35 Things to Love on K-On!: 12


W-Wait… It ends???

1: The huge secret behind Mugi’s eyebrows.



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7 Responses to “35 Things to Love on K-On!: 12”

  1. Aya Reiko says:

    36. Snot-covered Ritsu. (At least Yui couldn’t infect her…)

  2. Saif says:

    What does the last picture on page 1 say? To be continued? or the end?

  3. liug says:

    Yui’s childhood friend = Nodoka-chan

  4. phoenixdown110 says:

    I can’t believe it’s over. I wish it was 26 episodes long. I doubt they’ll sequel it as well. 🙁 *sob*

  5. Orinetz says:

    I really hope they are going to make the second season. They haven’t performed in Budokan yet.

  6. Aerojohn says:

    Trust me you wouldn’t like the metal that Sawako-sensei would play, it would be Cannibal Corpse meets The Black Dahlia Murder :nosebleeds:

  7. Tekovince says:

    They could make a season 2..
    But if they do, it’ll take 3 to 5 years of planning,
    Then they’ll do this funny thing where we get to see the same day happen 12 times (in 12 different episodes) with different outfits. So we’ll only get like 3 new episodes.

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