To-Love-Ru: Ch 151 – Bye Black Cat~


Aww~ I’ll miss him… AGAIN XD.


From the cliffhanger last chapter, it turns out that Kuro’s target is not really Lala, it’s the guy behind her (don’t know his name, heck I don’t even care XD… Kurooo~!!!). So yeah, I wouldn’t go beyond that since I don’t really know what’s happening and I just picked this manga up only because of Train (Kuro) having a cameo XD.


Ohohoho~ Train and Eve Kuro and Yami has a dirty little secret they don’t want to share to Yami’s friends~ ;3 lol.


And lol at Kuro XD. That’s called fanservice, Kuro XDD. Lol and his shocked face is so epic… not to mention so cuuuute too~ He’s blushing so much which is so quite different from his regular, serious heartless-assassin self XD.


Kuro finally bids farewell to the gang, and leaves Yami (whom he calls “Golden Darkness” like how he calls her “Hime-something I forgot XD” in Black Cat… But LOL at him for calling Yami in such a very cheesy manner XD) And I really love how it looks like they’re so shippable! Kyaa~ I just wanna glomp these two together! XD.

It looks like his mini-arc is over… It’s… over for real??? Nuuuu!!!! T___T *bawwwws for eternity* I’ll miss Kuro so much. Oh well, anyone just let me know if he comes back and I’ll pick up the manga again~ ^__^. *shallow reader* XD



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9 Responses to “To-Love-Ru: Ch 151 – Bye Black Cat~”

  1. quigonkenny says:

    >>”Kuro finally bids farewell to the gang, and leaves Yami (whom he calls ‘Golden Darkness’ like how he calls her ‘Hime-something I forgot XD’ in Black Cat… But LOL at him for calling Yami in such a very cheesy manner XD)”

    Um… You do know Golden Darkness (Konjiki no Yami) is her full name, right?

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah, but it’s still funny how Kuro still calls her that when Yami herself suggested that she wants to be called Yami-chan instead of Golden Darkness XD.

  2. TJ says:

    The mini-arc ended in the typical To-Love-Ru fashion, which means nothing important happened at all. Kuro will be back though… eventually.

    TJ’s last blog post..Fullmetal Alchemist 96

  3. TrainPWN says:

    lol kuro has black hair but train has brown hair and kuro “hades” doesnt have the number “XIII” on it(i think train and eve are 1000 time better than yami and kuro).Kyoko call train kuro-sama and in english its mister black(WTF how can they be girl named kyoko kirisaki(the magical girl)if theres already a kyoko kirisaki(ex-killer from the apostle of the star)

  4. TrainPWN says:

    oh yeah i forgot:Train call her lil princess(manga) or princess(anime)
    😡 :cheer: :runs:

  5. TrainPWN says:

    oh yeah:i love his song”white milk,red milk,yellow milk is also bad!!oh,oh,oh ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!milk festive is coming to town!!!!!!
    :XD: :XD:

  6. ~Cuppycake~ says:

    that does look like him even cuter as well!!! :omg:
    i am so, like drooling over him :ohohoho: MEGA HOTTIE!!! :kyaa2:

  7. TheGrimReaper says:

    Well , obviously this ain’t such a big deal, however, the ultimate idea that the author can make is a crossover universal epic episode, The Codename Black vs Train “BlackCat” Heartnet, who would win? who will be the champion? its all rest upon how strong, creative and wonderful our imagination is, OR , we could suggest the author to make this one special epic episode.. easy no?

    you had implied your wisdom,
    in the time of the great darkness,
    madness and sorrow alike,
    yet it had shine light upon us,
    your dear reader,
    may it bring personal meanings,
    for each of anyone set their eyes,
    upon your masterpiece,
    may it be our might,
    may it be our guide,
    may it be at our side, always…

    I created this short poem , to all manga-ka creator and author for their arts and masterpiece of all time till today that earn multiple and unlimited respect from me, you guys and the whole worlds, i wish hentai wouldn’t exist, coz its giving manga or anime shounen or doujin a bad name, heck , they tried to copy the author but the drawing or anime hentai sucks!!! Really a ruin of such history of greatest manga/anime…

    ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
    ┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ ●●PeAcE OuT●●

    No violent! No hatred! No Wars! LONG LIVE MANGA/ANIME!!
    i love friends! who wanna be my friendS!? raise your hands! and give me your e-mail! wooo! peace out!

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