Eden of the East: 09 – New Selecao, New Revelations


No, Pantsu isn’t a Selecao.


We’ll start off the post with… Akira’s sexy ass XD (Fan-service FTW~). Lol ok let’s move on now~


There had been lots of important revelations in this episode! Some people might call it as “slow” or “boring” but they weren’t just paying attention XP.

So now, since Akira’s phone doesn’t have the Selecao activity history before he wiped off his memories, he has to retreive those from Kondou (IV)’s phone. In there, we get to know that Akira (IX) is actually the “hero” involved in Careless Monday for providing food and shelter and getting in contact with the NEETs. And not only that, but we get to meet a new Selecao as well, who plans to bomb Japan with missiles :ehh: …


And then we have Mononobe (I) talking from his phone to another Selecao *gasps*. And Selecao X is introduced ^^. He looks like someone from a cetain anime I just cannot remember whom. And I love his voice too ^^. So far, we’re meeting 6 Selecaos already~ I cannot wait for more, but I guess they’re saving the others on the movie..

So anyway, funny how neither of them suspects each other to be the Supporter XD. Hmm… they seem to be going out? :hmm: Yuuki(X) seems like Mononobe(I)’s bitch~ Now that’s hot XD.


Lol the subs had done it again with crack commercials~ This time it’s Bihada Ichizoku XD. Good times~ Good times~


It’s so sad to see how Saki has been distanced further to Akira because of his situation. For sure she heard the conversation between Akira and Itazu, and she finally realizes that they are really hiding something from her all along. It’s for the better of Saki though, because we all know that Akira wants to keep her for any harm in this game. Akira’s such a gentleman :blush: ~

But at the same time, I admire Saki for breaking up all her innocent facade since I definitely feel that she doesn’t want to become a sissy little lass doing nothing. PLUS even with such a small scene like that, I totally felt the raw and concerned emotion coming from her VA. That’s something I had noticed way before, I just forgot to mention it. (great job for her seiyuu Saori Hayami~ and she’s also voicing Razette on 07-Ghost too~!!*claps*)


Damn, just… damn. That’s terrible luck to have your phone  ran out of battery the moment you need it. You definitely need a charger dude. *blames the director for not thinking about that*.


Looks like the couple joined-forces Selecaos were watching over outside Itazu’s house. And it’s just so suspenseful when Itazu finally goes out of his house, miraculously wearing that small sweatpants Saki gave him earlier, and accidentally exposed the Selecao phone to the two Selecao.

Mononobe loos quite heartless though, more heartless than Shiratori, because he just ran over poor Itazu with his car. Poor Itazu became a flying NEET.


X mentions that he’s trying to avoid the missile attacks? Then why does the Selecao activity shows that he’s the one sending those missiles in? That was so confusing -__-. X is kinda whiny though, even though he’s the one sending out those missiles, he’s totally complaining about a single death XD. But I find that cute though~ Like a puppy following his master XDD;; Lol so yeah, in because other yaoi fangirls start writing fanfics :ohohoho: .

Judging by X’s actions and attitude towards seeing a person’s death, which he seems to be clueless and oblivious about, I guess he’s just being used by his boyfriend Mononobe with the missile attacks as well. Here we have the clueless sidekick? Or not? 😳 But it seems like… *whispers*Show ▼


Itazu’s death is rather unfortunate though, because 1) he got killed the moment he comes outside of his house, 2) he finally wore tiny pants and 3) he got his ass dumped into the canal.


Oosugi continues to rival Akira though by exposing something quite shopping in his shopping mall, a huge vandal saying that he should be killed. Of course from what I’m getting from him, Oosugi is still driven by his jealousy and he wants to bring Akira down, or keep him away from the Eden group, especally Saki. It’s like Oosugi gets a plus point while Akira gets a minus.

He can be a “villain”, because he’s trying to mess up with Akira and still proves him to be a criminal, despite the proven fact that Akira’s indeed a heroic prince ^^ by Itazu. Too bad Itazu has to die to keep the mystery more and have the story move along -__-.


Why does something written like “I’ll kill you Akira Takizawa” makes him a criminal already? Does it make you a criminal already when someone hates you? Oosugi you’re a pathetic little baby. Waaah waaaah waaaaah, get tied up on a strolled and run over by a truck already.

Moving on with the hate (lol), looks like Itazu transferring the data about Akira to Micchon seems to be successful. But at the same time, the story gets more darker at the same time, for the lives of the people in the Eden group would be put into danger since I and X will search for it, whenever they’ll find it out.

Moreover for the anime series, looks like I and X will be the “villains” for final arc, since there’s only two episodes left. I can see the series ending by having Yuuki getting killed by Mononobe or maybe the real Supporter who’ll be showing up soon. Looks like this series seems like only a huge build-up for the upcoming movie though. Everything’s getting intense with only two episodes left. I can’t wait what happens next!~


P.S. – Is it just me, or the police guy above is Akira??? Or Yuuki? It has got to be him.

P.P.S. – Phew, sooo glad that Akira didn’t died after the end of this episode~ After that episode title spoiler given XD. But there are still two episodes left though so I’m still all O_____O.


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4 Responses to “Eden of the East: 09 – New Selecao, New Revelations”

  1. issa-sa says:

    *Refers to Akira’s ass-shot* I seem to remember him much skinnier in the first episode… *ahem*

    Damnit kanz-y, now you’ve put images of Number X killing of I in a Maiden Rose fashion (i.e. from blood loss *ahe ahem * :ohohoho: )

  2. 7 says:

    Wait what?! The speculation has been publicized? How come I was not aware of this. But yes, I’m glad other people noticed that too. I thought I was seeing things.

    So if Selecao X does fall next…actually, there’s a problem to that game. If only one of the Selecao (other than the Supporter) would remain standing, does that mean they have to confront the Supporter inevitably?

    Ah well, I’m rooting for Selecao VII to be the supporter. :XD:

    7’s last blog post..What if…you have otakus for parents?!

  3. Axel Wilcox says:

    what an exquisite story!

  4. Chihori says:

    The contract for Itazu’s phone has already expired, so even if he had a charger somewhere, fat load of good that’ll do (ignore the pun). Lol~ xD

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