ANTM Cycle 12 is…


Wah wah waaaahhh…..


We all know it was coming since like… episode 2? Yup. Teyona won. Not really surprising since she had been overrated by the judges, and by Tyra as well. And with this result, probably I can finally believe that “Black Girl wins every three cycles” theory my soul had been nagging to me.

You know, I’m really expecting Teyona already, but then when I watched the finale, I felt so sad that my Creepy-chan Allison really didn’t win, especially on how the finale showed her huge improvement, passion and how she just OWNS. Really, this final 2 is totally neck-to-neck and TIGHT. Both girls are IMO deserving ^^. Allison not winning is alright anyway since ANTM winners never had been that successful unlike the runner-ups or those who are eliminated anyway. So yeah, Teyona will be outshined by Allison in the future to be honest.


Aminat placed third, and that’s totally obvious anyway or else it will be a huge insult to the other two XD. Btw, Teyona is one the bottom two for having a terrible commercial. Moving on, Allison surprisingly delivered really good! Even she is shocked when she got called first lol. But of course, who else can be called first when your make-up ad is like this:


S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. No it’s not an acronym, I’m totally describing it. This is now my favorite CoverGirl shot in the history of ANTM (tied with Jenah’s of c9). Tbh, since from the time where she had been my favorite (Oh wait, that’s episode one), I’m totally looking forward for her to be on the Finale and have her CG shot taken. And the result, she blew everyone away. Plus I also love her voice on the commercial. Way to go Allison for proving that you’re commercial as well!


[gif credits to ANTM forumer The Void]

Allison also proves that she’s the most improved walker when she nailed the final runway. See her epic PWNage at Teyona on the runway. Even the judges agrees with me. Allison totally stunned me on how she improved a LOT. She’s so freaking surpring to be sooo amazing. I lol’d when Teyona’s weave came flying out of nowhere, and I hated it when she had gone nuts and that happened because it seems very much likely that you’ll work it more out when something really bad happens (that just made no sense XD). That’s how it really goes though. But oh well, Teyona in the end, had the crown of America’s Next Top Model while Allison can be World’s Next Top Model instead XP. Take that 😛

Anyway, for some post-show news:

Allison gets a contract offer from Nous Model Management immediately!!! (source) I think having Allison in Nous is a great choice since Allison is definitely a unique fresh face that’ll stand out amongst the other Nous Models. And with her getting signed just RIGHT AFTER the finale, it feels good because at least she could prove that she doesn’t need this show. Though I prefer her going in New York or in Asia because I totally feel that she’ll be in demand here especially in Japan or South Korea. Fo also gets signed on Nous. I also feel happy for Fo getting signed and it’s a really good blessing for her. Btw, Nous is also the agency of ANTM Cycle 5 Winner Nicole Linkletter and Cycle 9 Runner-up Chantal Jones. Good luck to both Fo and Creepy-chan Allison!!! Speaking of other girls who get signed, Natalie and Jessica are in Ford LA. Good luck to both of them!!!

Paulina Porizkova got fired on America’s Next Top Model (source). To be really honest, I’ll miss Paulina’s bitchy self T__T. I think they fired her because I noticed that Paulina kept on disagreeing on Tyra (that means she has a better taste in choosing models!). Oh well, they better bring back Janice or make Sutan a judge LOL XD!!!

Tahlia is freaking PREGNANT! Lol, yeah, it’s true as said in the ANTM reunion on the Tyra Show. I feel that I shouldn’t mind other’s business but if I were her scarredy-ness, I wouldn’t choose to get pregnant that early of an age and with that life situation. But anyway, congrats to her.

So overall, cycle 12 is… BLAND to be honest, unlike some previous cycles. The Final 2 were the most outstanding out of the bunch though, but still overall, everything could have been better. The drama was bland, the call-outs are crazy. And who would ever forget about the scarred monster of the show named Tahlia, whom I considered the best elimination in the history of ANTM when she got eliminated? So yeah, this lame cycle ends, and let’s bring it on to the next cycle where midgets will prevail. Seriously, cycle 13 will be a cycle for short girls.

Oh and by the way, next page is special, because I listed down my Top Ten Favorite Pictures of Cycle 12 ^^. Please continue~


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9 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 12 is…”

  1. issa-sa says:

    Omg, all this post cycle news is tons more interesting than the actual show XD (which was blah even before it was obvious how Allison couldn’t win no matter how FIIIEEEERRRCEEly she outstomped teyoNAH in the final show-which she DID w00t! :kyaa2: )

    Have mixed feelings about Paulina getting fired. On one hand, yea she tried to out-ego Tyra (leading to her demise in the show??) and tended to be inexplicably nasty, on the other unless Janice comes back there won’t be anymore sweet sane bitchiness on the show anymore! (and there goes all reason for watching this nutritionless piece of reality junk :P)

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah, the post show is the REAL show of ANTM ^^. And OMG besides that she Brazilian stomped the ass out of teyoNAH, she also threw her into the mud in the crawl part ^^.

      Probably the biggest possibility of Paulina being fired is some ego isssues, which is quite annoying since the one who has the biggest ego out of everyone is Tyra herself XD. So sad that chances of Janice coming back will be vague since Janice also had issues with Tyra before T_T.

      Ugh, even though as much as I hated this junk, I still don’t know why am I still watching it! XD.

  2. issa-sa says:

    You don’t have to worry about missing Allison, we’ll probably see more of her than teyoNAH in the industry (unless you’re like me and totally ignore the so-called ‘industry’ outside ANTM, in which you’ll just see teyoNAH’s sure to be icky life as a Covergirl segments instead *gags*)

    I have to say all of Allison’s shots have beeen FIIEEEERRRRCEEEE (even the beach one, if you crop out the fat guy and the red trunks which I can’t now unsee…)

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Watchlist Additions – Sweet Edition

    • kanzeon says:

      Yup ^^. Most winners aren’t that successful anyway, so I really wish teyoNAH the best of luck if she’ll ever be that top. Allison on the other hand, will have clients dying for her look for sure ^^. Oh god, I wonder how teyoNAH’s My Life As A Covergirl segments will turn out! XD

      Yeah lolz. Probably the only “weak” shot Allison had was the New York Bus shot.

  3. We at /tv/ is all raging cause Allison didnt win. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  4. Alexis says:

    Have you noticed that every three cycles a black girl wins? Allison should have won without that “rule”. I wonder how Teyona’s MLAACG will turn out, it’ll be a big laugh. :XD:

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah, I mentioned that. Ugh! I almost thought that the chain will be broken T__T.

      Yup. Definitely Teyona’s MLAACG will be weird -__-. But if Allison was in her place, it’ll be CUTE!!!

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