Hetalia Axis Powers: 24 – Awesome.


Look around, because some awesome chibi might be stalking you~!



This is probably the continuation of what happened on episode 18, with the Axis Powers still stranded on a mysterious island. They seem hungry, especially Germany, but Japan insists that they don’t have to worry because the island’s waters ae full of fishes. Germany then ranted that he’s tired of fish now, since he wants beer.


Italy as well said that he’s tired of fish too, and he mentioned that good thing he has dumplings. The Axis Powers were shocked to know that, since it’s nearly impossible to find dumplings in the middle of a deserted island xD.


Ludwig asked and Italy said he bought them. Wtf? There’s a dumpling shop??? Hmm…


While wandering around the forests, the Axis Powers stumbles upon a huge and colorful villa, which Yao seems to be the owner. It’s possibly Chinatown, and lol it’s totally scattered throughout the entire globe xD.


Wow~ Yao is really nice to share off the food of his culture even to his enemies. And lol I’m a fan of Chinese cuisine especially dimsum ^^. Yum~. *stomach growling* lol.

Liechtenstein and her Beloved Brother (Continuation)


Moving on, here are we on to Li-chan again and her narration about her beloved brother, Vash (Switzerland). She tells that her brother bought her a ribbon. They’re now on a supermarket, and Vash asks her what does she want for dinner. Li-chan said cheese fondue is alright.

It seems like there’s gonna be a fateful encounter to happen…


And Switzerland encounters Austria, whom both had been shocked to see each other.


A cute flashback is shown with little!Vash carrying a wounded little!Roderich in his back. Aww~ SO CUTE!!!


Vash takes a glimpse on Roderich’s basket and he saw expensive high quality food. Switzerland kinda became intimidated on how Roderich had become very rich, while he’s strictly saving money himself. Then he kinda became a show-off as well and reached out for an expensive cheese…


Switzerland having a cheese dilemma.


But he ended up buying the cheap one, and mentions that he didn’t bought it because of the price, but instead he likes the taste better xDDD. Haha I love how Vash shows a poser side because it’s so funny xD.


After that, Roderich invites Lichan and Vash to eat together with him. Since Vash is very stubborn, he quickly refuses even though Li-chan’s open with it. But it quickly come to Vash’s thought that since it’s Roderich’s treat, it’s free, he didn’t have to spend, and he can save money fabulously xD.


LOL the awkward and the tension xD.


The tension suddenly was interrupted when Li-chan dropped a chunk of food she’s eating. Vash then wipes it off her mouth, but it seems like that situation just reminded the two guys something way back again from the past.


Aww~ so cute xD. Roderich and Vash are so cute when chibis back then ^^. And since he has Vash anyway, he should just give Elizaveta (Hungary) to Gilbo (Prussia) instead xP.




.. x 100 times


:kyaa2: GILBOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :kyaa2:

And the AWESOME just popped out of nowhere in a sinister stalker chibi fashion~.

Haha I’m sf glad that he finally makes his official appearance (with more than just a line! MORE than just 1 line!!! XD). He’s voiced by Atsushi Kousaka, and it’s also a very fun fact that he voices Estonia and Greece as well ^^. Now those are just three complete opposities XD.


Of course, Gilbo’s so good that stalking Roderich and mocking in front of him, so all he did is to spread all dirt he knows on him to Vash XD. Haha~ Gilbo’s so bitter~ XD.

Oh God, Gilbo’s so busy talking he forgot that he still has a leaf on his hair xD.


Gil tells that Roderich saves so much, is very thrifty even though he’s rich, and he should be eating high quality food than normal one. He also said that he still wears worn-out clothes. Li-chan told her brother that Roderich is just like him xD. Lol.


And so the awkward dining continues~.



*tries to regain composure*

Obviously the best part of the episode is Gilbo (Prussia)’s entrance!!! Oh gawd I LOVE him! *fave APH guy ever*. He only had a cameo back then on episode 10, and now he’s officially on the series. And OMG his seiyuu just fits him so well~!. Looking forward to more Gilbo!!!



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4 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers: 24 – Awesome.”

  1. saimaisama says:

    Awww … look how unbelievably uke Roderich looks like when Gilbo’s around. I wish we can have Hungary, Austria and Prussia all in the same episode and in the same scene. That’d be an image of utter epicness.

    .-= saimaisama´s last blog ..[Nutshell] Umineko no Naku Koro ni 01 – “Uuuu ~” =-.

  2. Rai says:

    Gilbooo~~!!! i love this episode thanks to him! Hopefully there’s more of him in upcoming episodes >v< squee

  3. Gilbo is simply . . . THE AWESOME :kyaa2:

    I’m more of a Gilbo x Elizaveta fan, but I like my threesome (Gilbo x Elizaveta x Roderich) Heehee~
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..New Flavors: Kokaku Torimonochou =-.

  4. Camile says:

    Gilbert!!!! Finally, I get to see him with MORE than a LINE!!!

    hm… wonder if he notices the leaf?? ❓

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