Valkyria Chronicles: 01 – Boy Meets Soldier Girl


…Well, better than ‘Souja’ Girl…

Ok, since I’ve played the game already (but still stuck on a very hard Chapter T_T), I’ll just pretend that I don’t know the story all along to prevent spoil-dom and an awkward tone in blogging. Anyways, basing on the very first episode alone, I can say that this can stand as an anime itself already and I’m quite sure that even people which haven’t played the game yet will enjoy this one. So here we go~


OP: “Ashita e no Kizuna” by HIMEKA

They put up a quite new singer, HIMEKA to sing the OP, and I think the OP was pretty decent. I can like the song and it can grow upon me. The sequence introduces primarily the characters. I’m also surprised that they showed the minor characters of the squad as well, and I’m hoping that they would get screentime sometime in the anime.


Alicia Melchiott is the Town Watch of the town Bruhl, Gallia. She heard that there was a spy in the town’s riverbank. She then goes there and catches a man sketching fishes by the river. He introduced himself as Welkin Gunther.


Welkin is a massive nerd.


Lol.. Alicia’s funny expressions are so adorable~


And Welkin was locked up by Alicia. No matter how Welkin said that there’s someone waiting for him, Alicia didn’t listen since it’s her duty. But then after a while…


Your slave had escaped, hun~


Chasing scene #1: An escaped Welkin is being chased by a furious Alicia.


Both had stop, and Welkin and Alicia gets attacked in the woods by the Imperial Army. Good thing  Welkin drags her down and they hide in the bushes.


And how Welkin looks so handsome when up-close makes up my favorte scene for this episode.


Alicia blushes! Rofl~ That moment makes me a happy shipper~. And we all know that a single blush can lead into something more.


Who said that guys can only handle guns properly? Girls with guns ftw~


Chasing scene #2: They’re now both being chased.


Tsui: What are CG tanks made of? Pixels.


Welkin takes Alicia to where his little sister Isara lives. When they got into the house, Alicia aims the siblings for they still don’t trust them. But it was changed when Isara saved her life as an Imperial Army soldier attempts to shoot Alicia. Isara revealed that their house was full of war weaponry, as she gibes Alicia a grenade to throw at the enemies outside.


Lol. Welkin’s stomach rumbled in the middle of all te explosion and soldier killings XD. Well, it’s true that the running and hiding all day long can make you hungry too.


Meet Isara’s baby: a tank.


ED: “Ano Kaze ni Notte” by pe’zmoku

Similar to Kuroshitsuji’s “I’m Alive” ending (which is also by A-1), this one’s full of chibis and cuteness and a walking winged-pig. It’s a typical ED. It’s light-hearted and catchy.

Screencap spam:

This is definitely one of the better shows produced so far in this season. It’s nice to see A-1 taking so much attention to the art. Of course, the game’s animation is definitely better because it’s 3d, and it’s duh, the game already and this is only an adaptation from that, so let’s leave that issue aside. The sketchy lines is a nice touch. I only have an itch though on how they are animated, because when objects move, the lines are still in place, but that’s just a small issue so I can bear with that. The backgrounds are also lush and nice to see them detailed as well.

So far with the action, we only get a glimpse of what’s coming more. Tanks, soldiers, etc. What I’m also getting excited for this series is unavoidable shipping ^^. I really like the relationship of Welkin and Alicia started, and what I like about them when I played the game, they aren’t just like any other ordinary couple.

Of course, my favorite character is obviously Alicia. I also have a favorite minor character/squad member. It’s also nice too that they kept the same seiyuus for the anime. Marina Inoue is really a great choice for Alicia. There’s a certain spunk Alicia has that is hard to find on any other heroine. And of course, there’s also the cuteness factor as shown with her different funny expressions that is so amusing to watch.


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20 Responses to “Valkyria Chronicles: 01 – Boy Meets Soldier Girl”

  1. fye says:

    And I’m definitely looking forward for the next episode! I’m smelling development. ANd Welkin and Alicia looks like they’re really destined for each other.

    • kanzeon says:

      Yes ^^ we all love Alicia~

      And it’s a really good development that will happen as the series progresses ^^.

  2. tutu says:

    Of course, the game’s animation will be better, but I think that this one’s actually a good adaptation. Not disappointing IMO. :^_^:

  3. Myiek says:

    A-1’s becoming a new favorite studio of mine with this. I think this anime can stand alone. I enjoyed the first episode.

  4. meteorhouse62 says:

    Looks like this show has a possible romance brewing in. Must try to watch.

  5. Franc Miller says:

    Hooray for HIMEKA singing the OP!

  6. warriorhope says:

    Alicia=awesomeness. Marina Inoue is so good at voicing cute GAR girls.

    Yes Welkin is a nerd. ^__^ But that’s okay since it makes him cool.

    And yay for early shipping. :kyaa:

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Hetalia Axis Powers-Episode 11

    • kanzeon says:

      Yes. Go for Marina Inoue!!! I almost love every role she had.

      Yes ^^ Welkin is a handsome, cool nerd. And an early shipping makes a show worth looking forward to ^^.

  7. Ashelea says:

    I watched this show just now and I really love the female characters! Alicia is so awesome!!! Love her som much and looks like all the girls are fierce as well *but ignores the annoying fainting friend of Alicia*

    And of course Welkin and Alicia are screaming for shipping!!! They look both so cute together already. So yeah, I can’t wait for next XD!!

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol the fainting girl (Susie) is really annoying right? XD… But tbh, I love her hair ^^.

      And yay for more WelkinxAlicia love! XD

  8. kirapika says:

    Haven’t watched this yet but it looks so promising… :hmm:

    And yey for shipping!

    kirapika’s last blog post..Going for a 3-day vacation! :3

  9. kanzeon says:

    I only watched the first episode of Tales of the Abyss and it sucked.. yeah, so I didn’t bother continuing that one.

    I agree. The game’s untouchable. The sketchy lines though can really be annoying when put in tanks but hopefully they wouldn’t since the tanks are cg already.

    AND ALICIA~~~ <3 I'm your rival for her XD!!!

    Lol haha your joke is actually funny... Well yeah, I'll stop lying. It's really lame.

  10. phoenixdown110 says:

    After playing the game, I got addicted, so I’m definitely following this. I’m really hoping Aika and Vyse will show up in the series like they did in the game. =P

    • kanzeon says:

      Yes. The game’s really addicting ^^. It’s really a great experience. And I also hope that Akia and Vyse will do a cameo in here too ^^

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