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I’m supposed to add Kuroshitsuji 35 in here but I figured out that there’s too much to say in there and the manga’s so awesome to be included only in a digest so it’ll come on a separate post maybe later or tomorrow ^^. For now, enjoy what’s featured in here~

Inside the Digest:

– Shinobi Life: Ch. 28
– AAA: Ch. 9
– Sora no Manimani: Ch. 6
– Vampire Knight: Ch. 52


Shinobi Life: Chapter 28

Lmfao I don’t know what’s happening in this manga anymore. It’s pretty confusing and I don’t really bother to re-read it from the start lol. The current arc is just total mindf*ck shoujo, totally awesome to be straight up.

We have Beni still in search for the present time Kagetora. Kagetora also went in the proper time period where Beni is… But ugh, they both missed each other! Beni then falls into a river, and she gets rescued by the past Kagetora (the littler one). And he kissed her to give her air. Lol Beni got kissed by the shout-Kagetora 8DDD. Beni got Kagetora’s first kiss!!! <33 Totally cute how the younger Kagetora is falling in love with Beni too just like the old one ^^.

But ugh! Kagetora ALMOST got into the rigt time period but he just missed Beni >:(. I hope Kagetora won’t transfer to another one and will keep on searching for Beni in that time period because that would really suck if they extend the story for so long just with this arc.

Overall, it was kind of a very frustrating chapter but the kiss part totally made up for it and some young Kagetora cuteness!!! Show ▼


AAA: Chapter 9

OMG!!! :omg: I totally fangirled like insane in this chapter!!! I don’t really care much if it’s shallow or anything but I’m really enjoying Aoi x Hayato moments. Maeda can just GTFO and I’m done <33.

Chapter 9, “Takoyaki Promise”, starts off with Aoi asking Maeda and Hayato about hteir relationship but both don’t want reveal it. Hayato then activates his awesomeness and says that Aoi likes him, which ends up Aoi pushing him off the window lol. The mystery though is that Hayato and Maeda won’t reveal their relationship with each other. Are they brothers or relatives? Because that’s what I feel..

I absolutely loved it when Hayato took Aoi’s arm and ran away with her from the kiss she’s supposed to have from Maeda. YAY *insert huge sigh of relief*. And I lol’d so hard when Hayato blew the octopus ink on Maeda’s face XDD. The chapter ended with a fireworks scene (but no kiss T___T). Maeda saw the two outside while he feels that he’ll be competitive when it comes to Aoi now. Pssh~ Yeah right.


Sora no Manimani: Chapter 6

Yeah, I suck for not yet watching the anime’s third episode. That’s ’cause I would really want to wait for subs. Sorry again T.T… Mii-chan forgive me >__<!!!

Lol at Mihoshi saying totally misleading things like, “I’ll make sure you can’t sleep again tonight”. LOL XDD!!! And everyone at school seems to be spreading rumors all through out the entire school now about the scandalous (lol scandalous XDD) relationship of SakuMi~

Moving on, it really seems like the Kaichou is officially being an addition to Saku-chan’s harem. *throws rock at her* Boo! Leave my Mihoshi x Saku x Hime triangle alone >.>. Just kidding XD. But yeah, I hope Saku-chan won’t fall to the clutches of the Literature club… Mihoshi just glomp him to infinity being a member of the Astronomy Club forever!!! Even though he’s forced XD haha.

But seriously though, that was so cute of Mihoshi to (finally) apologize to Saku for being very possessive and pushy to him. That was a totally cute SakuMi moment in the end ^^.


Vampire Knight: Chapter 52

Oh my gosh~ RUKA AND KAIN ON THE COVER PAGE!!! They’re both so hot. And Ruka’s so pretty. When I saw her with that fierce purse, I screamed “OMG CHANEL!!! Work that purse, bitch! XD” Haha, ok, enough with the modelesque blabber XDD… Moving on, Kain is just plain smex. Shoot me becase I’ll say that he’s hotter than my Shiki, but Shiki wins on the “cute” contest though. And oh, Seiren’s also on that page, why would I forget about her? XDD.

Well I’m really glad we get to see some Kain and Ruka, though it’s just short and there isn’t any actual moments of development between the (secretly shipping them both XD). We also get to see a little bit of Zero&Co. but it’s only short and boring… And moving on, we get to see the arc’s possible villain again. She (what’s her name again? Tara? Kara? Ohh, Sara… lol sorry about that~) sits down pretty poised looking very scheming and all. She looks cute together with Ichijou though, maybe that’s just my weird thinking.

So yeah, we have another chapter again with no improvements. Oh lol, I just wish for any character to show up instead of those disgusting incest duo. *sigh* VK is really getting very slow right now. And the emo cheese is getting more and more annoying to the point that I almost don’t read it anymore and just look at the art instead while I click and click next page after the other. I don’t wanna rant about that annoying leech Yuuki because anymore I’ll just waste my precious time. I don’t wanna drop it though because I’ll lose something to troll about (trolling is fun, you know~<3).

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9 Responses to “Manga Digest”

  1. ooh! I didn’t know a new chapter of AAA was out, I’ll have to go check it out! : D

    “(what’s her name again? Tara? Kara? Ohh, Sara… lol sorry about that~)”
    Ahahaha, you’re doing better than me, all I could remember was, hey it’s that chick from before the time skip who seems to be rather crazy and has Ichijou locked up somewhere. xD
    .-= kel aka gandy ´s last blog ..Mixed Vegetables volume 1 =-.

  2. I dunno AAA, VK I gave up (can’t stand Yuki)

    Shinobi Life . . .OMG *_* I need to catch up

    also on Sora no Manimani . . .squee~
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Naruto – Chapter 457 =-.

  3. mikan-sakura says:

    AAA is love! :love:

    I feel the same way as you on VK. I always feel like skipping it on reading for I just check out the pics only to know what’s happening XD. Yuuki is such a leech indeed :rage: . I also enjoy trolling VK too because their fangirls are just plain stupid (no offense to them *peace ^^*) 😳

    • faer1edust says:

      Oh lols I can’t agree with you more on this one. VK fangirls are really stupid indeed. :ohohoho: No wonder why they’re so into the creepiness of Kaname and the undeniable bland bitch Yuuki. Blech! :red:

  4. maya-nee says:

    oh yeah… VK still exists… I thought it was dead because of that bitch Yuki :rage:

  5. kanzeon says:

    @ke aka gandy:
    Yup~ there is ^^. The updates had been very very slow so I almost lost track of it too. And LOL at least you know what’s happening in VK XD.

    @Sapphire Pyro:

    :cute: I LOVE YOU. :cute:

    That’s why it’s so fun to troll them :haha: !!! They take this shit too seriously.

    Yuuki is too bland and boring to be a “bitch”. She’s more like a… boring-crappy-overly-cliche’d-incestuous-shoujo-s!ut. 😉

  6. Ashelea says:

    I had stopped reading AAA for a while but since I saw your post, now I find it worth squee-ing back again~ ^^. Totally checking out the latest chappie later ”orz I’m just late.

    And VK… MEHH :bleh: I really can’t stand Yuuki so much. Give us MOAR side characters and Zero instead to keep this series more interesting and worth reading. All these incest stuff is just a bunch of annoying bull.

  7. ignorant wanderer says:

    vampire knight was going too much. can’t keep up with the story. i got super frustrated after the part where zero and yuki parted ways to go on with their life and blah.
    AAA is alright. as for shinobi life, it’s confusing yet interesting.i really like the way the story confuses people and makes sense at the same time(lol.i’m confused with what im typing now) and it gets interesting about the part where kagetora and beni time slipped into different times.

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