Eden of the East: 05 – PURPLE ♥!!!


Hiya! Kanzeon here and I’ll be the one in charge of Eden of the East from now on!!! Wooot!~ Yeaaah, starting now on to the following weeks, I’ll be handling this show now whether you’ll like it or not ^^. (Well, obviously you’ll like it because I’m just so great, right?! XD *implied arrogance is implied*).

I traded Valkyria Chronicles to Tsui (yeah, the trading system is IN XD) so he’ll be blogging it now starting on episode 7 (I know you’ll miss my Valkyria posts). So the reason for dropping Valkyria Chronicles is that I felt that the series is trying too hard to extend the story into 26 episodes, and they had started it right now. I got bored and I just traded the show to Tsui in exchange for this one ^^. Also, I quite helped Tsui in a bit since he’s quite busy with his summer activities and stuff and he cannot blog two shows in a day, so it’s better for him to have two shows airing in separate days ^^.

Anyway, I’m happy to have traded this one because there’s so much stuff to say! Btw, I wanna thank Tsui for providing screencaps in this post ^^.


The episode introduces Selecao #11, Shiratori. If Kuroshitsuji has Madam Red, Eden has their own Madam Purple XP. I love her motif color~ Bluish/Purplish/whatever that color is called/Periwinkle! Yeah, I think it’s color Periwinkle ^^. We probably now have Eden’s Next Top Model by now.


She wakes up in her hotel room and sees a man handcuffed with his thing cut off, eww. She then calls Juiz to clean up the mess elegantly. She really seems like a dominatrix/sadist. Even though she has that nice kind voice, which makes her scarier. Probably she’s the one who kills men in her own hands instead of Juiz handling it. Which is awesome, because unlike Selecao 4, she KILLS. She seems to have a bipolar personality but OMG I thought she’s wicked femme fatale, I love her now, she’s fierce. I love fierce sadistic bitches. Work it~


And did I mentioned how I LOVE her phone! It has purple lights instead of the regular yellow! PURPLE!!! I want that phone NAO!!! RAWR!!!


The episode also reveals Selecao #1, Mononobe. He’s the guy with the ring we’ve seen a few episodes already. I wonder if the speculations were correct if he’s really the supporter, but I believe not because it’s too early to show the face of a character that induces such mystery in the series. Shiratori seems to know him too, for she described him as a realist, while she also described Number 9 as a romanticist against Number 1.


Let’s move on to the other side of this anime: Saki’s life. Saki continues to get stalked shown admiration by Ohsugi (don’t know if the name’s spelled correctly XD). If I were in Saki’s place, I would be seriously annoyed when a gu follows me like that. Come on, it’s sooo obvious he likes you while you don’t. But I guess Saki’s nicer than me, lol, so she just let him go on.


Wow. Talk about injustice and evil. I think spilling off a bowl on Saki is going way too far. So yeah, this episode mainly focused on Saki and her job interview. OMG tell that to Akira now and make use of his phone you know! Ugh, I wanna kill that jerk that did that to Saki T__T. But anyway, an emo Saki needs to be comforted by someone, and we all know who’s her prince charming ^_^.


Ohsugi seems to have a huge crush on Saki and he invites her for dinner. Too bad he got rejected by Saki when he saw her riding on Akira’s motorcycle though. Funny how I didn’t felt bad for Ohsugi unlike the majority, since he’s only a character that’s drowned in his own delusions of a girl that never really liked him. 😛 Yeah, I’m cold, but true.


Haha, that’s what gets him XP. Go Akira!!! I simply dislike implied love rivals and Eden of the East does it right with Saki knocking off Ohsugi right in front of him when she saw her prince charming picking her up. And if I were Saki, I’ll definitely go to this stud as well.


So yeah, after some emo moments of Saki and some revelations that she indeed love her brother-in-law, she gets comforted by Akira with a kiss. A FREAKING KISS AT EPISODE FIVE!!! Kyaaa~~~!!! *fangirling like crazy*. They’re so meant for each other~ And Akira’s such a gentleman while Saki’s expressing her thoughts and troubles. You men should LEARN from him :P.


Going back to Ohsugi and his terrible luck, he just sets himself to drown in alcohol. Drinking all night in a three-star restaurant. He’s obviously pissed, because the girl he loves doesn’t love him back.


Uhh, it just got worse, when it looks like lady Shiratori seems to have her eyes set on him. Now this is when I go to the sympathy department on Ohsugi, I know he’s a stalker, but coincidentally being killed at the day of being dumped is really the worst day you could ever imagine. But… Go Shiratori-san!!! XD *randomly cheers for the femme fatale favorite*


Oh-sugi, you will be in one heck of a night~


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6 Responses to “Eden of the East: 05 – PURPLE ♥!!!”

  1. So much mystery being piled on, but that’s what makes this series so enjoyable. One of the few that I look forwards to week in, week out.

    zzeroparticle’s last blog post..Red Garden Original Soundtrack – Review

    • kanzeon says:

      Yes ^^. It’s a totally good factor when a certain series really makes you wait for the next episode ^^. Eden is really interesting ^^.

  2. phoenixdown110 says:

    I’m secretly routing for the femme fatale too. :cheer: LOL Ohsugi was annoying with his stalker-like personality. I wouldn’t miss him too much if Miss Murder had her way with him.

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah, it’s really scary. Especially Ousugi has that Saki-faced keychain which really makes him more like a scary stalker O__o.

  3. cinderbird says:

    Ohsugi wasn’t that important of a character anyway, so I wouldn’t feel much sympathy from him either. Plus I really hate those third wheel stuff and love triangles. So yeah, I wouldn’t feel sorry for him, and he’s just there for Shiratori to kill ^^ (Btw, I also love Shiratori~ Yay! for fierce femmes!)

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