Hetalia Axis Powers: 22 – Chibitalia Finale


This is a very special episode because it’s 100% Chibitalia only. As in 5 minutes and 30 seconds of it being dedicated to the conclusion of this arc. So prepare for CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! 😉 .


Antonio (Spain) gives Roderich (Austria) a hand with his situation and sends out his troops for help. But lol, just like what Antonio said, Roderich just has a lot of enemies lol.

And btw, Antonio is my second favorite Hetalia guy XD. And by his looks, he kinda reminds me of some character from a certain anime.. The hair, the green eyes… He only need some jumpsuit and fabulous spinning skills. You know what I mean…



Seriously now, I can’t wait to see more Spainzaku-ing of him and Romano on the second season ^^.


And Elizaveta (Hun~chan) watches Antonio and Rod’s conversation from a distance and she really looks so worried about Roderich. Come on Hun~chan, beat up his enemies with your frying pan XD!  …or a hug will do~


Moving on with more seriousness, we’re on to the main event for the finale. HRE will now be parting with Chibitalia. HRE became quite surprised that Chibitalia showed up, when “she'”s basically the one who’s running away from him, but now “she”‘s the one who wants to see him.


HRE confronts CHibitalia then and thre really is no turning back. While the soldiers continues to head out, HRE says sorry to  Chibitalia because it’s really the time for him to depart. His acquaintances are now telling him to go. But as he’s walking out now, Chibitalia cries out to him to wait.


WHYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?! Why not the panties?! Why didn’t he pulled his panties on the speed of light? That’s quite one notable change -__-. But it’s no big deal anyway. Lol~ even the guards are confused too XD. We all want panties! XD.


HRE asks Chibitalia on what do they give as a gift, Chibitalia hesitately answers that it’s a kiss. HRE then states that he loves “her” since the 900’s and then the two kissed.


Lol congratulations HRE~ You just kissed a trap XD. But ZOMG somebody give me my medicine!!! This is soooo cute it’s deadly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m so freaking glad that they included the kiss. Oh Studio DEEN, you did a great job on this one again! I love you <3!!! XDDD. And the kiss is just pure sweet and innocent. Quite funny though that Chibitalia totally suffers some gender confusion lmao.


HRE will send himself to a long-period war and promises to Chibitalia that he will come back from the war and continue to love “her”.


Probably one of the biggest questions in Hetalia fandom is if HRE really IS the young Germany before. Well for me, I freaking hope so!!! XD. Well besides that and reading some sources, maybe HRE actually survived the war while everyone knows that he’s dead. And he had some sort of amnesia and thus, growing up as the “Germany” now. And argh, I have so much to say besides that but I had forgotten XD (need to re-read some strips)!!!

But if it’s officially confirmed that HRE is really Germany, I’ll totally squee up into the heavens and offer my whole body and soul to Hidekaz-sama. That would be really sweet~ Childhood friends are my weak spot.

But anyways, enough with the Chibitalia fluff because it’s over…


I definitely need to dream more about Spainzaku XD.


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13 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers: 22 – Chibitalia Finale”

  1. Ashelea says:

    He really DOES look like Spinzaku XD. Especially in his more grown-up appearance XD.

    And I do hope that HRE is indeed Germany. Kyaaaa!!! That would be so awesome and I’m weak to childhood sweethearts stories as well :kyaa: . I don’t know much about history so I’ll just go with your speculation lol.

  2. mikan_sakura says:

    :XD: Epic lulz. You killed my soul on the final gif. Btw, I love Spain so much :blush2:

    And the kiss is really cute. Just, d’aawww. But will that finally make Hetalia officially categorized as shounen-ai now?

    It makes sense for HRE to have survived his apparent death and grow up to be Doitsu you know. And I think tehre’s a certain strip as well where Ludwig kinda had some flashbacks with Chibitalia in it… I just can’t remember what it was -_-.

    • Lantra says:

      It’s the San Valentino Special, just at the end, Germany remembers Chibitalia and himself giving “her” a flower.

      Sorry for my bad english :aww:

  3. Evecch says:

    Oh my-SpainZaku. XD

    Ah yes I also hope that HRE is young Germany. There has to be some historic accuracy on that…and I believe that the full name of Holy Roman Empire is Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.

    I think the strip you are thinking about is the Buon San Valentino strip where there is a Chibitalia flashback?

  4. warriorhope says:

    More Spain and Romanio is needed. As well as awesome manly Hun-chan.


    The kiss made up for it though.


    it’s so hilarious it killed me xD

    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Detective Conan – Chapter 695 =-.

  6. Auntie Heng says:

    :thumb: good job with the gifs !!!
    i totally love this chibi love story!! 😉

  7. Lacy says:

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    that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  8. Megan says:

    This episode is so SWEET! I would have been happier if they kept the bloomers than the broom though. And the kiss is just… KYAAA!!!! So cute! Chibis kissing!!! :kyaa2:

    Omg I lol’d so hard on Spain(zaku) XDDD.

  9. Shelly says:

    Where are the panties?! :huhu:

    lol, SPAIN-zaku.

  10. Shiro-chan says:

    :aww: This is one of my favorite episodes
    so cute :freeze2: where’s the PANTIES!?
    and I totally agree that HRE is actually young Ludwig :cheer:
    lol @ Spainzaku

  11. Llora-chan says:

    I totally saved that last pic! It was too funny~

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for spicing up another boring day on the internet! @@

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