Ohohoho~ I bring you Ultimate Diamond!!! Lol, it’s quite early that it got leaked though, and of course, leave it to me for sharing it to y’all X3…

Tracklist w/ Short Impressions:

1. MARIA & JOKER – it has a very Bond-esque feel and Nana-sama totally pulls off the hawt~ factor of the song. Great way to start off the album. I hope there will be a PV for this one ^___^!!!

2. Etsuraku Camellia – This song is a total stand-out in this album and it’s FIIIIEEEERCE!!!!!. It totally has a huge rockin’ impact and the PV is hawtness too. And of course, I’m all lesbo only for Nana-sama XD.

3. PERFECT SMILE – It has a very bright atmosphere, and just like the title, it really makes me smile 😀

4. Trickster – Of course, this song ROCKS OUT LOUD!!! Not as much as Etsuraku Camellia though, but Trickster will be a different one ^^. I loved this song back then ^^.

5. Mr. Bunny! – CUTE TITLE!!!! And a cute song as well ^^. It’s very fun but there’s so much Engrish in it though, but I don’t care~ XD

6. Chinmoku no Jitsu – The song has a totally great start and Nana-sama sings in a lower pitch, and overall this song is epic!!! I totally love the instruments and its overall combination (AND EXPLOSIONS!!!… wait are those really explosions?)

7. Brand New Tops – It’s just an “ok” song. Light, fluffy and poppy ^^. Regular Nana-sama song ^^.

8. Shounen – It’s also another “ok” song. Nothing much to say, butit’s quite forgettable and such, but still fun since Nana-sama makes everything awesome ^___^.

9. Gimmick Game – It had leaked before, so yeah… pretty much a very fun track and I love the energy of the song ^^. Kinda reminds me of  Astrogation. I love the chorus btw.

10. Dancing in the velvet moon – If I remember correctly, this song is from Rosario to Vampire, right? It’s overall really elegant and seductive but Nana-sama totally pulls it off! Love it ^^.

11. ray of change – I feel bad for this song, because it’s sandwiched between the uber-hawt Dancing in the velvet moon and the ZOMGAWESOME Shinai, so it becomes really forgettable. Lol.

12. Shinai – OMG this is like, one of my favorite Nana Mizuki songs ever because its really amazing and vulnerable. Just ah–maze–iiingg–ly puhrrr–fect! Brava!!! …I would have wished more of an acoustic version though. And oh, let’s all forget about that shitty anime called White Album, shall we?

13. Aoki Hikari no Hate -ULTIMATE MODE- – Oooh~ I really like this track ^^. Not that much of an “ultimate” change though, but it’s still awesome ^^.

14. Astrogation – This song just rocks. I just love it to bits, even way before ^__^, from the vocals to the beat… it’s just perfection~

15. Yume no Tsuzuki – ..or “Continuation of Dream”. Nana-sama wrote this song by herself and this just proves how awesome she is!!! A really great and warm ballad ^^. Such a mellow way to end this very awesome album T^T.


To sum it all up:

HELL YEAH~ I LOVE ALL TRACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best album of the year so far imo!!! OMG this is definitely a must-have for any Nana Mizuki fan. There are lots of old promotional songs though, and I wish they could have added in Black Diamond or Heartful Song (both from Shugo Chara’s Utau), but anyway, it still does not disappoint ^^. OMG this album is just too awesome for words!!!

Here’s the download link:

>>Download “ULTIMATE DIAMOND” Here<<

if you love it, but it too! ~ playasia ~ cdjapan ~


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16 Responses to “Nana Mizuki – ULTIMATE DIAMOND”

  1. paftz says:

    Woah.. thanks for the link :^_^:

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    Out of all the new tracks, Chinmoku no Jitsu is my favorite song. Etsuraku Camellia comes a close second. MARIA & JOKER is also a pretty cool start. Overall, a really amazing album and I personally saw different sides of Nana Mizuki in it. Thanks for sharing :love: .

