as usual in the intense scenarios.

Well this is just the best episode out of the three. The pacing improved a lot, the timing was great, well until that it felt like it should have ended a few minutes earlier than just left a cliffhanger instead, like the previous episode did. It’s up to you if it’s a good thing or not. But hey, at least I’m feeling that this series is now becoming a contender for my top 5 this season ^^.

More screenshots on the gallery next page.


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6 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni: I-III – Fugly”

  1. Onibaku says:

    :freeze2: They sure know how to animate facial reactions that can creep anyone out.

  2. issa-sa says:

    Honestly speaking, I don’t watch anything that ends with “Naku Koro ni” and handled by Studio DEEN to sympathize or relate with characters (*snorts*, seriously, how is Battler supposed to be relatable to any human being in RL that isn’t delusional?) or deliver quality animation – so long as people die and look fugly while doing it (and the fuglier the emo distortions the better :thumb: ) I’m as happy as Maria was in this episode 😆
    .-= issa-sa´s last blog ..LIVE DIAMOND = Dead Panda =-.

  3. Son Gohan says:

    I liked Hideyoshi, George’s father. He comforted his son without scolding him for proposing to a lowly maid. He was the only one capable to tame that Eva b*tch. R.I.P.

  4. maya-nee says:

    like what you said, the crest on Kanon was not on his collar..
    did they have have a mistake or did they leave that on purpose?
    mii.. i wonder..

  5. Xiao says:

    I kinda find it hard to sympathize with characters from any Naku Koro ni installment. Maybe because it’s just been established that someone’s always going to get killed and then brought back to life later on? Hmm…dunno. But that’s why the plot’s so interesting so I focus on that more. The characters are serving the plot, not really the other way around. Or at least I can say it’s not really equally balanced between both. I hope I make sense. ^^;

    Miki Itou’s deliverance of Eva’s lines was awesome win (“Go ahead! Shoot me if you dare!” and I was like “HELLYEA!” xDDD;;; ). I have to admit that it pissed me off to hear Eva always talking in that snide, condescending tone that reminds me so much of Miyo from Higurashi, whom I dislike. It didn’t really help that their personalities were a bit similar, too, but I guess what turned my mind around for Eva is that she’s an honest scheming bitch (LOL) from the start while Miyo had been hiding everything until later on. Plus I can understand her hate for Krauss and wanting to inheritance to benefit George so that made her more interesting to me as well.

    Maria is annoying and fails at being psycho and yandere. -_-;
    Every time she pulls on her crazy face, I can never take her seriously cuz of that fang. And what the hell? How does everyone (besides Battler, I guess) look at her insane laughing as something normal?
    But I agree, Yui Horie did a very good job with twisting her voice to match her twisted personality.

    I loled when Natsuhi lost her temper and just aimed the gun at Eva. Is this a common thing in Naku Koro ni to just snap and point weapons at someone? Or maybe I just find it weird that Natsuhi who learned to keep composed only a few hours ago (thanks to her talk with Kinzo) to get so mad at Eva’s accusation. Then again, Eva was being a major extreme bitch and they both hated each other for a long time so gotta take that into consideration, too. :/

    Haha, now I’m suspecting Genji to be the ones passing through walls and committing the murders cuz of that shot. xD;

    And…yea, I liked this ep a lot better than the first two. Then again, I don’t know what really happened beyond the latest manga chapters but the pacing didn’t feel as rushed so I’m okay with it.

    So now I’m wondering who’s going to get killed next week. *shifty eyes* >.> <.<

    Thanks for the review! ^^
    .-= Xiao Jie´s last blog ..Nakayoshi August ‘09 RAWs =-.

  6. kanzeon says:

    @Onibaku: The did not creep me out at all. Maybe annoying or funny yes ^__^.

    @issa-sa: You ice queen panda~ ^^.

    @Son Gohan: Yeah, I like him for being a very composed and cool husband and father ^^.

    @maya-nee: It’s either Studio Deen is plain stupid or maybe they’re not making efforts anymore on Kanon because he might be the next to go? T_T

    @Xiao Jie: I felt once with Rena on Higurashi though for shipping purposes. Other than that, I find myself amused and sadistically laughing when a brutal death happens XD. But still, argh @ Umineko for the lack of building up the characters, even though there’s a reset button present.

    I just like my scheming bitches XD. And I agree between Eva and Mio ^^. Haha lol that part with the gun was awesome. Gotta love her honesty~

    YES! THE FANG! I FORGOT TO MENTION ABOUT THE FANG! Gawd~ That was seriously annoying the hell out of me =.=… In the manga though, at least Battler’s like “WTF?” seeing her sister going feaky like that, but in the anime… :/

    Haha that gun-pointing part was the best part of the episode for me XDD. Higurashi lacked guns though, because they rely more on knives and cleavers and nail-removing equipment XD. But yeah~ I’m also just lol’ing so hard, especially on how Eva’s theory XDD.

    Lmao~ Genji is a ghost O___O!!!

    Haha, I wonder too~ It’s so fun to be innocent with what’s happening on the series ^^. Keeps the suspense and paranoia <3. Thanks for the comment ^.^

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