Music Digest: “Nobody, Nobody but chu~”


Genderswapped K-On! is just awesomecakes.

Uhm, the pic isn’t really related to anything in the digest. And… I-I-I-it’s not that I want to shamefully promote that I have uploaded a new video in my youtube channel a few weeks ago: a genderbent version of K-On!’s “Fuwa Fuwa Time”… And I really don’t mean to make you subscribe to my channel even though I don’t really have much time to decorate my rotting channel page and upload vids that often… Yeah, not at all! ^^;;. SO anyway, on with the digest~!!!

In the digest:
Featured Artist: Wonder Girls
– Japan Top 50 Singles [06/20]
– Billboard Top 50 [07/04]
– Jordin Sparks
– An important thing…

Featured Artist: Wonder Girls


Woah… Wonder Girls is rapidly becoming a huge hit here on our non-Korean speaking country. All thanks to the Boys Over Flowers phenomenon happening in here ^__~. I think they’re like an Asian counterpart of the Pussycat Dolls, both in which are sassy and classy in terms of their style and performance. The members are named, Yubin, Ye Eun, Sun Ye, Sun Mi and Sohee. Lol I wouldn’t be surprised if KPop would dominate our country soon and realize that I’ve been left out XD.

They’re really getting so big recently, after joining in with the Jonas Brothers in their tour, what’s next is their United States music debut. It’s rumored that their first US single would be an English version of “Nobody”, followed by that of “Tell Me”. I would also love it if they plan on making an English version of “So Hot” as well ^^.

Here’s my favorite song from them so far, which is what I’m totally addicted to listening lately even though it’s more than a year old now XDD… I JUST LOVE IT!!! Plus the video is crack XD!!! I also love the choreography. To everyone, have you memorized the steps already?? I did XD.



Check out their youtube channel for more videos by the Wonder Girls ^^.

And enjoy this hilarious video done by the jail prisoners from Cebu, Philippines. It’s a dance of “Nobody” done by the inmates themselves XDDD. It’s really amazing by the fact that even though they’re prisoners, they still cooperate with each other, have fun, and share crack entertainment as well ^^. [yt vid courtesy of byronfgarcia]



Japan Top 50 Singles from last week


[Credits to OriconGoddess]

This was from the last week though, and I’ve heard that this week, K-On has done it once again with Yui’s and Mio’s character singles because they skyrocketed to the number 3 and 2 spots respectively ^^. Wow, go K-On!~

So ok, here’s what I must say… I LOVE Misono!!! And GACKT!!!! *faints* And sad to see Ikimonogakari drop to 14. But lol, K-On! songs are still holding on at the bottom though. Great job for them since they hold on to the singles chart up until the series’ finale ^^. Last but definitely not the least… YUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE “Again”!!! Too bad it dropped to 3 T___T.


Billboard Top 50 for July 4, 2009


[Credits to BillboardGoddess]

Nothing much to say besides that I’m so glad Beyonce’s “Ego” is starting to warm. I just love that song!!! I hope it gets to the top five at least ^^. Also, woah @ “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga and “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Btw, WTF at “Boom Boom Pow being at number 1 for like, forever? It’s becoming boring seriously.




This B-side track of her single Again gets a PV as well. This song is just pure bliss, and makes me wanna go to the beach and chill out. YUI ROCKS!!!


Jordin Sparks – Battlefield

For those who are wondering what’s the song on the AMV Beta I had made before, it’s Jordin Sparks’ Battlefield. But I think I added that to the credits anyway so uhm yeah. So anyway, here’s the music video for it.


I just love the song. It gave me goosebumps everywhere. I think Jordin Sparks is a really amazing artist and she just nails it with her killer vocals …and OMG I just cried (and remembered Mikage and Teito T___T and my abandoned AMV T^T). So yeah, why the hell do love always feel like a battlefield??? XDDD.


Last, but very important thing to end this Music Digest…


I know I seem to don’t care about old music that much but I know Michael Jackson to be one of the greatest and influential music Gods out there, and without his contribution, music today will be nothing. So yeah… R.I.P., King of Pop.

And R.I.P. as well to Farrah Fawcett. It’s also sad because her death wasn’t very much noticed because of all the MJ Death News.


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6 Responses to “Music Digest: “Nobody, Nobody but chu~””

  1. SageQRtet says:

    Genderswapped K-On! is pure awesome :thumb:
    Nobody PV is so fun, it made me laugh. Very catchy song :kyaa2:
    Nobody, Nobody but chu~
    Nobody, Nobody but chu~

  2. Emiko-chan says:

    Kyaa! Wonder Girls!! :love:

    I’m sooo excited about their US debut~ I can’t wait to hear the English versions of their songs and some new ones, of course. And I think they’re filming a movie or something, too. XD
    .-= Emiko-chan´s last blog ..Do Want – Megpoid =-.

  3. Kairu says:

    Those inmates..

    I remember when they danced the Hare Hare Yukai..

  4. Ashelea says:

    Wondergirls are FTW! “Nobody” is just so catchy!!!

    Hooray for Misono on the Oricons!!!

    And I’m also really loving YUI. The “SEA” song is just awesome ^^.

  5. Xiao says:

    Wow, didn’t know Wonder Girls were doing a U.S. debut, too. Haha, who started this trend? xD;
    But I can’t wait to hear the English version of “Nobody”. I hope they don’t do another PV for it, though. After that butchered up version for BoA’s “I Did it For Love”…*shudder* Just NO. =__=;;

    Oh god @ the jail prisoners. I think I saw something similar in the paper yesterday. :XD:
    .-= Xiao Jie ´s last blog ..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 89 =-.

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