K-On!: 09 – AZU-NYAN~!!!1

Azu-nyan is WIN! With that, this picture speaks for itself.


Next, screw the “35 Things to Love” rule, I’m making an Azu-nyan image spam!!!


New OP Sequence:


A loli playing the guitar!!! When I first sat down and watched this episode then saw this new OP, I was all “HOLY SH!T”, and I feel that Azu-nyan will definitely be a major character now. Azusa got added into the OP! It’s still the same song (CAGAYAKE! Girls) and it’s still the same sequence they had used. Azusa’s character sequence had just been added as well as the scenes where the group play their respective instruments (plus Asuza playing as well.. hooray for two guitars!).

Next, I lost count on “Things to Love on K-On!”… Screw that, I’m posting in an image spam of Azusa. I declare she’s TEH BEST K-ON GIRL imo! …Because she’s a loli, she has twintails, and she’s just way more awesome than Yui and Mio. So yeah, on to the image spam!!

First image spam: All on Azusa


:nosebleeds: :kyaa2: :nosebleeds:




Holy mother of god…




I would like an usagi Azusa too. Pretty please, Sawa-chan?


WTF?! :ehh:


Holy shat, need to change pants…


Then is it just me, or Mio’s getting the jealousy syndrome on the new K-On! girl? She looks really out-of-mood (more than always). Hahahaha!!! Is this the end of Mio fanboyism?

Do Azusa’s arrival define the possible end of Mio’s spotlight?



She even tried out the neko ears Azusa wore on herself to see how “moe” she looks like. Though it’s quite heartbreaking to say since I’m a Mio fanboy but I’ll go with Azusa being more moe with cat ears… D-Don’t worry Mio you still look good in meido!!! (For now)


Just a rant, they should have changed the ED sequence as well! Azusa in gothic lolita anyone? (and holding the letter “A” is made for her”


Screenshot gallery on the next page.


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5 Responses to “K-On!: 09 – AZU-NYAN~!!!1”

  1. kirapika says:

    Omaigawd. So much Azu-nyan!!! *rabid Azu-nyan fangirl here* XP
    I should get myself to watch this already XP

    Weeee~ I’m so glad they added Azu-nyan in the OP :cheer:

    kirapika’s last blog post..Otomen Gets a Live-Action Adaptation!

  2. kanzeon says:

    Wow, another Mio with twintails in this case… :heh:

  3. Kitsune says:

    I knew that some mad scientist cloned Mio 😛

  4. Hypernova says:

    If you listen carefully I think they add Azusa in the OP both visually and sonically.

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