Suzumiya Haruhi 2009: Endless Eight (Again)


KyoAni is sending God-level trolls upon us! The world has come to an end!!!!!11


It’s one hot summer vacation, while Kyon and his sister are watching a game. A phone call suddenly rushes in to Kyon, and it’s Haruhi. She invites him once again to the pool.


Haruhi then drags the SOS Brigade to the public pool, and it seems like each and everything that’s happening is like a sense of deja vu to Kyon. At night, they attended the festival again, catched some goldfish, and played with fireworks. After that the repetition continues when they did some bug-catching, some business, and the same stuff. Hey, haven’t they did those before?

What I found really awesome is that KyoAni didn’t even dare to go the cheap way by recycling scenes from the previous episode. I think the animation value is also better. It’s also cool how they changed clothes even the swimsuits, yukata style and Yuki’s mask. Btw, I would have wished for some scenes to get repeated again like in the fireworks where Kyon’s riding the bicycle and Yuki watching that snake-like fireworks. That would have been cooler.




At night, Kyon’s sleep was interrupted when a call from a crying Mikuru came. Mikuru seems to be with Itsuki at the same time and they want him to come over. Kyon hurriedly comes over to the three of them. It seems that Mikuru cannot go back to the future anymore. Itsuki then thinks that it’s because they’re in an endless time loop happening since the last 2 weeks of August. He also says that Haruhi’s behind this phenomena but she’s just unaware about it. Yuki remembers everything though, and she explains that it’s happening 15,948 times, but some repetitions had variations.


Since they don’t know what to do yet, they have no choice but to let it continue. They’re now on the stargazing activity, with the help of Itsuki providing the telescope. Haruhi’s bored searching for Martians and UFO, so she just rests with Mikuru together.

While she’s sleeping, Itsuki suggested to Kyon that he should whisper “I love you” to her because that might solve the problem and make Haruhi think of other else and move on. Kyon declines though, so Itsuki just jokingly said what if he would just be the one to do it.


We also get to know the reason why Yuki remained silent throughout the whole time of repetition. It’s because her only reason is to observe. But damn, if I were to do the same ol’ things 15,948 times, I would have died, lol.




So the SOS Brigade just went on and on with the same ol’ stuff they did. Fishing, bowling, karaoke, and many more just like everything they did on the last two weeks of August, 15k times.

And then they finally approached the end of the vacation, and Haruhi’s asking everyone if they still want to do something. Since everyone doesn’t want to anymore, she ends the to-do list, but it seems that deep within her, she’s still unsatisfied and she wants to have more fun, that’s what had come into Kyon’s mind. So when Haruhi leaves, Kyon thought that all the repetitions must be over so he catches up with her. But then, he got lost in thought and he failed to do so.


Kyon then wakes up on August 31st (last day of vacation), with his homework still undone. He thought of not making it anymore because the week will have to repeat anyway.

Wow, I thought that this would end the arc but it seems like it’s gonna extend more up to next week or longer. I find it awesome that KyoAni didn’t dare re-used any scenes for the deja vus because that’s what I thought at first. But lol, the repetition scenes turned out to be way better than the previous one.

This episode is the continuation of Endless Eight, and Kyon finally discovered that everything’s been happening 15,948 times already because of a time loop thanks to Haruhi. I really did enjoy the episode once again and I guess KyoAni did this thing to prepare those who haven’t read the light novels yet. But damn, is the second season will be all about Endless Eight and have this mini arc repeat for several more episode until this ends? XD.



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12 Responses to “Suzumiya Haruhi 2009: Endless Eight (Again)”

  1. Toonleap says:

    Damn, if they repeat Endless Eight for the whole season, I will jump from a tower, like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day”…He went nuts also… 😆

  2. cinderbird says:

    This episode has so much KyonxItsuki undertones :ohohoho:
    Looks like when Itsuki said “I love you”. I think it’s totally for Kyon instead of Haruhi xDDD;.

    But anyway on a serious note, I’m amazed by the fact that KyoAni didn’t even recycled a single animation as far as I could remember in his episode. This makes me more excited for the mini-arc’s conclusion.

    Second season being all about Endless Eight? NO WAII :red:

  3. ty says:

    i love the animation in this episode! :oha:

  4. Rin says:

    What!? Another episode is out!? *goes off to watch
    .-= Rin´s last blog ..Hot Anime guy of the Week: Zero =-.

  5. Tsaot says:

    What gets me with this is the book has the loop ending on the 15,498th iteration and they didn’t here. I literally yelled “No!” at my TV when the end credits rolled. :haha: Then I went out and found a random blog (guess which one) that had already written about this and note my shock, SHOCK I tell you, at this sudden and unexpected twist in events. What I had expected to happen as chronicled in the translation at (spoilers ahead) Baka-Tsuki was not to be in this version. How it is wrapped up will certainly be most interesting.

    • Michael says:

      Perhaps we will find out that, in fact, Nagato has NOT been experiencing every single loop. Perhaps during some iterations, her memory was erased along with everyone else’s, or perhaps every time Itsuki discovers the time loop, she says it is the 15,498th iteration. Just a possibility.

      Or, it might be a mistake.

      Or, they’re fucking with us as usual.

  6. kanzeon says:

    Itsuki ish :love:

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  8. Kyzerkai says:

    Does anyone have a timeline of Haruhi events from the novel? This new season will be 14 episodes long. 4 episodes have already shown, and since it’s likely this will go up until the actual vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya, and since it’s in chronological order, all new events from now until then will be animated. I’d say the vanishment will take a minimum of four and a maximum of six episodes, so it’s simple math: four plus six is ten, 14-10=4, so take out however many events still need to be shown and we have our estimated end of endless eight. :runs:

    And yes, I know it is a mouthful :bleh:

  9. Anon-ymous says:

    what a bunch of total bullshit. Its the same shit over and over again.

    “great animation” my goddamn ass.

  10. saijin says:

    What are they doing!! What a bunch of total bullshit to the peak level!! They already loop it 7 times, based on the novel, it should end in 15,498 times, this week episode its already 15,524..

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