Sengoku Basara: 01 – Dance Like A Samurai


Medieval warfare, hardcore random Engrish, dancing samurai’s, burning feet, Sengoku Basara has a little bit of everything mentioned.

So hell yeah! This would be my very first show to watch this Spring season! I have no idea with this show and how will it impress me yet so this will serve as a First Impressions post more than I start it episodically right away. It’s better that way, I guess. So yeah, the story has a man that can take over an entire army. And of course, the rivals also has his match. Different regions with different fighters face off on which kingdom will reign supreme.


Opening sequence: “JAP” by Abingdon Boys School


Basara really has every damn funny thing in the bag. From the random Engrish that sounded half-drunk, to cg dancing samurai’s in the OP sequence(so yeah, that’s where I got the title XD). It was really entertaining. Probably the best one was the unending “YUKIMURA!” “OYAKATA-SAMA!” “YUKIMURA!” “OYAKATA-SAMA!…” which blasted my eardrums off.

The background music was also really something that wasn’t really bad. It’s all rock and it really fits the action vibe of the show. Probably the forte of this series would be it’s fighting scenes of course. They’re really worth watching and it’s undeniably good with it’s shounen touch. The pose-off was also funny because it’s so overly used in video games it’s stupid but it’s entertaining. Yeah, it’s based from a game anyway so it does make sense.

Overall, that was really funny. I don’t know if they’re all intentional but whatever, I’ll be continuing this one for the lulz but still unsure if I’ll blog this since I have more shows to prioritize when they start to air (Valkyria Chronicles, Eden of the East, K-On!  and maybe Shangri-la).

Screencaps [click for full resolutions]:


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5 Responses to “Sengoku Basara: 01 – Dance Like A Samurai”

  1. kadian1364 says:

    Perhaps the OP was inspired a little too much by Haruhi and Luck Star…

    And these little comment gifs scare me.

    :dead: What?

  2. baran says:

    For chrissakes, Haruhi and Lucky Star weren’t the first shows that had dancing in the OP… Tenjou tenge for example also had the characters dance in the OP and it came waaay before Haruhi.

    As for Sengoku Basara, this show seems ridiculous and cheesy but in a very entertaining way. I hope it’ll stay this way. 🙂

  3. Kitsune says:

    This anime has excellent cast, and the OP sequence was of the funniest this season 🙂

    Kitsune’s last blog post..Hanasakeru Seishounen – Episode 1: Bishi Attack

  4. Jeremyv says:

    OP is nice. Voice acting is superb. Its the way the characters act makes me wish that they’ve gone for the age 14-16 look since they’re all a bunch of kids in stripper armor. :runs:

    Jeremyv’s last blog post..Dragonball Live Action International Trailer is Now ONLINE! Ong Bak 2 RULEZ Thai Box Office This Week

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