Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: 3


This show… Y so awesome?


We’re just at the third episode of TM8.0 but the series is just as highas amazing already. Probably my favorite so far. Not only that it showed natural and scientific factors that play on the tragedy, we also get to witness other factors that can be total threats as well to safety.

In the third episode, rescue ships finally arrive at Odaiba, and the survivors of the earthquake now has to go over the port. Of course it’s not as easy at it looks, for there are so many obstacles to encounter. Not only the earthquakes scattered everytime, for people and uneasy commucation can also be a factor for struggle.


In this episode, I can say that Mari totally gets the spotlight. I really love how optimistic she is, and somewhat I can say that I just wanna be like her when I grow up as well. She’s a very strong mother, even though she’s a single mom, but her care for people does not only ends on her daughter, as we can all see in this episode.

Well she’s the type of character that’s absolutely rare to find these days. In this situation where everyone’s totally up alone for their own safety, Mari’s just different. She helped a stuck stroller, shared band-aids to Mirai’s swollen heel, and just sparkled positivity on that almost-helpless situation.


As for Yuuki, he’s still such an adorable little angel relying everything on the others because he’s still plain innocent. I just love Yuuki because just like Mari, he’s quite optimistic as well ^^.


When Mari asks the two kids to hold her hand, Yuuki did but Mirai’s stubborness strikes back again and she refuses with all her “I’m not a kid waaah waah” drama. But because of that disobedience, she lost them in the mass of people and worse, an earthquake struck back again.

A traumatized Mirai is stunned, and people walking are just pushing her away. I kinda feel bad for her at that, and I really became mad at those kind of people >:(… Sigh, these types of people deserve to be burned to hell…


Before she thought that she’ll be pushed away again, good thing Mari grasped her. Awww~ Mari is made of such awesome!


And then the tragic happening just never seem to end. Another earthquake strikes and we get to see a huge flyover/bridge fallinng down to a mass of people. We can assure that everyone’s not totally safe. And Mirai, Mari and Yuuki are just lucky enough that they are the main characters to they still survive this lol.


Well not only that, but people themselves are acting as obstacles upon each other. This scene where the pushings of people here and there ending up on a huge human landslide is just scary. Bones just does a good job on portraying realism of impatient human beings.


D’AAWWWW~~~ I almost on my tears seeing Yuuki in trouble and lost in the mass of people.


I don’t know if I’ll laugh or feel bad for the idiot but that scene totally made my day.


So they get on with the boat, and there’s also another boat that went by as well. The bridge is still burning, and with that undeniable damage on it, we can sense that it’s gonna fall off anytime. And it did. The bridge fell on the sea, making a huge wave, attacking that other rescue ship. Killing all the people inside that ship as they drown.

Well again, Mirai and company just got lucky once again, for if they just missed out on a second and get into the wrong ship, they’d be swimming dead by now. But the moments of this episode just gets entirely intense and it’s just really hard to breathe XD.

Seeing that shocking incident right before their eyes, Mari’s hands are shaking, and Mirai noticed it because she’s holding them. Mirai felt that and held it. I thought that this particular scene is just well done, and the character development is just amazing.



Well that was an excellent episode once again. This show just kept me emotionally dragged along because I can’t help but place myself in their situation. It can also happen because our country belongs to the volcano region as well.

I still did not appreciated Mirai’s socially defunct attitude, but I guess she’s made to be that anyway. In this episode though, we get to see beautiful vulnerability from her. But out of all the characters, Mari’s definitely my favorite because she’s really strong and she can really be a role model.

TM8.0 just proves that this is one of the gems this season, and even of the year, possibly. I’m sure of myself that I’ll continue this series up til the finale.

More screenshots on the gallery next page.

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6 Responses to “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: 3”

  1. phoenixdown110 says:

    I agree. One of the best series this season. :thumb:

  2. Akane says:

    This is the show of the season. Can’t ask for more how Bones handled it well. Mari as a living saint that has unbelievable optimism, while those who shove Mirai can just go burn to hell indeed.

    I hope they can all return to their homes safely.

  3. meteorhouse62 says:

    That guy who jump on to the boat failed hard :XD:

  4. Indeed, this show rocks.

    I think that Mirai is one of the more interesting characters I’ve seen in anime for some time.

    But this episode really delivered some strong emotional thrills.

    Good observation on the shaking hands and Mirai taking note of them. That kind of detail goes a long way for me.
    .-= ghostlightning´s last blog ..Aftershocks Magnitude 5.0 (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 03) =-.

  5. mikan-sakura says:

    I’m literally crying over when Yuuki gets into trouble since the past two episodes. I’m just soft when it comes to little brothers. In that short scene, I’m like at the edge of my tears already T_T.

    Don’t care much about Mirai though, she should be at least grateful that Mari’s VERY patient and has supreme level of understanding or else she’d be shoved down to the ground by people passing by up until the next episode lol :ohohoho:

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