  3. Xiao says:

    Must…resist…downloading…NGH! :huhu:

    WAAAAHHH! I want this CD so badly but I won’t be getting it until August with my other preorder Nuu~, it doesn’t mean I love free shipping more than I love Nana-sama! Don’t say that~! 😥

    OMG, all the songs sound so wonderful. I especially want to hear Chinmoku no Jitsu. Such a cool title. And omg, did I hear you say EXPLOSIONS?! 8DDDD

    And I find it so sweet how Nana-sama always end her albums with ballads. I always did that when I use to burn CDs, too. Nana-sama, daaaaiiiisssuuukkkii desu! :blush:

    Hmm, I know what you mean about BLACK DIAMOND and Heartful Song. But since they’re character songs, it’s rare that they’ll ever make it onto an artist’s personal album. Which is a shame. Those are really good songs. And a lot of other Nana-sama’s past singles didn’t make it onto her main albums either (at least not the B-tracks, I think). *pout* 🙁

    ARGH! I want it! I want it! I want it~! *fussy*
    I’m gonna listen to it on YT until August then. *sits here and be grumpy until then* >:/

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 85

  4. Re-Hikari says:

    I don’t get it… You’d think people who listen to Mizuki Nana actually have some musical taste, but then hardly anyone is liking ray of change… Why T_T? It’s such a lovable song T_T Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I’m in the wrong fandom :-_-:

    Anyway, I liked Chinmoku no Kajitsu, Gimmick Game and ray of change the best in this album :^_^:

    @Xiao Jei, Nana doesn’t always end her albums with ballads. Hybrid Universe ended with no less than Eternal Blaze XP I think she just decided to pick this up starting from Great Activity, and it’s the normal thing to do really :p

    Re-Hikari’s last blog post..ULTIMATE DIAMOND – leaked =3

    • Xiao says:

      Well, I only bought the regular edition so I didn’t have Eternal Blaze as the last track on my CD. And I talk in relation to what I have so sorry for making that mistake. 😛

      Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 85

  5. LilaChan says:

    Everything gets leaked on the internet nowadays -roll eyes-

    I always found Nana’s Shugo Chara song lacking in something compared to her own songs. If the Shugo Chara songs get a re-arrangement it probally sounds better. Black Diamond was bound to the manga where it must have a violin in it, and the indie version sounded pretty bland to me, I was expecting a heavy rock song. Replay Machine original version sounded pretty bad, since it was just an visual novel opening, but the re-arranged version on the single sounded much much better. I want another arrangement for Heartful Song definately, the voice in this song is really good. This song would have failed without Nana’s vocals (actually apply that to ALL Utau’s character songs).

    GAH MY EAR INFECTION CAME BACK I WANT TO LISTEN TO THIS ON MY SHURES 210 T_T! I always found listening to Nana newer stuff on good quality headphones gives a different experienced compared to crappy headphones or speakers. Shin Ai made such a big difference on good or bad sound production. Okay, I’ll stop my audiophile like speech…

    I don’t know should I write a review on each individual song…I mean I enjoyed all of the songs. Etsuraku Camellia in high quality definately a big big big plus, it sounds better then it already was. Maria and Joker is definately something new to Nana, but not my cup of tea. Chinmoku no Kajitsu sounds like a song from Minorin’s album, but I prefer Nana’s vocals. Shounen sounds like old Nana, pre-Eternal Blaze era, especially with the sax. Mr. Bunny sounds like a pre-king records Nana.

    I think this album fixed Nana’s problem of only singing songs in one style. All songs are done with quality, they all sound like they could have been another singer’s A-side.

  6. faer1edust says:

    Thankshuu for the link :kyaa2: !!!

    Chinmoku no Kajitsu is definitely epic! I agree ^^. And I love the song it reminds me of Orchestral Fantasia. Etsuraku Camellia totally has a huge impact because it just rawks so bad!!! GO NANA!!! Those two are my favorite new tracks ^^.

  7. Shin says:

    You know Shin Ai is awesome when even non animoo fans love that song just as much as I do. :hmm:

    Shin’s last blog post..Prunus Girl

  8. Gargron says:

    I tried to listen to her, but actually, Nana Mizuki’s not my type. Frankly, I rarely listen to jPop except if it’s an anime song. :-_-:

    Gargron’s last blog post..Azu-nyan

  9. wingstodust says:

    homg thanks for the dl link! I love Nana Mizuki’s voice. =D

    wingstodust’s last blog post..Sakurahime Kaden – Ch. 6 Recap Impressions

  10. […] for over a month, I finally downloaded the Nana Mizuki “ULTIMATE DIAMOND” CD from METANORN. I’m so late~ lol…but I downloaded it in the beginning of last week. It was probably […]

  11. […] for over a month, I finally downloaded the Nana Mizuki “ULTIMATE DIAMOND” CD from METANORN. I’m so late~ lol…but I downloaded it in the beginning of last week. It was probably […]

  12. Miyuki says:

    thanks for the link pal!
    i think maria & joker is the best song in the album !
    mizuki nana’s voice is awesome and great!
    very diferrent and special!
    she is a great gift from god! :kyaa:

  13. baka_dark says:

    o0o thx for the download Ive been looking for this all over and Im so happy to finally found it! I love You!

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