Suzumiya Haruhi 2009: Endless Eight



First of all, there’s a new OP! It’s entitled “Super Drive” and sung by none other than Aya Hirano, or the goddess behind Haruhi herself. I find the animation really awesome with its comic-like style, and I’ll admit that I’m one of the few that like it. At first watch, I was “meh”, but on the second run, I had come to like it. Still not better than “Bouken Desho Desho” though… and still not loving Aya Hirano’s singing much.


Hahaha, I can’t be any more happier with the fact that Endless Eight finally aired, and will be followed with all new episodes on the next weeks! Haruhi’s definitely blazing up the comeback.

One boring summer day, in the middle of watching sports on television, Kyon gets a call from Haruhi. Haruhi then, enthusiastically invites him to go swimming and all, as she wants to enjoy the summer vacation to the fullest.


And it’s pooltime! The SOS Dan sure had a lot of fun. And Itsuki mentioned that all’s well with the universe as long as Haruhi’s enjoying herself. (while Mikuru is an epic fail).


And we call finally say that Haruhi’s back and hotter than ever.


And then the SOS Dan head off to the festival, with Haruhi-picked yukatas worn by the girls of the Brigade. Everyone looks sweet in their kimonos I can’t even pick a favorite out of them 8D. Haruhi really wants to fulfill Mikuru’s only request, which is to do some Goldfish-catching.

Not only that though, but Yuki also got an alien mask, did the shooting game wrong (with the gun in reverse XD). And yeah, the typical festival fun activities in Japan.


What’s a Summer night without fireworks anyway? And damn, I wanna do what Kyon had did with the bike thing and fireworks, though I hope I wouldn’t end up being dead or severely injured after doing that =P. Also, I have no idea what the hell that type of fireworks Yuki is looking at, but that scene is unexpectedly awesome.


And it’s cicada-catching time! The gang sure had a fun time because the cicada-catching is not just a normal game, the winner will be Brigade Chief for a day. Also, once again, Mikuru proves that she one huge fail of a being, great job Mikuru. The winner is still Haruhi, meaning that nobody would take her place EVAA.

So yeah, it’s all slice-of-life fun as the SOS Brigade tries on different things throughout the entire summer.


Playing mascots for Haruhi’s own benefits…






Viewing fireworks…


And then what seemed to be like an endless fun summer just continued on and on until the 30th of August. From beach trips, fishing and bravery tests to watching the latest blockbusters to karaoke marathons, fun just never seem to stop for the SOS Brigade in their summer.


And all what they wanted to do is finally done. Now that’s summer. Have fun until you die of exhaustion… lol I mean until you have time to waste on. And have your friends there by your side will make everything memorable and worthwhile to be really fun. And by the very last minute until school’s back, enjoy procrastinating on completing your homeworks~ =P.


Well for those who haven’t read the novels would probably say that this episode “sucks” or is “filler” and “nonsense” shit. Wait until the next episode, friends. I don’t wanna spoil it, but all I can say is that there’s an awesome twist to this. Kukukuku… I’m all hyped up for more Haruhi!


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8 Responses to “Suzumiya Haruhi 2009: Endless Eight”

  1. Toonleap says:

    I thought it was a filler as well…jeez, I spoiled myself reading some blogs and seems next episode should save Kyoani lots of animation time…Hope next episode it will happen… :runs:

  2. Rin says:

    What!? :freeze2: There’s another subbed episode of Haruhi out? *goes to watch it*
    .-= Rin´s last blog ..Kitchen Princess Chapter 47 =-.

  3. cinderbird says:

    Lawl~ I always love how Haruhi trolls everyone. Next episode would be definitely fab.

  4. Anonymous says:

    People who said that this episode sucks are either retards or newfags to Haruhi. This episode is pure slice-of-life fun and for sure the part two of Endless Eight will be awesome.

    • jimi says:

      Yeah, It did suck and son did the next and the next and the next and the next and the neeeeeeexxxxxxttttt. Looks like you are the retard and newfag, eh??

  5. Ashelea says:

    I thought that the episode was perfectly fine… filler or not. But then, I’m quite shallow with what I’m watching and this episode has so much great moments of fun with the SOS Dan and I’m glad that Haruhi wants to make everybody’s summer happy. And I’m also happy with your screenshot of Haruhi and Kyon sleeping on the train trip :blush2:

  6. […] abhorrence of repetition? Which we have yet to see wrt the Endless part of this episode as noted by Metanorn, toonleap and Onibaku while Omni regrets spoiling […]

  7. Radiant says:

    Boy… these 3 episodes suck sooo bad… for those morons who haven’t read the books and call us who have actually read em retards the endless summer ep is the shortest of them all… its just a tiny history in one of the books… it takes only 47 pages out of over 180 in the 5th book… and they made 4 chapters(including the next one which im hopping is the conclusion) out of this??? WTF?? 😡 in the book all is solved on iteration 15,498… at this rate they’re gonna make 8769 (you’ll find out why soon enough… i hope) ep’s of the same shit….

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