K-ON! Character Single – Akiyama Mio


K-On! Character Image Song Series Vol. 2 – Akiyama Mio [CV: Yoko Hikasa]

“Heart Goes Boom!” is a pretty fun character song. And Yoko Hikasa is indeed something to be watched out for. She can really sing. “Hello Little Girl” is a pretty awesome slow track. Her version of “Let’s Go!” is indeed way better than Yui’s. I can’t also wait to listen on Mugi’s and Ritsu’s versions as well. Overall pretty cool character single.


1. Heart Goes Boom!!
2. Hello Little Girl
3. Let’s Go! [Mio Ver.]
4. Heart Goes Boom!! [Instrumental]

>>>Download Here

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8 Responses to “K-ON! Character Single – Akiyama Mio”

  1. I LOVE this. Like. DAMN. I LOVE IT. Hello Little Girl = Best Song. THANKS!

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    Mio definitely owned Yui’s Character single. :runs:

  3. The bass riff at the beginning of “Heart Goes Boom!!” was AWESOME!!!! :thumb: and I love “Hello Little Girl”, reminds me a lot of BoA :nosebleeds: and Shoji Meguro XD
    .-= Captain Arepa´s last blog ..Random Otaku Post: Gundam RX-78-2 en Odaiba =-.

  4. Yukitchi says:

    Any idea when the next album will be released? :woah:

  5. yanne says:

    omg mio rocks !! 😳 :cheer: :cute2: :blink: :aww: :love:

  6. azu-nyan says:

    awwww!! THANKS A LOT!! so dying to get this. :red:

  7. Osakanatertothe10thpower says:

    i feel happy to see another bass player like myself 😀 me and mio can relate 😉 :thumb: :blush2:

  8. tomoya12 says:

    its so cool yui gogogogo :shakesfist

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