Umi Monogatari: 01 – Eyesores


Mermaid butts always get the attention.


OP Theme: “violet” by marble

I think this one got leaked a while ago so I think a lot already knows about it. I quite like the song and the animation underwater is beautiful ^^.


We’re introduced to the sisters Marin and Urin, who belong to an underwater tribe. I can’t figure out if they’re mermaids or not, because they don’t have a tail lmao~ But yeah, they’re living underwater.

Marin finds a ring while playing with Urin underwater. She figured out that she must return it to the owner. So she and her sister plans to go out on land, by using rings from a statue for them to breathe there.


Meet Kanon.


The owner of the ring turns out to be Kanon, and she threw the ring because it was given to her by her ex-lover that dumped her. Lol she seems really bitter on lovers thing and negativity is quite a bad thing but Kanon totally makes it looks funny and cool XD.


The sisters are now in the land, in which a festival is currently taking place. They saw a girl by the shore singing with a really beautiful voice. After that, Kanon finds out that they’re looking for the ring’s owner so Marin returned back the ring to her, only to get thrown away again by Kanon. Oh lol, Kanon.


Kanon seems to get really pissed off about the guy who looks like a more bishie-fied Kitamura from ToraDora! and it just got worse when she saw him at the festival with another girl.


So yeah, the sisters searches for the ring. And then… BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS @[email protected] I really lol’d so hard on this because Marin just gets some attention to the town people (who won’t anyway? XD). Wear some pants girl!


Awww~ Urin! T_____T I totally find this really depressing because her stupid sister lost her. And then when the fireworks started, it scared the heck out of her more because she’s so alone T___T. I feel bad for her…


So yeah, Urin just runs and runs towards the dark forest until she trips, that leads her on seeing the ring back. But she didn’t knew that she accidentally broke the seal on a coffin there, which released dark smoke that enveloped the island, and even the ring she got. After that, a lighting suddenly strikes, which made a statue of a turtle glow.


ED Theme: “Tōmei na Inori (透明な祈り)” by Masumi Itō

The ED Theme is the best among all the other good things about this show. I just lovelovelovelovelove it to bits!!! It’s like a storytelling about the Little Mermaid. Everyone should check it out ^^.


First Impressions:

It’s not outstanding, nor horrible. It’s just decent. The story seems to be quite promising with all the fantasy and “the power of friendship” thing, amusing characters and lush art getting mixed on a bowl with high production values. Here are some other things that’s worth mentioning:



Uh-oh~ I got my favorite character already XD… But lol, she’s so awesomely crack. The glasses ex-boyfriend seems to be really interesting though, because on a first look, he doesn’t seems to look like much of a playboy and he looks really awkward yet nice. So anyway back to Kanon, what made me love her are the faces she makes that gives Alicia (Valkyria Chronicles) gets a rival. They’re so hilarious. And her RAAAWR-ness is just crack XD.

Speaking of the characters besides Kanon, I also wanna huggle Urin, especially on how she really looked scared and all during the fireworks in the forest T___T. Nothing strikes me on Marin so far, besides from her ass who always has the attention of the people.

The chibi comedy.


The comedy works for me, and I really love how they started off the series being all light and fresh at the first half, then it becomes really heavy and dark on the next half.

Plus the chibi faces they make are so cute xD!!! My favorite part in there was when they surfaced through the land breeze, and lol they’re covering their noses just like when we’re covering our if we are in water XD. And chibis just wins me over so it is an auto-win~.

The background music and art.


That mermaid butt just ruins it.


The art was really lush and just relaxing to look at. I love the crayon-esque touch on the forests, and its simplicity. And of course, I absolutely love the animation on the sea. Well I guess it should because of their high production values. So yeah, overall the art is nice from land to sea~.

What I also love to bits is the piano bgm, especially on that part where Marin and Kanon are searching for poor Urin. It’s a really magical touch, not to sound really cheesy and all, but I really love the piano bgms.

Overall, I like it. Not love it, just like it ^^. It was, again, I’ll repeat it, fairly decent and standard. I’m not sure if I’ll blog it though, since the day this airs will match Umineko, which is what I’m looking forward to more this season. But I’ll definitely check out the next episode ^^.

Screenshot Gallery is on the next page.


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9 Responses to “Umi Monogatari: 01 – Eyesores”

  1. Emiko-chan says:

    This series looks interesting (I’ve been looking for a good mahou shoujo recently, so this might work…) Urin looks so cute~ Marin… needs to cover her butt, lol. Kanon seems like a pretty fun character (I’m a sucker for overreacting girl with funny faces XD)

    I’ll have to reserve all of my other opinions until I actually see the episode, though. ^^;

  2. I think that to a certain degree, I’m predisposed towards liking it because of the people who are behind this show, but I’ll have to keep an open mind on this since there is a chance it could be so-so and run with that. Early reports aren’t praising it a whole lot, but I’ll give it three episodes to right itself.

  3. I don’t think this series will become a favorite of mine (though I think I might like the green haired girl too xD) but I guess it’s still worth checking out. At least it seems better than the fight ipatsu series one x_x
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Axis Powers Hetalia – Episode 23 Preview =-.

  4. sasuke665 says:

    Looks very interesting. Where can I watch this with subs?

  5. Rin says:

    That looks good. I’ve been dying to watch this anime, it’s just that it’s not English subbed. If people are already making posts about it, they must know where it is and are hiding it from me, or they understand Japanese.
    .-= Rin´s last blog ..Hot Anime guy of the Week: Zero =-.

  6. Ashelea says:

    I really like the first episode of this one. But yeah, that’s probably because of their high production. The bgms are love and I also like the background art ^^.

    But I think what made me like it is that I was expecting some transforming Mahou-shoujo action and thank god the first episode turned out to be… different. It’s so calm, slow and melancholic. Poor Urin too T__T. I almost bawwwed on that scene where she’s running and scared because of all the fireworks :baww2:

  7. faer1edust says:

    I love the ED theme of this!!! Probably that’s the best thing it has tbrh xD. But yeaaah, like Ashelea, I also expected some transformation stuff to happen already lol. The story seems slow but.. it’s too early to judge it~

  8. TJ says:

    The episode itself was alright, but agreed that the ED sequence was pretty impressive. Little Mermaid :aww:
    .-= TJ´s last blog ..To-Love-Ru 154 =-.

  9. Kitsune says:

    I also posted my impression of this anime 🙂 I enjoyed background art and music the most 🙂

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