First Look – GA-REI: Tsuina no Shou


Another side of the GA-REI world~


The story will primarily revolve on Takiguchi Tsuina and Souzae Mikado, which are the recent new characters that debuted on the eight volume on the main Ga-rei series. This is probably ome background manga about them. They totally caught my attention because of their appearances!!! I love Tsuina’s hot red hair color and OMFG I just love how Mikado looks!!! I love white-haired bishies!!! And he has glasses xD!!! Plus he’s such a cooldere as well~!! The moment I saw the cover I knew I’m picking up this Ga-Rei-lated series ^^(lol get it? rei-lated? xD).

I haven’t caught up on that part on the main Ga-rei manga where they showed up though, and the anime just made everything confusing =.=… But since they’re relatively new characters, I might not get confused with them lol ^^.

Tsuina instantly fell in love at first sight the moment she saw Mikado, their school student council president. Though she’s a tad bit unlucky with love since every guy she falls in love with always end up being in a bad situation, and that just started other guys to be scared of her. What made it worse is that she sees spirits, and is surrounded by them.


Just by their first encounter, we can already tell that their situation isn’t your typical boy-meets-girl, because it is boy-meets-girl-and-spirits surrounding them XD.


Haha, no doubt why Tsuina instantly fell in love with Mikado… HE’S SO DARN COOL! What made him the guy for Tsuina is that he didn’t get a bad effect when she’s near him, unlike the any other guys she had before. Downside though is that she cannot share their first encounter story to everyone because… lol how would people believe about all the spirit chaos happening around them-thing?! xD.


Tsuina seems really determined to get her love so she follows him when she saw Mikado on the news about a mysterious monster attack.


Just before Tsuina gets into danger, somebody rescued him! Guess who? Clue: Another character from the Ga-Rei series returns~~~.


It’s Izuna!!! D’aww I missed his awesomeness from the anime xD.


But anyway, before more trouble ensues because of the spirit being on wrath, Mikado finally comes into their rescue with his awesome shikigami ^^. And gawd, he’s so cool!!!!!!! I love his sky-colored hair!!! SQUEEE!!!


Fufufu~!!! Mikado is already tsun-tsun to Izuna xDD. I wonder what happened to two of them that made Izuna a “traitor” to Mikado.


MIKADO’S SO COOOOOL!!! Haha save the world then get the girl~! XD. But it seems like he’s not after that “get the girl” part because he’s gonna do no matter what just to destroy the spirit, even killing Tsuina T^T. Izuna prevented him to do so though, since he’s known for being the resident playboy on Ga-Rei, he loves the ladies~ XD.


Tsuina just can’t believe what’s happening because all she wanted was to cross another path again with Mikado.


But she unleashes an awesome power!!! Hooray~ Go Tsuina!


After the action, Mikado took Tsuina to his home to rest, while he, along with Izuna and the other members of the Department of Prevention of Supernatural Disasters lounges around. Izuna teases a little bit to Mikado lol.


Haha~ That’s our playboy Izuna xD!!! Possible love triangle? Nah~ we all know Izuna’s real love is still the FIERCE! Yomi ^^. And since he’s a playboy, he just teases Mikado. Come on, bring the two closer Izuna xDD!!!


It is yet an another interesting addition to the GA-REI World. Segawa Hajime is just awesome for putting up so much cool characters in different series and have them all linked together ^^.

Mikado’s so awesome!!! And I want to read the chapter where he, along with Tsuina, finally makes their appearance on the main GA-REI manga. Mikado just looks so cool ^^. Probably will be my overall fave GA-REI guy if he continues being so awesome. And I’m just sucker for those cooldere guys that get easily embarassed xD. Tsuina looks like she’s gonna be a kick-ass heroine as well. But let’s see if I’ll love her just like Yomi and Kasuga~.

Overall, I totally enjoyed the first chapter. I can’t wait for more!

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2 Responses to “First Look – GA-REI: Tsuina no Shou”

  1. Ernest says:

    i really like this new series too. the new girl is going to make things very interesting. also, you should read watch the anime when you have read thru the first arc of the main manga. since the anime is a prequel and talks mainly about the Yomi ghost that appears in the first arc of the manga.

  2. I’m not much of a GA-REI universe fan, but this version looks itneresting *_*
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 11, 12, & 13 =-.

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